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2006 Jiwaji University B.Tech Mechanical Engineering REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING IV B.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2006 set 4 Question paper

Course: B.Tech Mechanical Engineering   University/board: Jiwaji University

Code No: RR410305 Set No. 4
IV B.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2006
(Mechanical Engineering)
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks
? ? ? ? ?
1. (a) Give a brief description of an ideal cycle of air refrigeration. [6]
(b) A carnot refrigerator and a heat pump are supplied with equal amount of
work. The refrigerator operates between 270C
and +270C and the heat pump
operates between + 450 C and + 270C. The refrigerator absorbs 4000 kJ/ min
at 270C.
The heat pump absorbs all the heat rejected by the refrigerator and
supplies at 450C. Compute
(i) COP of refrigerator
(ii) COP of heat pump
(iii)heat available at + 450C and
(iv) work input to each unit. [10]
2. (a) Describe the use of liquid vapour regenerative heat exchanger in a vapour
compression system [6]
(b) A simple saturation ammonia compression system has a high pressure of 1.35
MN/m 2 and low pressure of 0.19 MN/m 2. Find per 400,000kJ/h of refrigerating
capacity the power consumption of the compressor and COP of the cycle.
3. (a) Explain the working of a rotary screw compressor. [10]
(b) How the capacity control is achieved in refrigerant compressor? [6]
4. (a) Explain the working of an evaporative condenser.
(b) Give the comparison of flooded evaporators and dry evaporators.
5. (a) What is the effect of inert gas in three fluid refrigeration system.
(b) What is absorption refrigeration system and how it differs from convention
vapour compression system and explain its working. [8]
(c) What is Carnot COP of absorption refrigeration system. How it is differ from
actual COP. [4]
6. (a) With the help of a sketch of the processes on Mollier chart explain how the
refrigeration is produced in steam jet refrigeration system. [10]
(b) What difference does it make when the steam jet refrigeration system operates
with a barometric condenser instead of a surface condenser? [6]
7. An auditorium of 100 seating capacity of conditioned for the given specifications
Out door conditions 35
and 65% RH
Required air inlet conditions 15o
C and 40 RH.
The required condition is achieved first by cooling and dehumidifying and then by
heating. Find the following
(a) The capacity of the cooling coil in tons of refrigeration
(b) Capacity of the heating coil in kW
(c) Bypass
factor of the heating coil if the surface temp of the coil is 22o C [16]
8. (a) Define the following in relation to the conditioned supply air to room ‘Throw',
‘Drop' and ‘Spread'. [6]
(b) State the different types of supply air out lots.
(c) Describe the factors governing the selection and location of supply air outlets.
? ? ? ? ?

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