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Which of the following is not applicable to liquid fuels? Aptitude TestAptitude Test
For calculating plant energy performance which of the following data is not requiredAptitude TestAptitude Test
A public expression of organization’s commitment to energy conservation would be Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The difference between GCV and NCV of coal isAptitude TestAptitude Test
An energy audit as defined in the Energy Conservation Act 2001 does not includeAptitude TestAptitude Test
Which of the following is false? Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The total mechanical energy of a body free falling in a vacuumAptitude TestAptitude Test
An indication of sensible heat content in air-water vapour mixture is Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Propane is an example of Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which industry among the following is not a designated consumer as per EC Act-2001?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
Which one of the following is not an example of air pollution from furnace oil fired boilers and furnaces?Aptitude TestAptitude Test
The number of molecules present in 8g of O2 isChemistryChemistry
The ratio of fluse density and capacity of magnetic field in a medium is represented byGeneral KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge
How will you convert CsCl into NaCl?ChemistryChemistry
Si doped with As isChemistryChemistry
The number of tetrahedral voids for atom in acrystal lattice isChemistryChemistry
The silicon and germanium areChemistryChemistry
For a covalent solid,the particles which occupies lattice points areChemistryChemistry
Which has hcp structure?ChemistryChemistry
Graphite is an example of which system?ChemistryChemistry
Band gap in germanium isChemistryChemistry
In fcc lattice,a unit cell is equally shared by how many faces?ChemistryChemistry
Which member of lanthanoid series exhibit +4 oxidation state?ChemistryChemistry
Utriculus and Sacculus are the parts of our inner ear. Name the structure where they are found.BiologyBiology
Name the process in which water oozes out through the leaf margins as water droplets.BiologyBiology
Name the plant in which we shall find "Sunken stomata."BiologyBiology
Who formulated the "Law Of Independent Assortment"?BiologyBiology
Name the stage of meiosis when the bivalents become condensed to the maximum and are evenly distributed throughout the nucleus.BiologyBiology
Which of the following is centrally located in chlorophyll?BiologyBiology
How many P-OH bonds are present in H3PO2?ChemistryChemistry
What will you get on decomposition of Ba(N3)2?ChemistryChemistry
What is the lenght of body diagonal in hcp?ChemistryChemistry
The cell membranes are mainly composed ofChemistryChemistry
Golden rice is a transgenic crop of the future with the following improved traitBiologyBiology
Which would be of least use to a person overheated from exercise?BiologyBiology
Choose the word, which is most nearly the same in meaning to the given word. LamentableEnglishEnglish
An amount of solid NH4HS is placed in a flask already containing ammonia gas at a certain temperature and 0.50 atm. Pressure. Ammonium hydrogen sulphide decomposes to yield NH3 and H2S gases in the flask. When the decomposition reaction reaches equilibrium, the total pressure in the flask rises to 0.84 atm. The equilibrium constant for NH4HS decomposition at this temperature isChemistryChemistry
Reaction of cyclohexanone with dimethylamine in the presence of catalytic amount of an acid forms a compound if water during the reaction is continuously removed. The compound formed is generally known asChemistryChemistry
The structure of diborane (B2H6) containsChemistryChemistry
Elimination of bromine from 2-bromobutane results in the formation of-ChemistryChemistry
Amongst the following the most basic compound is?ChemistryChemistry
Acid catalyzed hydration of alkenes except ethene leads to the formation ofChemistryChemistry
Alkyl halides react with dialkyl copper reagents to giveChemistryChemistry
Tertiary alkyl halides are practically inert to substitution by SN2 mechanism because ofChemistryChemistry
The number of hydrogen atom(s) attached to phosphorus atom in hypophosphorous acid isChemistryChemistry
The molecular shapes of SF4, CF4 and XeF4 areChemistryChemistry
When conc. sulphuric acid is made to react with carbon, it ___________ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following is an example of dehydrating agent? ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following is a strong electrolyte?ChemistryChemistry
When hydrogen gas is taken in a closed vessel containing charcoal: ChemistryChemistry

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