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2007 Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth B.Tech. Mining Engineering BTAE3-ADVANCE STRENGTH OF MATERIAL University Question paper

Course: B.Tech. Mining Engineering   University/board: Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth


1. Question paper is divided into three groups
2. Each group is of 25 marks each
3. Figure to the right in bracket indicates mark
4. Assume suitable data if necessary
GROUP A: Answer any three questions. Question No. 1 is compulsory.
Q.1 What are the various types of springs? Distinguish clearly between bending spring and torsion spring (05)
Q.2. Obtain a relation for the stress induced in a body, if a load P is applied with an impact. (10)
Q.3. Derive a relation for the Eulers crippling load for a column when it has both ends hinged. (10)
Q.4. Derive a relation between modulus of elasticity and modulus of
rigidity. (10)
Q.5. Prove ?/R=C?/L in case of torsion of a circular shaft. (10)
GROUP B: Answer any three questions. Question No. 6 is compulsory.
Q.6. Write notes on 1.point of contraflexture 2.principle of superposition.(05)
Q.7. An alloy hollow circular column of 200mmexternal and 160mm internal diameteris 5m long and fixed at its both ends.It is subjected to a load of 120KN at aneccentricity of 20mm from the geometrical axis; Determine the maximum stress induced in the column section.Take E as
120GPA (10)
Q.8 Hollow steel shaft of 300mm external diameter and 200mm internal diameter has to be replaced by a solid alloy shaft. Assuming the same values of polar modulus for boh calculate the diameter of the latter and work out the ratio of their torsional rigidities, take C for steel as 2.4C for alloy. (10)
Q.9 A simply supported beam 6M long is carrying a uniformly distributed load of5KN/M over a length of 3M from the right end. Draw the S.F.and B.M. diagrams calcuate the maximum B.M. on the section. (10)
Q.10 An open coil helical spring made up of 10mm diameter wire and of mean diameter of 100mm has 12 coils angle of helix being 15ºDetermine the axial deflection and the intensities of bending and shear stresses under an axial load of 500N. Take C as 80GPA and E as 200GPA. (10)

GROUP C: All Questions are Compulsory.
Q.11 Fill in the blanks (each question carries 2 marks)
(i) Modulus of elasticity is the ratio of __________.
(ii) In a composite section, the number of different material is __________.
(iii) When the temperature of a body is increased, the stress include will be __________.
(iv) The bulk modulus of a body is equal to __________.
(v) The maximum slope of a carrilever carrying a point load at its free and is at the __________.
Q.12 Multiple choice question. (Each question carries 2 marks)
(i) Modulus of elasticity is the ratio.
(a) stress to strain (b) stress to original length (c) determine to original length (d) all of these.
(ii) The section modulus of a rectangular section having width & depth is
(a) bd/6 (b) bd2/6 (c) bd3/6 (d) b2d/6
(iii) Which of the following is the composit section.
(a) hollow cylinder section (b) T-section (c) Z-section (d)both ‘b'& ‘c'
(iv) The minimum stress intensity in the above case is
(a) W/A(1-e/b) (b) W/A(1-2e/b) (c) W/A(1-3e/b) (d) W/A(1-6e/b)
(v) In the theory of simply bending the bending stress in the beam section varies.
(a) linearly (b) parabolically (c) elliptically (d) none of them

Q.13 True or false (each question carries 1 mark).
(i) The maximum stress produced in a bar of tapering section is at smaller end.
(ii) A composite section contains 4 different materials. The stresses in all the different materials will be equal
(iii) The proof resilience per unit area is called modulus of resilience.
(iv) When a solid shaft is subjected to torsion the shear stress induced in the shaft at its center is zero.
(v) The planes carrying direct stress and shear stress is called principal planes.

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