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2007 Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University) Computer M.C.A M.C.A.(Second Semester) EXAMINATION,June.,2007 Question paper

Course: M.C.A   University/board: Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University)

M.C.A.(Second Semester) EXAMINATION,June.,2007
Time : Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 100
Minimum Pass Marks : 40

Note : Attempt one question from each Unit. All questions carry equal marks.

Unit - I
1. Discuss the following concepts of accounting :
(i) Separate entity concept
(ii) Dual Aspect concept
(iii) Going concern concept
(iv) Accounting period concept

2.(a) Explain the rules of journalizing with suitable illustrations.
(b) Is Trial Balance a conclusive proof of accuracy ?

Unit - II
3.(a) How do we prepare final accounts and balance sheet for a concern ?
(b) Give the journal entries and steps to adjust the following accounts in the books
of a concern :
(i) Closing stock
(ii) Outstanding salary

4. From the undermentioned Trial balance of Govinda prepare a Trading and Profit and Loss
Account, for the year ended 31st December, 2006 and Balance Sheet as at that date :

The following adjustments are to be taken into consideration :
Closing Stock, Rs. 40000. Outstanding liabilities to be provided for : Salary Rs. 2400,
Factory Rent Rs. 1500 and Office Rnet Rs. 550. Bad debts provision to be adjusted to
2(1/2)% of Sundry Debtors after elimination of Bad debts amounting to Rs. 2000.
Depreciation on plant 10% Interest on capital at 5% p.a. Goods withdrawn Rs. 2525
for private use.

Unit - III
5.(a) What do you mean by Fund Flow Statement ?
(b) Show the stores ledger entries as they would appear when using :
(i) FIFO method (ii) LIFO method, of pricing issues, in connection with the
following transactions :

April Units Value
1 Balance b/f 300 600
2 Purchased 200 440
4 Issued 150 -
6 Purchased 200 460
11 Issued 150 -
19 Issued 200 -
22 Purchased 200 480
27 Issued 250 -

6.(a) What is meant by Break-Even point ? Discuss in detail.
(b) Write short notes on the following :
(i) Contribution and P/V ratio
(ii) Marginal Cost

Unit - IV
7.(a) Define Standard Costing.
(b) What do you mean by 'Variance Analysis' ?

8.(a) For production of 10000 Electrical Automatic Irons, the following are budgeted expenses :

Rs. per unit
Direct Materials 60
Direct Labour 30
Variable Overheads 25
Fixed Overheads 15
Variable expenses(Direct) 5
Selling expenses(10% fixed) 15
Administration expenses(Rs. 50000 rigid) 5
Distribution expenses(20% fixed) 5
Total cost of sale per unit 160

Prepare a budget for the production of 6000, 7000 and 8000 irons showing distinctly
marginal cost and total cost.
(b) Define Budget.

Unit - V
9. Write a detailed note on Management Control.

10. Write short notes on the following :
(i) Expenses centres
(ii) Profit centres
(iii) Revenue centres
(iv) Investment centres


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