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2007 Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University M Tech Automobile 105 : Basic Microcomputer Application Question paper

Course: M Tech Automobile   University/board: Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University

F. F. Y. M. Sc. (CA & IT) Examination
March / April - 2005
Paper – 105 : Basic Microcomputer Application
Time : 3 Hours] [Total Marks : 35

1 (a) Explain the following commands in detail : 2
(b) Give differences of following : 2
iii. DOS and WINDOWS
iv. Internal and External commands.
(b) 1) What is wild cards? Explain in brief . 1
2) Explain the following : 1
2 (a) What is Macro? Define it. 2
(e) Explain cross reference option in detail. 2
(f) Explain Mail Merge in detail. 2
(g) Explain Rehearse Timing in power point. 1
(h) How to apply transition and animation effects to different 1
objects in power point? Explain.

3 (a) Explain the following functions with example : 1
Count, median, mode, avg.
(c) Explain PIVOT table in excel. 2
(e) Explain the following : 2
2) Explain Footnote and Endnote in detail.
(c) Explain how to create forms in access. 2
(f) Explain the following : 2
v. Primary key
vi. Foreign key
vii. Lookup field
viii. Referential integrity
(g) Explain how to create cross tab query. 1

4 (a) Write the use of the following dialog boxes in PageMaker : 3
vii. Preferences dialog box
viii. Character specification dialog box
ix. Custom stroke dialog box
x. Rounded corner dialog box
xi. Text block and text frame
xii. Place dialog box
(d) What is Hyperlink? How to create hyperlink in PageMaker. 2

(e) What is master page? Can we create our own master page?
Write down the steps for applying a master page. 2
(c) What is use of Guideline? Define a TOC. 2

5 (a) Write all options of Tool box in Coral Draw? 1
(b) How do we apply bullets before the text in Coral Draw? 2
(b) What is Coral Draw? What is the use of text-editor in coral
draw? 2
(c) What process will you employ to apply bitmap to the
background? 1

6 (a) what is layer? Write down steps for creating a new layer in
Photoshop? 2
(b) Explain filter menu. 2
(c) Answer the following : (any two) 2
(1) Explain the term flattering in Photoshop.
(2) How can we set the foreground color as the current
Background color and vice versa.
(3) What is the use of Navigator palette?

Y. M. Sc. (CA & IT) Examination
August - 2005
Paper – 105 : Basic Microcomputer Application
Time : 3 Hours] [Total Marks : 35

1 (a) Answer the following questions in short : (any three) 3
i. Explain batch file
ii. Give difference between DOS and WINDOWS
iii. Explain file allocation table
iv. Explain copy and xcopy command
(b) Write any two : 4
i. Explain autotext utility in the word processing
ii. Explain Mail-Merge.
iii. Write a step to insert a table and operations on it

2 (a) Give difference between the following (any two) 2
i. Print and Print Preview
ii. Paste and Paste Special
iii. Document and Template
(b) Write any two : 4
i. Explain the custom animation utility of power-point
ii. What is Pivot table? Discuss its utility.
iii. Explain various types of graphs that can be pasted in
excel spreadsheet.

3 (a) Write any two : 4
i. Define database, field and record. Also gives name of popular
ii. Explain referential integrity in relationship option.
iii. What is primary key? Explain it.
(b) Write any three : 6
i. How to some text in document and changes font color, size, type,
Position, track in PageMaker?
ii. Discuss polygon setting option in PageMaker?
iii. What is style and how to create your own styles in PageMaker?
iv. Write about import and export option in PageMaker?

4 (a) Write any three : 6
i. How can we set the foreground color as the current Background
color and vice versa in Photoshop?
ii. What are layer effect in Photoshop? Explain.
iii. Explain the functions of the type selection tool in Photoshop?
iv. Explain filter menu in Photoshop?
(b) Write any three : 6
i. What is CorelDraw? What are the functions of a view manager?

Write all options of tools in CorelDraw?
ii. Which tools come under the category of the Toning tools in
Photoshop? Explain it.
iii. How many different types of text can be entered with the text
iv. Tool in CorelDraw? Explain them in brief.

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