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2002 Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University M Tech Automobile 105 : Basic Microcomputer Application Question paper

Course: M Tech Automobile   University/board: Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University

First Year M. Sc. (C. A. & I. T.)Examination
August - 2002
P. C. Software : Paper - 105
Time : 3 Hours] [Total Marks : 70
1 (a) What is command processor ? Write the 1
function of it.
(b) What is difference between internal and 2
external command.
(c) Write down a command to : (any three) 3
(1) List all files and directories containing more than
three characters page by page.
(2) List all files which is exactly of 172 bytes.
(3) List only files not directories in alphabetical order.
(4) List all files having extension exe and doc.
(5) Make the sample.txt file as read only file.
2 Answer any two of the following : 6
(a) What is difference between dos and windows.
(b) What is Windows Explorer ? How can we select, copy,
move, rename file or folder in it ?
(c) How can we create a short-cut in windows ?

3 (a) Answer any two of the following : 12
(i) Write the use of Mail-Merge. Explain it stepwise with
proper example. Give idea of Master document and data document.
(ii) Give the difference between each of the following :
(1) Widow and orphan control.
(2) File -» Save and File -> Save As command.
(3) Paste and paste special.
(iii) Write down keyboard short-cuts for the following :
(1) To create a new document.
(2) To save an already open document.
(3) To open print dialog box.
(4) To open page-setup dialog box.
(5) To align a paragraph to left.
(6) To align a paragraph to center.
(b) Write down steps involved to create a 6
(b) What is template ? How is it different 6
from slide master ?

4 Answer any two of the following : '12
(a) What is pivot table ? Discuss its utility.
(b) Give the difference between each of the following :
(1) Absolute reference and relative reference.
(2) Workbook and worksheet.
(3) Function and formula.
(c) Explain the following function : (any three)
(1) Count IF
(2) Not
(3) Month
(4) PMT
(5) Upper.
5 (a) What is Database ? Discuss the importance 5
of primary key with example.
(b) What is difference between sorting and 5
indexing ?
(c) What do you mean by data type ? Can a 4
database exist without data type ?
6 (a) Explain the use of Form with example. 8
(a) Explain the use of report generation facility with example.

(b) Answer any two of the following : 6
(1) Define field. Discuss properties of it.
(2) Discuss different types of join.
(3) Explain the following term :
(i) Macro
(ii) Filtering
(iii) SQL.

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