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2009 All India Institute of Medical Sciences Medical M.D O.B.G AIPG University Question paper

Course: M.D O.B.G   University/board: All India Institute of Medical Sciences


Q1. Creamy fishy odour is caused by:
a- Trichomonas
b- Gardnerella
c- Candida
d- Chlamydia
Ans: b.

Q2. A pregnant female, just diagnosed to be HBS positive what is the best management?
a- Anti HB vaccine to neonate
b- Immunoglobulins to neonate
c- Both
d- Observation
Ans: c.

Q3. Best contraception for lactating mother:
a- Barrier
b- OCPs
c- POPs
d- Lactational amenorrhea
Ans: c.

Q4. Vaginal delivery allowed in all except:
a- Monochorionic monoamniotic twins
b- First twin cephalic and second breech
c- Extended breech
d- Mento anterior
Ans: a.

Q5. Minimum duration between onset of symptoms and death is seen in:
a- APH
b- PPH
c- Septicemia
d- Obstructed labor
Ans: b.

Q6. Evidence-based treatments for menorrhagia are all except:
a- OCPs
b- Progesterone for three months cyclically
c- Tranexamic acid
d- Ethamsylate
Ans: d.

Q7. Which is raised in dysgerminoma?
a- AFP
b- LDH
c- HCG
d- CA-A 19-9
Ans: b.

Q8. A female 35 years para 3, liver 3 (P3, L3) with CIN III on colposcopic biopsy what would you do?
b- Conization
c- Hysterectomy
d- Cryotherapy
Ans: b.

Q9. Mifepristone is used in management of:
a- Threatened abortion
b- Fibroid
c- Ectopic pregnancy
d- Molar pregnancy
Ans: c.

Q10. True regarding DMPA include the following except:
a- 0.3% failure rate
b- Does not have protective effect of C/A endometrium
c- Can be given in seizures
d- Useful in treatment of menohorrhegia
Ans: b.

Q11. All are true about pre-eclampsia except:
a- Cerebral hemorrhage
b- Pulmonary edema
c- ARF
d- DVT
Ans: a.

Q12. Pregnant woman in 1st trimester is given spiramycin that she did not take complete treatment and baby is born with hydrocephalus. From which infection she was suffering?
a- HSV
b- Treponema pallidum
c- Toxoplasma
d- CMV
Ans: c.

Q13. Primary amenorrhea is not seen in:
a- Sheehan’s syndrome
b- Kallmann’s syndrome
c- Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauster syndrome
d- Turner syndrome
Ans: a.

Q14. About Lupus anticoagulant all are true except:
a- Increase in aPTT only
b- Recurrent 2nd trimester abortion in pregnant females
c- Can occur without other symptoms of anti phospholipid antibody syndrome
d- Thrombotic spells can be followed by severe life threatening hemorrhage
Ans: d.

Q15. The following drug can be given safely in pregnancy:
a- Propylthiouracil
b- MTX
c- Warfarin
d- Tetracycline
Ans: a.

Q16. All drugs can be given to a mother with lupus who is on 35th week of gestation except:
a- Chloroquine
b- Mehtotrexate
c- Sulphadiazine/sulphasalazine
d- Prednisolone
Ans: b.

Q17. In surgical staging of ovarian Ca, all are done except:
a- Peritoneal Washing
b- Liver biopsy
c- Omental biopsy
d- Palpation of organs
Ans: b.

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