Biology includes Botany and Zoology. Biology isone of the mandatory papers for most of the medical entrance tests.

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Photosynthesis generally takes place in which parts of the plant?BiologyBiology
Movement of cell against concentration gradient is calledBiologyBiology
Plants receive their nutrients mainly fromBiologyBiology
Pollination is best defined asBiologyBiology
Ozone hole refers toBiologyBiology
Ordinary table salt is sodium chloride. What is baking soda?BiologyBiology
How many legs does a butterfly have?BiologyBiology
Which of the following are not involved in the process of breathing in humans?BiologyBiology
The disease trachoma is related to the ? BiologyBiology
The enzymes involved in the digestion of fats and proteins areBiologyBiology
'Jamnapari' is a breed of which animal?BiologyBiology
'Kadaknath' related to which of these animal?BiologyBiology
Which of the following diseases is regarded as most fatal ?BiologyBiology
Dental caries is due to ? BiologyBiology
Which of the following is connected with blood pressure?BiologyBiology
The site of photosynthesis is? BiologyBiology
Guttation is a process in plants by which ?BiologyBiology
The contact process is involved in the manufacture ofBiologyBiology
Duodenum is situated in ?BiologyBiology
Allergy is treated by ?BiologyBiology
Ultrafiltering unit of kidney is known as?BiologyBiology
The plants bend towards the source of light on account of the movement of curvature known as ?BiologyBiology
What is the normal red blood count per cubic mm?BiologyBiology
Plants that grow in saline water are called ?BiologyBiology
Which of the following diseases usually spreads through air?BiologyBiology
Deficiency of which vitamin leads to Rickets (softening of bones) ?BiologyBiology
The type of relationship in which one organism is beneficial while there is no effect on the other isBiologyBiology
The most contractile part of the human body isBiologyBiology
Belladonna plant is the source of alkaloidBiologyBiology
All the veins carry De-oxygenated blood, exceptBiologyBiology
Plants are killed in winter by frost because of what?BiologyBiology
Which of the following is of the highest nutritive value?BiologyBiology
The medulla oblongata is a part of human?BiologyBiology
The deficiency of vitamin B2 may lead to which of the following ?BiologyBiology
Azolla gives a good bio-fertilizer when mixed with?BiologyBiology
Which disease is caused by a bacterial genus in milk?BiologyBiology
What is the normal heart rate of adults at rest ?BiologyBiology
Which of the following is not a tuber crop ?BiologyBiology
An enzyme that works in an acidic medium is?BiologyBiology
Which is the largest lymphatic organ in the body?BiologyBiology
When one organism protects itself by camouflaging, the phenomenon is termedBiologyBiology
Who discovered the blood groups of man?BiologyBiology
Which of the following groups of animals was the last to appear in the process of evolution ?BiologyBiology
Who is considered as the Father of Genetics?BiologyBiology
Hybrids of which of the following are not available for commercial production ? BiologyBiology
The 'cell theory' for organisms was proposed by?BiologyBiology
The endocrine gland which secrete tropic hormones BiologyBiology
Nerve cells originate from the embryonic BiologyBiology
If blood clots inside a blood vessel, it is called BiologyBiology
Which of the following determines the plane of cell wall formation during cell division?BiologyBiology

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