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2009 B.E Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering ISRO Entrance test for scientist/Engineer-SC, 2009 (Electronics) Question paper

Course: B.E Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering   University/board:

Indian Space Research Organisation

Electronics and Communication Engineering

1. All questions carry equal marks of 3 for a correct answer and -1 for a wrong answer
2. A separate OMR sheet is provided for answering.
3.Multiple answers for a question will be regarded as a wrong answer.
4.Question booklets have been marked as A or B or C or D or E on the right end top corner which is mandatory to be written on OMR sheet in the box and bubble appropriately.

1. The greatest negative number which can be stored in a computer that has 8-bit word length and uses 2's complement arithmetic is
a. -256 b. -255 c.-128 d. -127

2. Which of the following ADC's uses over sampling in its operation
a. sigma-delta ADC b. Counter ramp converter c. Successive approximation register ADC d. Flash converter

3. A mealy state machine's output depends on
a. state and output b. inputs c. state d. state and inputs

4. percentage modulation of an AM wave having a power content of 8KW at carrier frequency and 2KW in each of its side bands is
a. 60% b.70% c.100% d.80%

5. Approximate equivalent noise temperature(deg.K) of an amplifier with a noise factor of 1.04 is
a.301.6 b.11.6 c.278.4 d.5.8

6. A differential amplifier is used in the input stage of op-amps to achieve very high loop gain b.bandwidth c.slew rate d.CMRR

7. which two port parameters are best suited for analyzing a series-shunt feedback circuit?
a.Z-parameters b.H-parameters c.Y-parameters d.S-parameters

8. The characteristics equation of a closed loop control system is given as s^2+4s+16=0. The resonant frequency in radian per second of the system is
a.2 b.2root of(3) c.4 d.2root of(2)

9. If a line is terminated in a open circuit, the VSWR is
a.infinity b.0 c.1 d.-1

10. Unit of relative permeability is
a.Henry/meter b.Henry-meter c.Henry is dimensionless

11. f(x)=[tan^2(x)]
([] stands for greatest integer function)
a.f(x) continuous at at x=0
b. lim f(x) does not exist as x tends to 0
c. f'(0)=1
d.f(x) not derivable at x=0.

12. Number of real values of ((a+ib)^(1/n))+((a-ib)^(1/n)) is
a.0 b.1 c.n d.none

13. A 5-bit DAC has a current output. For a digital input of 10100, an output current of 10mA is produced. What will be the output current for a digital input of 11101?
a.14.5 mA b.10 mA c.100mA d.not possible to calculate

14. The ethernet protocol uses
a.CSMA/CA b.SCPC c.CSMA/CD d.slotted Aloha

15. A microcontoller differs from a Microprocesser in terma of
a.I/O interfaces and instruction decoding
b.Memory configuration and I/O interfaces bus width and clock speed
d.memory configuration and instruction decoding

16. An 8-bit microcontroller has an external RAM with a memory map from 8000H to 9FFFh. The number of bytes this ram can store is
a.8193 b.8192 c.8291 d.8000

17. An audio frequency of 15KH is frequency modulated with a deviation of 75KH. The resulting BW is
a.180Kh b.150KH c.210KH d.240KH

18. A 1KW carrier is amplitude modulated to a depth of 60%. The total power in the modulated carrier is
a.1KW b.1.06KW c.1.6KW d.1.18KW

19. An inductance of 1H is realized using air core with 100 turns. What will be the inductance if the no of turns are doubled
a.1H b.0.5H c.2H d.none

20. An inductor of inductance 0.1H carrying current of 6amps will store energy of
a.6Joules b.36J c.1.8J d.3.6J

21. A coil has self resistance of 5 ohms and inductance of 1muH. The value of Q at 1MH frequency is
a.200 b.100 c.40 d.none

22. The closed loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is G(s)=(1/(s+2)^2). The closed loop transfer function will have poles at
a.-2,+/-j b.-2,-1 c.-2,-2 d.-2,2

23. The dominant mode of propagation in a micro strip line in the low frequency approximation is
a.TM11 b.quasi-TEM c.TEM d.TE01

24. Consider a transmission line of characteristic impedance 50 ohms and the line is terminated at end by +j50 ohms, VSWR produced in the transmission line will be
a.+1 b.0 c.-1 d.infinity

25. The divergence of magnetic flux density is
a.j b.rho c.0 d.infinity

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