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Which of the following will be an ideal heating medium for heat transfer in a heat exchanger?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The pressure in the heating zone of a furnace should beAptitude TestAptitude Test
Which type of the following co-generation system has high heat-to-power ratio?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Maximum heat transfer to the stock in a reheating furnace is by Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Drain pockets are provided in a steam line forAptitude TestAptitude Test
Ceramic fibre gives the maximum energy savings when used inAptitude TestAptitude Test
Scale losses in reheating furnaces will Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Radiation losses from a boiler practicallyAptitude TestAptitude Test
If the pressure of saturated steam is reduced through a pressure reducing valveAptitude TestAptitude Test
An axial compressor is used in conjunction with which of the followingAptitude TestAptitude Test
Flame flickering occurs in an oil fired burner because of Aptitude TestAptitude Test
“Turndown ratio” for oil fired burners is the ratio ofAptitude TestAptitude Test
In which of the following equipment is stored heat used for preheating combustion air Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which property is the most important for an insulating brick?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The pour point of furnace oil isAptitude TestAptitude Test
Which data is not required to calculate the efficiency of boiler by indirect method?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
One kg of wood contains 20% moisture and 5% hydrogen by weight. How much water is evaporated during complete combustion of one kg of wood? Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which fuel requires the lowest amount of excess air for combustion?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Furnace wall heat loss does not depend onAptitude TestAptitude Test
Which of the following benefits is not achieved by maximizing condensate recovery?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Good opportunity for energy savings from continuous blow down of boiler is by Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which of the following requires the least amount of oxygen/ kg of substance for combustion?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
In a glass industry waste heat is used for power generation. This type of cogeneration is calledAptitude TestAptitude Test
Demineralisation of water is the process to remove Aptitude TestAptitude Test
For same inlet conditions of the steam which of the following will generate the maximum powerAptitude TestAptitude Test
Mark the best choice of insulation material for electric heat treatment furnace among the followingAptitude TestAptitude Test
In industrial applications the commonly used trap for main steam lines isAptitude TestAptitude Test
The material used to control SOx in the FBC boiler isAptitude TestAptitude Test
Project management technique which uses three time estimates. Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Name the sector which is the biggest consumer of commercial energyAptitude TestAptitude Test
In project financing ,sensitivity analysis is applied becauseAptitude TestAptitude Test
The contractor provides the financing and is paid an agreed fraction of actual savings achieved. This payment is used to pay down the debt costs of equipment and/or services. This is known asAptitude TestAptitude Test
The 80/20 Rule in management meansAptitude TestAptitude Test
The four pillars of successful energy management are technical ability, monitoring system, top management support and ______Aptitude TestAptitude Test
In a force field analysis in energy action planning, high price of energy acts as Aptitude TestAptitude Test
A person can do the following with wind energy Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which one is not an energy consumption benchmark parameter?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which gas has the least impact on global warming?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The first vital step in an energy management program is Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Calorific Value of coal is measured by a device calledAptitude TestAptitude Test
Condensation of saturated steam releasesAptitude TestAptitude Test
All the activities falling in the critical path of the PERT network will haveAptitude TestAptitude Test
The process by which Annex 1 countries can invest in the GHG mitigation projects in developing countries is called:Aptitude TestAptitude Test
In an industry the average electricity consumption is 4.6 lakh kWh for the period, the average production is 40000 tons with specific electricity consumption of 10 kWh /ton for the same period. The fixed electricity consumption for the plant is :Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which of the following will be true of load factor for a continuous process? Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Statement not applicable to TOD (Time of the Day) in electricity tariff structure?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
A CUSUM graph follows a random fluctuation trend and oscillates around Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which among the following can be best implemented through an ESCO (Energy Service Company) route:Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The statement not applicable in the case of Sankey diagramAptitude TestAptitude Test
Non contact speed measurements can be carried out byAptitude TestAptitude Test

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