Biology includes Botany and Zoology. Biology isone of the mandatory papers for most of the medical entrance tests.

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What factor makes the evergreen tree remain green throughout the year?BiologyBiology
How many nucleotide does a tRNA contain?BiologyBiology
Essential fatty acids were discovered byBiologyBiology
Location of Adrenal gland in humans BiologyBiology
Guttation occurs through special pores present on the margins of the leaves called BiologyBiology
The agent required for Anemophilus type of pollination is BiologyBiology
Vitamin A is also called as ?BiologyBiology
In earthworm, Haemoglobin is present in ?BiologyBiology
From which part of the heart is the electical charge responsible for heart beat is generated ?BiologyBiology
Which disease is also known as 'Royal disease' ?BiologyBiology
Which disease is known as 'Daltonism' ?BiologyBiology
Which of these vitamins can be extracted from fat ? BiologyBiology
Which hormone helps in regulating presence of calcium in blood ?BiologyBiology
Vitamin C is also called as ? BiologyBiology
Which vitamin is essential for clotting of blood ?BiologyBiology
Which artery brings blood into the heart muscles ?BiologyBiology
Where in human body Insulin is generated ?BiologyBiology
Deficiency of which vitamin leads to Night Blindness ?BiologyBiology
How many chambers are there in human heart ?BiologyBiology
What is the total number of bones present in human body ? BiologyBiology
Which is the largest bone in human body ?BiologyBiology
Which is the shortest bone in human body ?BiologyBiology
What should be the systologic pressure of a healthy man ?BiologyBiology
The lymphocyte cells are commonly found in which organ of the human body?BiologyBiology
Leukemia is caused due to which factor?BiologyBiology
Who is the father of surgery?BiologyBiology
Which of the following plant disease is caused by a virus?BiologyBiology
What is study of fungi called?BiologyBiology
What is the average lifetime of a RBC?BiologyBiology
What causes growth in human beings?BiologyBiology
Which of the following hormones contains iodine?BiologyBiology
The digestion of which of the following results in the formation of amino acids?BiologyBiology
Number of chromosomes in Down's syndrome is?BiologyBiology
Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between?BiologyBiology
The function of endoplasmic reticulum is? BiologyBiology
Which of these animals has the maximum number of legs ?BiologyBiology
Which of the following gases causes Global Warming?BiologyBiology
The vitamin which cannot be had from any vegetables is?BiologyBiology
What will happen if an egg is boiled for a long duration ?BiologyBiology
Which is the longest bone of human body?BiologyBiology
Which of the following vitamins helps in the normal clotting of blood?BiologyBiology
The theory of 'jumping genes' was propounded by?BiologyBiology
Which of the following would not make minerals more available to plants?BiologyBiology
Goitre is caused by the deficiency of?BiologyBiology
Scientist associated with the success of Green Revolution is?BiologyBiology
Which of the following cause by fermentation, decomposition of organic substances, resulting in simpler compounds?BiologyBiology
Photosynthesis generally takes place in which parts of the plant?BiologyBiology
The weight of an average human male brain is about?BiologyBiology
From left to right, which is fifth color in Rainbow?BiologyBiology
Study of ancient diseases is called ?BiologyBiology

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