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2009 Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University Education B.Ed Zoology C.s.e. zoology sample question paper for preliminary examination Question paper

Course: B.Ed Zoology   University/board: Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University

88. Which partofthe worldo is regarded as the most probable placeoforiginofancestorofhumans?ancestorofhumans?(a) Java-Sumatra (b) China(c) South Asia (d) South Africa 

89. In the caseoffrog, the structure known as'grey crescent'is found in(a) Fertilized egg (b) Unfertilized egg(c) Brain (d) Eye 

90. Consider the following pairs:I. Bombyx mori - Lepidoptera2. Tachardia lacca - Hemiptera3. Apis indica - Hymenoptera Which of the above pairs is/are correctly matched?
(a) I only (b) 1 and 2(c) 2 and 3 (d) 1, 2 and 3 

91. Consider the following statements:1. India is oneofthe twelve mega-biodiversity tountriesofthe world.2. The GulfofMannar has been recognised on the World NetworkofBiosphere Researves by UNESCO.Whichofthe statements given above is/are correct?(a) 1 only (b) 2 only(c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither I nor 2

92. Amensalism is a typeofpopulation interaction in which(a) Both the populations are inhibited.(b) One population is benefited and the other inhibited(c) One population is inhibited and the other unaffected(d) Both the populations are benefited 

93. Which oneofthe following statements is not correct?statements is not correct?(a) The vipers have movable upper jaws.(b) The vipers are viviparous.(c) The krait has a rounded tail with undivided subcaudals.(d) In India, six speciesofcobra are found

94. Consider the following Indian fauna:1. Elephas maxim us2. Equus hemionus khur 2. Equus hemionus khur3. Panthera uncia
Which of the above is/are endangered?(a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3(c) 3 only (d) 1, 2 and 3 

95. The major component of 'biological clock'in higher vertebrates is(a) Pituitary gland (b) Cerebral cortex (c) Hypothalamus (d) Medulla oblongata 

96. Which oneofthe following is the correct sequence qf ecosystems in the orderofdecreasing productivity?(a) Oceans, lakes, grasslands, mangroves(b) Mangroves, oceans, grasslands, lakes(c) Mangroves, grasslands, lakes, , lakes(c) Mangroves, grasslands, lakes, oceans(d) Oceans, mangroves, lakes, grasslands 

97. Histones are rich in(a) Histidine and alanine(b) Arginine and lysine(c) Glutamine and glutamic acid(d) Alanine and phenylalanine 

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