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2005 Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University M Tech Automobile 106 : Information Technology Question paper

Course: M Tech Automobile   University/board: Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University

F. Y. M. Sc. (CA & IT) Examination
March / April - 2005
Information Technology : (106)
Time : 3 Hours] [Total Marks : 70

1 (a) Discuss following in brief : (any three) 6
a) Data Type
b) Information
c) Advantages of Electronic Data Processing
d) Computer Graphics
(b) Discuss ‘classification of data files by function'. 8
(b) Explain various facilities available in computer data processing.

2 (a) Explain following in short : (any three) 6
i. Limitations of computer system
ii. Micro computer
iii. Off line data entry
iv. Light pen

(b) Write short note on following : (any three) 15
i. Lap Top and Palm Top
ii. Mainframe computers
iii. Mouse
iv. OCR and OBR
3 (a) Define following : (any three) 6
iii. Machine Language
iv. Assembly Language
(b) Attempt any one of the following : 8
Explain ROM with its types
Discuss ‘Fourth generation Language'

4 (a) Write following : (any three) 6
Give classification of printers
List various types of secondary storage devices
Discuss ‘storage principles'.

(b) Give detailed explanation of the following : (any three) 15
Thermal and Laser printers
Floppy Disk

F. Y. M. Sc. (CA & IT) Examination
August - 2005
Information Technology : (106)
Time : 3 Hours] [Total Marks : 70

1 (a) Describe features of information. 3
(a) Explain classification of data files by function.

(b) Explain serial and sequential file along with the difference
between them. 3

2 (a) Explain the advantages of computerized accounting system. 3

(b) Why computer based data processing is must? Explain reasons. 3
(c) Explain any three graphic packages.

3 (a) Explain limitations of computer. 3
(b) Write short-note on :- 4
i. Personal computer
ii. Laptop
iii. Palmtop
(c) Explain work areas of super computer. 4
(d) Explain following input devices : (any two) 12
iii. Keyboard
iv. Graphic Tablets

4 (a) Explain following output devices : (any two) 12
i. Daisy wheel printer
ii. Plotter
iii. CRT screen
iv. Inkjet printer

(b) What is RAM? Explain static and dynamic RAM in detail. 3
(b) What is ROM? Explain PROM and EPROM in detail.

(c) Explain the characteristics of memories. 3

5 (a) What are the advantages and limitation of secondary storage? 2
(b) Write advantages and disadvantages of magnetic tape. 4
(c) Write short note on : (any one) 4

i. Hard disk
ii. CD ROM
iii. Floppy disk
(d) What is algorithm and explain flowcharting symbols? 2
(e) Explain machine language.
(e) Explain assembly language.
(f) List out twelve advantages of high level languages. 3

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