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2007 Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University) Computer M.C.A M.C.A.(Second Semester) EXAMINATION, June,2007 Question paper

Course: M.C.A   University/board: Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University)

M.C.A.(Second Semester) EXAMINATION, June,2007
Time : Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 100
Minimum Pass Marks : 40

Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1.(a) Differentiate between hierarchical, network and relational models.
(b) Define the concept of aggregation.
(c) Explain distinction between the following :
(i) Disjoint and overlapping contraints of generaliztion and specializtion.
(ii) Total and partial constraints.

2. Consider the following database of supplier parts :
P(PNo, PName, City,Weight,Color)
Supplier parts database.
Solve the following queries in SQL and relational algebra.
(i) Get all pairs of suppliers who are located in same city.
(ii) Get supplier names who do not supply Part P1.
(iii) Get supplier names who supply all the parts.
(iv) Get supplier names who supply at least one 'Blue Part'.
(v) Get supplier numbers for supplier with status value less than the current maximum
status value in 'S' table :
(vi) Get Part no. for all parts supplied by more than once supplier(only SQL).
(vii) Delete all suppliers in 'PARIS'
(viii) Double the status of suppliers in LONDON.
(ix) Write SQL DDL for supplier part database.

3.(a) Explain with examples wherever necessary :
(i) Natural join
(ii) Equi join
(iii) Outer join
(iv) Inner join
(v) Left outer join
(vi) Right outer join
(vii) Theta join
(b) Design a relational database corresponding to the E-R diagram given ahead.

(c) What is participation role ? What is it necessary to use role names in description of
relationship type ?

4.(a) Prove that any relation with two attributes is in BCNF.
(b) consider Relation R(A, B, C, D,E) and F set of functional dependency :
(i) Compute closure of F i.e. F+.
(ii) Compute closure of B or B+.
(iii) Compute canonical cover of F i.e. Fc.
(c) Prove that functional dependency is also multivalued dependency.

5.(a) Suppose that we decompose the schema :
R=(A,B,C,D,E) into :
Show that this decomposition is lossless join decomposition and not dependency preserving
if the following FD's hold :
A-> BC
Also give non-less and dependency preserving decomposition int 3 NF.
(b) What are trivial and non-trivial functional dependencies ?

6.(a) Explain the structure of B+ trees Construct a B+ tree for the following set of key values :
(b) Explain multilevel indices. Also explain secondary indices.

7.(a) Explain the distinction between the terms serial schedule and serializable schedule.
(b) List the ACID properties. Explain the usefulness of each.
(c) Explain distributed database.

8. Write short notes on any four of the following :
(i) Data Dictionary (ii) Mapping constraints
(iii) RAID (iv) DBTG model
(v) Transaction management.


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