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2008 Nirma University B.Tech. Information Technology data communication Question paper

Course: B.Tech. Information Technology   University/board: Nirma University

Nirma University of Science & Technology
Institute of Technology
Supplementary Examination, July 2008
B. Tech. (All Programmes), Semester-IV(RR)

Roll / Exam No. Supervisor's initial with date

Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
Instructions: 1. Attempt all questions.
2. Figures to right indicate full marks.
3. Sectionwise separate answer book to be used.
4. Draw figures wherever required.


1. Do as directed: 20
(a) List and explain various components of data communications. 05
(b) State the difference between de facto standard and de jure standard. 02
( c) What do you mean by a protocol? 01
(d) State the difference between LAN, MAN and WAN. 06
(e) What are the responsibilities of Presentation layer? 03
(f) Why do you require Analog-to-analog conversion of data? What are the various types? 03

(a) List and explain various modes of data transmission giving figures. 06
(a) What is Topology? List and explain various topologies giving illustrations. 06
(b) Why is the layered architecture desirable for Internet? 03
(b) Why is the OSI Model called the OSI Reference Model? 03
( c) Write the full forms of following abbreviations. 06
ii) FTP
iii) DNS
iv) SNMP
v) TCP
vi) ICMP

(a) Define the following (Any three) with examples. 09
i) Period
ii) Phase
iii) Time Domain
iv) Frequency domain
(b) The bit stream 10000000000100 is given. Convert it into following encodings : 06
i) AMI
ii) B8ZS
iii) HDB3


4. Attempt any fourteen 14
(a) What is FTTC and who uses it?
(b) How does a DSU differ from a modem?
( c) What are the similarities and differences between FDM and WDM?
(d) What are the disadvantages of optical fiber as a transmission medium?
(e) Define: (i) Noise (ii) Collision
(f) What are the conditions for the polynomial used by CRC generator?
(g) Define : (i) Transciever (ii) Shannon - Capacity
(h) What kind of error is undetectable by checksum?
(i) How is CRC superior to LRC?
(j) Define differential Manchester encoding
(k) What factors affect data rate of a link?
(l) Define Bandwidth of a line. What is the bandwidth of traditional telephone line?
(m) Define : (i) Attenuation (ii) Crosstalk
(n) What are the advantages of FDDI over a basic Token Ring?
(o) Why is there no AC field in 802.3 frame?
(p) Define : (i) Angle of refraction (ii) Distortion

5. Attempt any four 12
(a) Draw the time domain graph for bit pattern 10110110 as it would appear on an RS -422 circuit. Assume a 1 is 5 volts and a 0 is -5 volts. Draw the complement also.
(b) If a telephone line is passing the signal of 10 volts and noise is 0.005 percentage of the signal, what is the maximum data rate supported by the line?
( c) Three voice-grade lines, each using 4KHz, are frequency multiplexed together using AM and canceling the lower modulated band. Draw frequency domain representation of resulting signal if carrier frequency are at 4, 10 and 16 KHz respectively. What is the bandwidth of resulting signal?
(d) Construct the Hamming code for bit sequence 10011101
(e) For a 2500 meters long 10 Base 5 cable, speed of propagation is 60% of speed of light, find the maximum time it takes to sense a collision.

6. Write short-notes (Any Four) 24
(a) DTE – DCE interface
(b) Cellular Telephony
( c) Asynchronus TDM
(d) LRC with example
(e) Token Ring

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