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The point (-2,k) lies on the line 5x + py+2=0 and the point (k,3)lies on the line 6x-py=0. What is the value of k+p, given k>0?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Sharmila needs Rs 1000 for her school trip. She decides to save money for that. On the first day she saves Rs 10. On each succeeding day, she saves Rs 10 more than the money she saved on the previous day. On which day would her total savings just cross Rs 1000?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
A 16cm X 9cm paper rectangle can be curled to form a cylinder in two ways by bringing the opposite sides in contact. The ratio of the volumes of the two cylinders isAptitude TestAptitude Test
Four boys are standing in a line. Each has some money with him. The first boys together have Rs 105, the second and the third boys together have RS 100 and the third and fourth boys together have Rs 130. How much money in rupees do the first and fourth boys together have?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Let ABCD be a rectangle. I wish to draw a circle with any two of the vertices A,B,C,D as the endpoints of its diameter. How many such distinct circles can I draw?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The angles of a triangle are in arithmetic progression. The largest angle is 5 times the smallest angle. What is the difference between the largest angle and the smallest angle?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
A company sells milk powder in cylindrical containers. Marketing suggests that using wider container will increase sales. Suppose that the diameter of the containers is increased by 25% without altering the volume. By what percent must the height be decreased? Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The Noted Film maker of Kolkata Bimal Roy died in the year ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
Which of the following sites has yielded the archaeological evidence of Syenachiti? Indian HistoryIndian History
The Satapatha Brahmana is related to- Indian HistoryIndian History
Which of the following was considered the God of Earth during the Rigvedic times?Indian HistoryIndian History
Who is the Chief of Supreme court-appointed SIT re investigating some post-Godhra riot cases.?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
The Rig Vedic King Divodasa belonged to which of the following clans?Indian HistoryIndian History
Which Chief Minister of India has been pressing for a nationwide ban on Endosulfan ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
Late Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba was called by which name during his childhood ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
Who is the author of Malayala Manorama year book ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
The first official history of Indian National Congress was written by-Indian HistoryIndian History
Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is associated with which sports ?World - MiscellaneousWorld - Miscellaneous
Foot Ball Club Mohun Bagan won their first maiden Rovers Cup in the year ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
The famous Helsinki Olympics was held in the year ?World - MiscellaneousWorld - Miscellaneous
Among the following who is the Former Olympian football star ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
Where in the world amorphophallus titanum, or corpse flower bloomed to its full ?World - MiscellaneousWorld - Miscellaneous
Music students can learn Raagas with the help of Ipods and other gadgets in just five days. Who said this ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
The evidence of double burial has been found from- Indian HistoryIndian History
Which of the following Harappan sites has yielded evidence of the quarters of labourers?Indian HistoryIndian History
Indira Gandhi International Airport is situated at ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
Which State in India bagged maximum number of awards under Panchayat Empowerment and Accountability Incentive Scheme ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
Gram Sabhas must for effective participation of people in governance. Who said this ? India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
National Panchayat Raj Day was celebrated on ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba passed away due to cardio- respiratory failure on ?India - MiscellaneousIndia - Miscellaneous
In the alphabets from A to Z , which is the third letter to the right of the letter which is midway between K & S ?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Rahul walked 30 metre towards West, took a left turn and walked 20 metre. He again took a left turn and walked 30 metre. He then took a right turn and stopped.Towards which direction was he facing when he stopped? Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
In a certain code MAIN is written as '9364' and DEAR is written as '8532'. How is MEND written in that code? Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
'A' scores more runs than 'B' but less than 'C' . 'D' scores more than 'B' but less than 'A' . Who is the lowest scorer ?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
14 In the following series of numerals , which digit has maximum frequency ? 846734378344563464348 Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
In a certain code DREAMING is written as BFSEFMHL.How is TREATISE written in that code?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
A boy goes to see a movie and sees a man sitting to his left. He found that the man was his relative. The man is the husband of the sister of his mother. How is the man related to the boy?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
How many '5' s are there which are followed by 0 and preceded by 0 in the following series 157050700512515050050Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
What is the next letter of the series, F, I, L, O, .....?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
If 2 = 1, 3 = 3, 4 = 12, 5 = 60 then 6 = .....?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Choose the one from the following which is different from othersLogical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
If “good and bad” is coded as 123, “bad is ugly” is coded as 245 and “good is fair” is coded as 436, then what is the code for “fair”?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Nakhuda Masjid is Situated in Which City?Indian HistoryIndian History
If the first day of the year 1990 was a Monday, what day of the week was the 1st January 1998?Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
What is the letter immediately to the right of the letter which is seven letters to the right of 'W', considering all the letters of the alphabet written in reverse order from left to right starting from 'Z'Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Bundi Fort is Situated in Which City?Indian HistoryIndian History
Anger : 37219 : : near:Logical ReasoningLogical Reasoning
Gol Ghar is Situated in Which City?Indian HistoryIndian History
"Prince of Wales" Museum is Situated in Which City?Indian HistoryIndian History
Five students are sitting in row. T is on right of Z. M is on the left of Z but is on the right of L. T is on the left of Q. Who is sitting first from the left? Here students are represented by the letters T, Z, M, L and QLogical ReasoningLogical Reasoning

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