Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University) Computer M.C.A.(Fourth Semester) EXAMINATION,Nov.-Dec.,2008 model question papers

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2007 Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University) Computer M.C.A M.C.A.(Fourth Semester) EXAMINATION,Nov.-Dec.,2008 Question paper

Course: M.C.A   University/board: Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University)

M.C.A.(Fourth Semester) EXAMINATION,Nov.-Dec.,2008
(New Scheme)
(Elective - I)
[MCA - 405 - B (N)]
Time : Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 100
Minimum Pass Marks : 40

Note : This question paper is divided into five Units. Attempt one question from each Unit.
All questions carry equal marks.

Unit - I
1.(a) What are the components of Java architecture ? Explain in detail.
(b) Compare and contrast method overloading and method overriding.

2.(a) What do you understand by array of objects ? Write a program to illustrate it.
(b) Write differences between the following :
(i) Implicit and explicit import statement
(ii) Public and default class
(iii) Application and applet
(iv) Java and C++

Unit - II
3.(a) What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface ? Can abstract
class and interface be used interchangeably ?
(b) What do you understand by thread synchronization ? What are synchronized method and
objects ? Illustrate by giving examples.
4.(a) Write a program in Java. A class TEACHER contains two fields name and qualification.
Extend this class to Department,it contains Dept-no and Dept-name. An interface named
as college contains one field name of college. Using the above classes and interface
get the appropriate information and display it.
(b) What is exception ? Explain the steps that are to be followed for exception handling
in Java. Give suitable program to illustrate.

Unit - III
5.(a) Write the class hierarchy of applets. What are the interfaces available in applet class?
What is the default layout of an applet.
(b) Write an applet to display an image and move the image from left to right and back to its
original position.
6.(a) In Java how will you set the layout ? Explain about five layout classes available in Java.
(b) Explain event delegation model in detail.

Unit - IV
7.(a) Crate a random access file system for the file "emp.cat" for updating the employee
information in the file.
(b) What are the differences between the following ?
(i) Byte streams and character streams
(ii) Data output stream and print stream
8.(a) Write in detail about various JDBC drivers.
(b) Write a short note on JDBC exception classes and result set.

Unit - V
9.(a) Explain the concept of RMI with suitable example. Write a student class in which division()
is a method which gives the division from aggregate marks. Write an application which runs
this method remotely using RMI.
(b) Explain the following :
(i) Proxy server
(ii) Collection classes
10. Write short notes on the following :
(i) UDP/IP
(ii) DNS
(iii) Data gram socket
(iv) Collection framework

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