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2010 Periyar University Languages B.A English B.a. degree examination, november/december 2010. third semester spoken english Question paper

Course: B.A English   University/board: Periyar University


I . Answer the following questions :

1. Give four patterns of 'Introducing'. [marks 2]

2. Give atleast four patterns of ' Apologizing'. [marks 2]

3. Write four patterns of 'making requests. [marks 2]

4.Remove the wrong prepositions in the following sentences : [marks 2]

(a) She has passed out her examination.

(b) I regret for my late - Coming.

5. Remove the unnecessary prepositions from the following sentences : [marks 2]

(a) They are awaiting for your arrival.

(b) She will be eighteen in next July.

6. Add suitable articles wherever necessary : [marks 2]

(a) Karl Marx is _______________ European.

(b) _____________ vaigai passes through Madurai.

7. Correct the order of the word : [marks 2]

(a) He has nicely polished the wood.

(b) We must inform all the winners by post also.

8. Correct the tense form : [marks 2]

(a) All news are good news.

(b) The college is going to reopen on 15th June.

9. Correct the sentence : [marks 2]

(a) There is no current now.

(b) Tamil is an Language.

10. Correct the senence : [marks 2]

(a) I go to Delhi by the air.

(b) Who do you want to speak?


II . Answer the following :-

11. (a) Complete the dialogue :- [marks 5]

Ram : Good morning, Raj here.

Raj : .........

Ram : Helllo, Raj! I'm alright. How are things going on? How is your new college?

Raj : .........


(b) Give five patterns of expressing Gratitude. [marks 5]

12. (a) How will you get permission from Librarian to refer books in the library? Writa atleast five dialogues. [marks 5]


(b) Give five expressions each for 'Offering Help' and 'Seeking Permission'. [marks 5]

13. Write a dialogue, minimum of five expressions :

(a) Two friends discuss the importance of Spoken English to the present day career needs. [marks 5]


(b) You seek the advice for your teacher on what to do after graduation. (Write suitable dialogues) [marks 5]

14. (a) You forgot to bring your friends book. How will you apologize for that mistake? Write suitable dialogues to the situation.

[marks 5]


(b) You are in a restaurant with your family. How will you make your suggestions for ordering the items? Give five expressions.

[marks 5]

15. (a) Give five expressions each for starting a conversation with a stranger and ending a conversation. [marks 5]


(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable dialogues : [marks 5]

Patient : Good morning, Doctor.

Doctor : Good morning. How do you feel now?

Patient : ______________________

Doctor : ______________________

Patient : _______________________

Doctor : _______________________

Patient : _______________________


III . Answer any THREE questions :

16. (a) Imagine you are a medical representative. How will you introduce yourself to a doctor and fix time to meet him. Write suitable

dialogue. [marks 5]

(b) Give suitable prepositions wherever necessary : [marks 5]

(i) Did you pay the bill?

(ii) You have not replied us?

(iii) He shared me my room.

(iv) We shall wait you at our show-room.

(v) We will write you again soon.

17. (a) As a travel agent how will you help your customer to book seats for a package tour. Write suitable dialogue. [marks 5]

(b) Correct the wrong use of prepositions : [marks 5]

(i) Anita will reach London on two ours.

(ii) Shall we discuss about the tour now?

(iii) Do you know to type?

(iv) The manager is in pressure to resign the post.

(v) Sita is sitting in the side of Anita.

18. (a) How will you express your sympathy to your friend who had lost his purse in the bus stand? Write suitable dialogues. [marks


(b) Correct the tense : [marks 5]

(i) They are fond to travel.

(ii) The patient is unconcious since Friday.

(iii) We have booked your tickets yesterday.

(iv) I feel like to resign the job.

(v) How many brothers are you having?

19. (a) A friend is a new comer to your city. How will you warn his/her about pick-pockets? Write suitable dialogues. [marks 5]

(b) Correct the following sentences : [marks 5]

(i) Television media provides employment to many people.

(ii) Informations of all kinds can be found in newspapers.

(iii) I know to speak, read and write Arabic.

(iv) I met Lakshmi in a stationary shop.

(v) The number of books in our library are very small.

20. (a) You are in a Railway station to reserve a ticket to Chennai in Tamilnadu Express. How will you enquire for it? Write suitable

dialogues. [marks 5]

(b) Rearrange the following sentences : [marks 5]

(i) important/worry/to/it's/not.

(ii) not/you/have/we/forgotten.

(iii) explained/was/she/what/the problem.

(iv) never/again/will/make/I/that/mistake.

(v) is/he/enough/not/to become/tall/a policeman.

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