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2009 Tamil University B.E Computer Science and Engineering Model question paper - 2009 Question paper

Course: B.E Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: Tamil University

SUBJECT : Theory of Computation SUBJECT CODE: CS1303
TIME : 3Hrs Total Marks :100

PART A (10*2=20)
1. What is the difference between NFA and DFA?
2. Define e-closure of a State
3. For the grammar S?A1B,A?0A/?,B?0B/1B/?,give leftmost and right most derivation for the string 00101.
4. Construct CFG to generate {anbn /n?Z+}
5. Is it true that deterministic push down automata and non deterministic push down automata are equivalent in the sense of language of acceptances?
6. Define instantaneous description of a PDA
7. Define basic Turing machine.
8. Explain multitape Turing machine model
9. When a problem is said to be un decidable? Give an example of an undecidable problem.
10. Show that the union of recursive language is recursive.

11. (a) (i) Prove that language L is accepted by some NFA if and only if L is accepted by some DFA . (8)
(ii) Consider the following ?-NFA .Compute the closure of each state and find its equivalent DFA.

? a B c
p {q} {p} ? ?
q {r} ? {q} ?
*r ? ? ? {r}

(b) (i) P rove that a language L is accepted by some DFA iff L is accepted by some NFA.
(ii) Convert the following NFA to its equivalent DFA.

0 1
p {p,q} {p}
q {r} {r}
r {s} ?
*s {s} {s}

12. (a) (i) Construct an NFA equivalent to the following regular expression ((10)+(0+1))*01.
(ii) Check whether the language L={ 0n2/n?Z+ } is regular or not?
(b) (i) Construct DFA equivalent to the NFA given below

0 1
?p {p,q} {p}
q {r} ?
*r ? ?

(ii) Prove that if L=L(A) for some DFA then there is a regular expression R such that L=L( R).
13. (a) (i) Prove that if L is a context-free language then there exists a PDA such that L=N(M).
(ii) Explain different types of acceptance of a PDA .Are they equivalent in sense of language acceptance? Justify your answer.
(b) If L is N(M) for some PDA M ,then prove that L is context free language

14. (a) (i) Design a TM to accept the language L= { anbn /n?Z+}

(ii) Explain with an example how finite control of a TM can be used to hold a finite amount of information.
(b) (i) Explain how a TM can be viewed as a computing device on functions involving integers.
(ii)Design a TM to compute f(m,n)=m*n, for all m,n in Z+.
15. (a) Show that the language Lu is recursively enumerable but not recursive
(b) (i) Explain about PCP
(ii) Show that Ld is neither recursive nor recursively enumerable

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