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2008 Mangalayatan University Politics M.B.A. Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior and Communiacation Question paper

Course: M.B.A. Human Resource Management   University/board: Mangalayatan University

Mangalayatan University,Aligarh
Major Examinations,Semester 1st (2008)
subject: Organization Behaviour and Communication
Class: M.B.A

Note: Attempt all question from section 'A', five question 'B' and three questions from
Section 'C'.

Section 'A'
[10*(1+1)=20 Marks]

Q1.(i)Correct the sentence-"I would not have let it happen if I was there"
(a)I would not let it happen if I would there.
(b)I would not let it happen if I were there.
(c)I would not have let it happen if I I were here.
(d)None of these.

(ii)In the Communication process the receiver of the message of the overall model of
Organization Behavior.

Q2. (i)Which of the following frame work is used in development of the overall model of
Organization Behavior.
(a)The cognitive F.W (b)The behaviorist F.W
(c)The social learned F.W (d)all the above

(ii)Which of the following is/are the skill(s)used by leaders?
(a)Technical (b)conceptual (c)human (d)all the above

Q3.(i)What is the power that is exerted by a charismatic person?
(a)Referent poser (b)expert power (c)legitimate (d)charismatic power

(ii)Degree to which group member are attracted to each other and are motivated to stay
in the group is.....
(a)cohesiveness (b)collective (d)conflict (d)culture

Q4.(i)What stage of a group is characterized by preparations to disband the group.
(a)storming (b)Perterming (c)norming (d) adjourning

(ii)The use of symbols of transfer the meaning of information is....
(a)Feed back (b)encoding (c)communication (d)communication network

Q5.(i)What term is used to refer to disagreement between two or more individuals or
groups over an issue of natural interest?
(a)intergroup disagreement (b)individuals disagreement
(c)conflict (d)group conflict.

(ii)Which of the following is not a method for managing conflict?
(a)avoidance (b)smoothing (c)convincing (d)bargaining

Q6.(i)The world as it is perceived is the world that is behaviorally important.(True/False)

(ii)If consensus is high the cause of the behavior has an -------- attribution.
(a)external (b)internal (c)inward (d)outward

Q7.(i)Selective perception is a shortcut in judging others.(True/False)

(ii)Your personality is determined by your--------- and your environment
(a)family (b)heredity (c)society (d)friends

Q8.(i)Exit behavior is a constructive and passive approach to job dissatisfaction.(True/False)

(ii)In positive reinforcement, the strength of the response--------.
(a)decreases (b)remains same (c)increases (d)no effect

Q9.(i)Grapevine communications are faster than most of the formal communication

(ii)The general manager of an organization called a press conference and
announced the launch of a new product by his company.What role is being played
by the manager?
(a) dissemination (b)spokesperson (c)leader (d) resource allocator

Q10.(i)The leaders ability to work effectively with the members of the organization
and accomplish team work is termed as
(a)conceptual skill (b)technical skill (c)human skill (d)design skill

(ii)The job satisfiers are referred to as
(a)motivators (b)hygiene factors (c)reinforces (d)internal factors


Section "B"
[5*7=35 Marks]

Q11.What do you understand by perception? Discuss the various factors influencing perception?
Q12.What do you mean by job satisfaction? Discuss the various factors related to job satisfaction?
Q13.What do you mean by learning? Discuss the procedure of learning process?
Q14.Explain Maslow's Need Hierarchy theory? Discuss its importance?
Q15.Describe the factors in the Big Five Model of personality?
Q16.Identify the leadership styles describing the situations under which each style is useful?
What factors influence the choice of leadership style?
Q17.What do you understand by power? What are the types of power? Explain its.
Q18.What is meant by conflict? What are the various sources of conflicts in an organization?

Section "C"

[3*15=45 Marks]

Q19.Discuss Leadership styles based on the use of authority? Explain the model of Leadership?
Q20."IT plays an important role in effective communication." Elaborate?
Q21.What are the various causes of stress? Explain the relationship of Stress with performance
and what are the various strategies that should be followed to manage stress?
Q22.'Fredrick Herzberg and his associates developed a need based model of motivation.' Compare
his two-Factor theory with Maslow's Hierarchy of needs.
Q23.Explain various factors that determine the shape of an individual's personality. Also explain
various personalities attribute that influence Organizational Behavior?

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