Good Article Writing Tips

Looking for the best tips on how to write an article? This article is a guide and ready reckoner to writing articles with proper paragraphs and sentence construction. You will learn how to present an article better and get useful tips on how to improve the quality of an article.

Overview: What is writing?

You compose a letter to the school Principal explaining your kid's absence from school. You pen down romantic lines to your sweetheart, expressing your love.

The above activities are forms of writing. What you are essentially doing in each activity is communicating. Writing, though, is not just about communicating. You are connecting. That connection, of course, could be just a fleeting moment, but it is there.

Then there are other forms of writing. For example, you jot down points of a meeting to keep a record; or you carve out words on a wooden block to form your name.

Whatever the nature of the writing activity, you must keep in mind that you are trying to convey something. It could be general information, knowledge on something specific or a detailed explanation. Hence you most get your writing right. Put the facts, data and details together in a coherent manner and what you get is not just a piece of writing but a work of art!

This article will explain in simple words how to put words and sentences together to write to form a good article. While this article is aimed at those who blog or write for online sites, such as for, many of the tips apply to day-to-day writing as well. It is hoped that the tips provided here help to launch you as a proficient freelance writer!

A Simple Guide to Writing a Good Article

  1. Select a good title
  2. Always keep the title of your article short. It should not be such a long string of words that a search engine is unlikely to pick up. Even a few single catchy words can sometimes be more effective than a title with multiple words.

  3. Decide on the aspects of the topic selected
  4. Will your article be general or will it focus on certain specific aspects? For example, let us say you decide to write on Himachal Pradesh. Consider the following topics you can write on:
    • Himachal Pradesh in general
    • Himachal Pradesh's tourist spots
    • Himachal Pradesh's educational institutes
    • Skiing spots in Himachal Pradesh
    • Travel tips for those visiting Himachal Pradesh
    • One particular place in Himachal Pradesh, such as the Pin Valley National Park
    • Types of accommodation in Himachal Pradesh
    • Transportation in Himachal Pradesh; etc.

  5. Spread out the information
  6. Do not crowd sentences together. If you bunch a whole lot of information together, readers will lose interest. At the same time, do not go to the other extreme by writing one sentence on each line at a time, with space between one line and the next. This is where the use of paragraphs becomes important.

    For more information on paragraphs please read:Paragraph Writing Techniques.

  7. Use punctuations
  8. Commas, full stops (periods), semicolons, etc. all have a role to play in a sentence. Remember, though, not to utilize them in an extra free manner. You should not use punctuations in such a manner that they look like they have fallen like raindrops or snowflakes from the sky!

    Know more about punctuations here: Importance of Punctuation Marks and their usage

  9. Use capital letters properly
  10. Never type entire words in capital letters. It is as though you are shouting at the reader. A capital letter has its place in a sentence, specifically at the very beginning.

    Find out all about capitals here: Correct Use of Capital Letters

  11. Use sub-headings and/or bulleted points
  12. A sub-heading can be used if you are breaking up your text into different sections. You can also put points in a numbered or bulleted format, such as (1), (2), -, •, etc. That way, if a reader wishes to know about a particular aspect/feature, he can see it at a single glance and go directly to that part of the text.

    In the case of articles submitted here at ISC, please use HTML tags for sub-headings by using h2 and h3 tags and relevant ones for points and bullets (for further information on tags see point #8 below).

  13. Use keywords
  14. Your text will attract high readership via search engines if you use good keywords and highlight these words in bold. However, note that you should not overdo it. Put only two or three words in bold for a lengthy article.

  15. Use HTML tags
  16. To highlight a word in bold or in italics or to underline a word, make use of the correct HTML tag. Similarly, make use of HTML tags for your sub-headings. If you are not familiar with the use of HTML tags, don't use them. The wrong usage of HTML tags can create a lot of havoc! Please see the attachment for commonly used HTML tags. [Note: these HTML tags were provided by another ISC member and not prepared by me so full credit to that member for the list.]

    You can also refer: Basic HTML tags

  17. Use images
  18. This is an optional aspect of your article. You don't need to put in images for every text, but if, for example, you are writing on a travel topic, a mobile phone, etc you could insert an image in-between the text to make your article look better.

    Please see the instructions to insert pictures here: Add pictures in resources and read the rules about using images from other sites: Image posting guidelines & linking to images at other sites

  19. Check spellings and grammar
  20. This is the most important part of an article. Before you submit an article, you must double-check the spellings and grammar of the text.

    Here's how to check:
    1. Type your article in a Word document on your computer
    2. Go to the starting point of your text
    3. Click on 'Review' at the top menu bar of your screen
    4. Go to Spelling and Grammar in the Tab of the Review Ribbon.

    Note: It is best to first set the language. This is available at review in the Menu bar and then in the Language tab of the Ribbon, select English.

Keep the above ten tips on writing a good quality article and you will soon be set for a career as a writer!

Additional Resource: Resource Posting Guidelines.


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  • Article by Vandana
    Vandana is based in India with over 15 years experience as a freelance writer. Writing, no doubt, is her primary passion! Having learned the art of blogging from ISC, Vandana is enjoying the thrills of blogging, taking pleasure in sharing information & getting good pageviews at her various blogs.

    Follow Vandana or read 1803 articles authored by Vandana

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    thanks for putting up this resource, i will try to use your tips in my articles here after!

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    Dear Vandana,
    Nice guidelines to write a proper Article. The way shown by you is applicable for all type of articles. Thanks for sharing good informations.

    Author: Sam10 Jan 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    We can even have some members who are ready to help in their leisure time to review and suggest english corrections on the article. I have come across a lot of articles whose title interested me and probably the content was even good. But due to bad language I end up ignoring to read it completely. Also such articles do not set a very good impression to outsiders who must be reading some article on ISC the first time. We do encourage people who write in their own words, but there is no harm if someone can correct their mistakes before the article is approved and goes live.
    Only such articles which editors while approving thik should be corrected can be passed for correction and the person can suggest improvements to the writer. This can also help where he editors reject the articles for poor English.

    Author: Kartik Patel11 Jan 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    Thank you for posting such kind of information. Other people can also know about that thing. It is more useful.kep posting resource. . .

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    This is a very good resource and also useful for most of the users, especially registered users of this site.You have provided excellent information on the tips and points we need to take care when posting any resource or articles.This would definitely help people in writing good articles.Appreciate you and kindly request yout to keep posting such useful resources.

    Author: m.v. subba raju13 Jan 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    Hi Vandana,

    You have given excellent tips. Many people including myself know how to just write a article but not a good article. As you said a good article always makes a difference.

    Subba Raju MV

    Author: sanjay Nagpur16 Jan 2010 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

    Thanks for giving such a nice tips.It will really help newcomers like me to improve writting skill.One thing I want to mention is whatever you think,you write it in your own words using good English.Everyone is having writting ability only thing is that try to present it.

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    This is indeed a nice informative article.Thanks for sharing the tips.Though these rules look familiar and the most repeated ones, still they are the basic principles to be followed to make your article look good and understandable.

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    Really fantastic tips...

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    good tips to realise our mistakes and correct ourselves .
    kindly give such tips often for our benefits.suggest me the means
    to give colour to alphabets and headings, inseration of images in between articals

    Author: Vandana04 Feb 2010 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

    @fyyazkamal: You are not allowed to use colour for any section of the text, not even headings. The blue colour for headings & sub-headings automatically appears when you use the HTML tags. Please see the attachment in the above article for HTML tags.

    Secondly, with regard to inserting an image inbetween text, please see my Forum post: for Inserting an Image in Text

    Author: Amardeep Jain08 Feb 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    Hi Vandana,

    This is to thank you for sharing such an useful article. Its really nice to see all the details on a single page.

    Moreover, you have beautifully explained the importance of each tip for writing an article such as selection of title, usage of paragraphs, headings, sub-headings, HTML tags, and grammar, etc.

    I believe it would help us to improve our article writing and communicating skills. Thanks once again for sharing this wonderful article.

    I hope this would inspire other members to share such kind of articles.Please keep on doing the good work.

    Wish you success in the coming days.

    Warm regards,
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    It is very helpful for the members to
    produce good articles.Thank you for sharing.

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    Hi Vandana Mam, Thank you for such a good article as this is really helping to make attractive articles. You can see my new posts on economics. I have used your tips in it and the resources were looking very attractive. Thank you once again.


    Author: Ramesh Ch Sahu14 Feb 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    Where can I get good key words . Do articles having 'demanded key word ' attract traffic and adsense revnue.

    Author: Ayodele04 Mar 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    Thanks Vandana for this posting. Honestly, you are doing a great job in ISC, keep it up please.
    You mentioned something about using keywords in our resources to attract more readers through search engines, but please I will like to know these keywords. I will be glad if such keywords can be listed for novice like us. Thanks.


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    Your above guidelines must be helpful in guiding everyone to take interest in writing a resource on any subject .In my case ,I joined ISC on 18-01-10 and till date i have not taken any interest to prepare any resource.In the meanwhile , my application to open Google Adsense account has been turned down stating that i have not presented any resource , apart from other reasons.As such,i was interested to get some guidelines for preparing resources. My efforts yielded good results when i landed in your resource on "Good article writing tips".

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    The author of this article has strictly followed her own guide lines as an example to the members.
    Good article writing style always attracts the readers.
    Good article writing is a technique following some simple rules and knowledge in English literature and grammar.

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    Hi Vandana,
    You writeup is very informative. I would like to add some more tips

    If we use the following words, articles can be more impressive:

    However, On the other hand, on the contrary, but, - when you contradict any statement.And, similarly, further, furthermore,In addition.These words help the essay or an article writer to express his/her view point clearly.

    Author: Subir Majumdar11 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    Thank you Vandana,
    You went in to imeense details to help us know the correct manner of presenting our resources. It shall not only help us write better but also improve the quality of content at ISC.

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    Thanks for giving tips to improve writing skill. I love to write for two reasons: a) It gives me satisfaction, b) Get to know new things everyday.

    Personally I think if we are satisfied with our work and enjoy it then anybody can present a great piece of work. Another thing, if our work fulfill our requirement then we start caring about our work. Then we start committing less and lesser mistakes in our articles.

    Lesser mistakes lead to no mistake. So don't stop writing just because of committing mistakes. Just start correcting your mistakes. Just start exploring yourself as much as you can. At last just dedicate yourself for your work.

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    Try to help me, please.

    Author: Vandana07 Sep 2010 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

    Hello Nikhil,

    I will definitely help you out. I, too, was a beginner at one time, without any knowledge of HTML tags!

    I will include you in my Google Talk list so that I can give you proper guidance through chat.

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    Author: Vandana23 Apr 2011 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

    @Dr.P.Ramachandran: it is the HTML tag which will make your words into a heading.

    All members:
    * Make sure you do not use more than 4 keywords in bold in the entire article as this becomes keyword spamming and Google does not allow this.
    * Do not use many keywords in the title and summary box.
    * Do not use multiple keywords in the title separated by a comma or the symbol |

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    Keep update with new topics.
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    Ajai B Maliackal

    Author: Vandana29 Aug 2011 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

    @ Dhairyakant: Like you, I too did not know at first how to use HTML tags. It was at ISC that I learnt how to do so. Don't worry about it - you will learn soon.

    Basically, the tag is put within these symbols: <>
    So for a sub-heading you put h2 between those 2 symbols at the beginning of the sub-heading & /h2 between those 2 symbols at the end of the sub-heading.
    Similarly, to put a word in bold you have to put the alphabet b between those 2 symbols at the beginning of a word and immediately at the end of the word put /b2.

    The / symbol is very important as it closes the HTML tag. Otherwise, if you don't put it the entire text will appear in bold.

    When you post in the resource section, what you can do is first save your article as a draft. Then, when you are sure you've got the HTML tags right you can submit it.

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    Your presentation about writing an article is a very helpful thing for the new members. It gives a clear knowledge for writing in resource section. I have also lake of knowledge to write a good article as per the regulation of ISC. I think I have got some ideas (besides html tags)to write an article as the ISC want. So thank you for this great job.

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    Thank you for sharing such an useful article. Its really nice to see all the details on a single page.

    Moreover, you have explained all the importance of each tip for writing an article such as selection of title, usage of paragraphs, headings, sub-headings, HTML tags, and grammar, etc.

    I believe it would help us to improve our article writing and communicating skills.

    Author: Vandana26 Sep 2011 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

    @ Amit Kumar Saini:
    1. These sections are closed to all members: English, Projects, Practice Test, Classifieds, Business Directory.
    2. Universities can be posted only by the Webmasters.
    3. For schools & colleges posting permission, you need to post your request in the Forum in the thread provided by the Webmasters.
    4. You do have access to jobs and exam papers section & can post in these sections. Make sure that you do not give duplicate posts so use the Search tool before posting.
    5. For HTML tags: you simply have to put the requisite symbols between <>. So you put b for bold, i for italics, u for underline and h2 for sub-heading. You must remember to close the tag with /. So for bold it will be /b, for italics it will be /i, /u for underline and /h2 for sub-heading. Each of these should be put again at the end of the word or sentence between <>.

    Author: Vandana16 Oct 2011 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

    @ Sukhdevji: Whatever the size of the image you save on your computer, when you put it as an attachment it automatically gets re-sized as per ISC's system. Instead of selecting small image tag, maybe you could use the first option & check if it appears as a larger image. The pixels also get re-sized.

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    This is a good article fro new members as well as the useful for all level members

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    Thankyou mam
    I am deeply thankful to you as i am naive on this site and this resource proves to be really helpful.
    Mam please help in getting as to how to display a table data in a resource?

    Author: Vandana08 Nov 2011 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

    @ Aastha Singh: ISC does not permit table format in a resource any more. It was allowed much earlier, when ISC was first launched. You will need to list in points or bullets form any comparisons between 2 or more things (such as mobile phones).

    Author: Rajani (Raji)12 Nov 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    It is really a good article to get knowledge in various fields such as html tag using, image posting etc.

    Author: Praveen Kumar13 Nov 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

    Thank you Vandhana for the article, I found it really useful. I have a doubt, hope you will clarify it. In some Telugu newspapers, every week we have a column in which articles written by very experienced journalists are being translated and published in paper. Those articles have a very deep analysis of national and international issues. Can I write articles by getting inspired with that one.?

    And one more thing, I watch documentaries, some of the documentaries really informative. Can I write articles based on those documentaries?

    Author: Vandana13 Nov 2011 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

    @ Praveen Kumar: You can write about any topic & be inspired by anything which you come across, whether it is in printed matter or on TV or in a film. The important point is that you must not write the same views/text. You must express yourself in your own words & develop your own style of writing.

    If you like watching documentaries, you should write reviews about them in an interesting manner. You can post these reviews in our resource section, entertainment category, reviews sub-category.

    Author: Praveen Kumar13 Nov 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1


    Thank you for the reply. Surely I will try to develop my style of writing.

    Author: jagadeeswar20 Nov 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

    Dear Vandana, The article that you posted is found to be very useful to those who want to write articles. The tips and techniques you have provided are more useful for improving the skill of writing. Such guidelines are welcomed.

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    Thank you for the article. This article I haven't seen earlier, today only Ms.Kalyani has suggested to go through this article in response to one of my threads. Also the attachment is very useful for me as I don't know the html tags.

    Now I can refer your article to post some good articles in resource section as soon as I get permission from webmasters.

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    It is very appreciative that how nicely and clearly you have narrated the whole issue of various tips used in writing a very good article. This will obviously help out the new members for writing a very good post as well it will help out others who are interested in writing articles in any newspaper or magazine.

    By reading this article one can also improve his knowledge of English and composition also. This is a really very useful article for the students of any age for their examination time and also for development of good English skills too. Thank you for an amazing article, it is really very informative.

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    I would like to express my thanks to you, for redirecting me this way. Your tips are really useful to all of us, mainly if one is new to article writing for the sites like ISC. Your tips and suggestions can really shower some positive light over them.

    I myself am new here and have no such experience in article writing for public. Your way of describing every aspect was really appreciable in the above article. You have used examples to clear your points to us, and that really helped me a lot.

    Before trying to write one by myself, I got so much golden tips.

    Author: Vandana05 Jan 2012 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

    Members can also read this resource which I posted later: Common mistakes to avoid when submitting an article

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    Guest Author: 27 Jun 2012

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    I have learnt so many tips from you by reading your articles and forum posts. So thanks for giving tips to improve writing skill. I love to write for two reasons: a) It gives me satisfaction, b) Get to know new things everyday.

    Personally I think if we are satisfied with our work and enjoy it then anybody can present a great piece of work. Another thing, if our work fulfill our requirement then we start caring about our work. Then we start committing less and lesser mistakes in our articles.

    Lesser mistakes lead to no mistake. So don't stop writing just because of committing mistakes. Just start correcting your mistakes. Just start exploring yourself as much as you can. At last just dedicate yourself for your work.

    Once again thanks Vandana.


    Author: RAJAT TANDON24 Jul 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

    Dear Vandana, I feel no shame in confessing that I myself am one of those who are prone to committing petty grammatical errors or in the other cases end-up in writing a rather monotonous text. But spaeking heart-to-heart, elucidations like the one given by you restrengthen the dying spirit, of not only me but of the many who get demoralized in their quest for perfection. By not only re-inputting us with with the nuances of a good writing, the petty things that aid to grabbing the attention of the reader, your article truly helps a lot.

    Author: Reaz Ahmed24 Jul 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

    Yes. It's amazing and wonderful tips for create good articles. Thank you.

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    I am very new to and was very confused about how to write articles and form titles which is appropriate and apt to my article. Your article has helped me a lot, thank you so much.

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    It is a quality resource. I am a new member of I.S.C. & I think it is a very informative resource for all new member of I.S.C.
    Thanks for such type of important knowledge.

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    I want to write good articles but problem with me is that my English is not good enough. I don't have command on any language. I have gone through a few websites on the same topic. Can anyone suggest any good book on this?

    Author: Vandana12 Nov 2012 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

    I suggest you be active in our forum. We allow members to discuss their views on a topic without bothering too much about the perfection of the language. Many ISC members have picked up good English skills from here only. The sentences you have used in your response are a reflection of the fact that your English is not bad at all. So don't hesitate to be active at our site. Once you are a little more confident, you can start writing articles too. You can use the spelling/grammar tool in a Word doc on your computer to rectify mistakes in your text.

    I have also posted 2 articles on how to improve your English during my early days at ISC. Maybe you will find them helpful.

    Author: Adesola Adeyeye29 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    This is a very good resource that one can never ignore if you want to succeed online. I will personally introduce my friends to this site because of this article. It is very clear and understandable.

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    Thanks ma'm.

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    This is a very good article on writing and improving our skills of writing an article. There are many people who do not no how to write a good and inspiring article and it will prove like sunlight to remove darkness from the path of our writing.

    I am very glad to read it and I have gained a lot of tips to write a good article. I will follow these tips in my life and try to write a good article. I will also tell about these tips to other persons so that may also develop there qualities of writing.

    Author: Ekta Raikwar10 Dec 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    I read it and find it very interesting. It throws light on how we can write a good article. By reading it I have got many ideas. But one thing that I have seen in it is that there is something talk about HTML tags. I don't know what are HTML tags?

    Author: Vandana10 Dec 2012 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

    HTML tags are a combination of alphabets and symbols put to highlight some part of the text, such as a single word or a sub-heading of a paragraph, or to give a related link to another page in ISC. For articles, words put in bold letters are not allowed but you should definitely use tags to put a sub-heading in larger blue lettering. This gives it a better look and creates interest in the article as it gives an indication of what information will come up in the paragraph following the sub-heading.

    Please refer to this Help Topic: HTML usage.

    As you can see, to give a direct link to the help topic I have used HTML tags.

    Author: priyanka28 Dec 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

    I am new to ISC. This article really helps for a new user and I got many ideas about how to write an article. Thank you so much.

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    Thank you Vandana madam for sharing wonderful tips in terms of article writing. This article is nothing but a bunch of useful experiences of yours. We will try to implement the same for our next articles. Also this will be a ready reckoning guide for new members. Keep sharing such wonderful things. Use of html is most important part of any article on web and you explained it very well.

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    Thank you vandana madam for giving the article writing tips. It definitely helps the new members to write articles without any mistakes. Your article contains many valuable information. Keep up the good work. We expect this type of article in ISC.

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    Hi Vandana, I am new member of this site.It was so helpful for me to write articles in a correct format. The article was so clear to understand for new beginners. I am looking forward to you for different articles. As a beginner this type of articles will boost up our knowledge and we will learn new things. Keep it up Vandana.

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    This article in itself is a complete guide to writing reader friendly and Search Engine friendly articles. The directives in this article could be and should be followed to produce valuable content and recognition.

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    Thanks Vandana for giving a useful guide. This is one of the articles which everyone should read.

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    Hi Vandana, your article is really good & useful. My earlier article was rejected due to some poor quality. But I was never disappointed for that. Your article makes it clear & how we should make our article so good. Thank you.

    I have a doubt about linking other resources in our website. Could you please clarify this?

    Author: Vandana20 Mar 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

    Mathankumar K,
    You are allowed to inter-link your articles. That is, in one article you can give a link within the text to another article. You can also give relevant links to other posts. For example, if you are submitting an article on admissions to a school, you can give a link to the ISC page where the school has been posted.

    Author: Pawan Bahuguna20 Mar 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

    Very good killer tips, thanks for sharing.

    Author: Mathankumar K20 Mar 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

    Thank you Vandana. Could you give me an example how to link an article with my article using HTML tags?

    Author: Vandana20 Mar 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

    Please refer:
    1. Help Topic on HTML

    2. How to use HTML tags in articles

    Also, I would request you to post your queries in the forum rather than as a response each time here. You will get quicker guidance that way.

    Author: Mathankumar K20 Mar 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

    Thank you Vandana.
    Really useful points to learn as well as earn.

    Also I'm very happy about because the response from each and every member is awesome.
    Your rapport will help me to develop my skills in blog writing & article writing.
    The way to approach all members is entirely different & so easy compared to other websites.

    Also the quick response from editors/experts/members are so good.

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    I am very happy to read your article regarding how to write a article in a professional manner with a simple and easy language.This will help me to develop a writer in me.Each and every person in the world have some good and bad experience,knowledge,integrity and writing habit,but what happens they cant write that thing in a proper or effective manner.sometimes there content is absolutely good but because of the writing ability they cant share there feeling,emotions and their opinion,but i think this problem is solved and people like me maintain the passion for writing with an effective manner.It will also help in life to write anything in simple and easy way so that the article is easy to understand everyone.
    Thank you once again and publish such good content in future.

    Author: Sanskriti Halder24 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    Respected Madam,
    Thank you very much for your guidelines on how to write a good article. It is very useful and very easy to understand.My earlier article is pending because of using wrong HTML tag. So it is very much beneficial for me. Your article makes me aware of how to use HTML tag and it also gives me a clear idea about the charming paragraph writing. I learned really a lot of things from your article. Thanks once again for your article.

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    Really this is a nice post on how to write an arice. It is most helpful to new members like me and please provide more posts like this in future. You are doing a good job for the new members, & your articles are in a well-organised manner.

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    Really its a nice article on how to write a good article. It will be helpful for new members in article section. Thanks a lot.

    Guest Author: Chayan Das20 Oct 2013

    A good article attracts more visitors towards your website and this article provides useful tips.

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    "How to write an article?" This question is quite common among new comers in Indiastudychannel. Your article is wonderful to give apt solution for the above question. Hope you will post more useful resources.

    Thank you.

    Author: John Theose06 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    I would like to know more about Spellings and Grammar. I have written seven articles with no spellings and grammar errors but my articles were rejected.
    Can you please add more updates for the same?
    Thanks for sharing.

    Author: Vandana07 Mar 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

    To improve spellings it is a good idea to keep a dictionary at your side or use an online one. As for grammar, you can buy a basic English grammar book. There are also plenty of sites online where you can do some self-learning. Check out via Google which are the best ones & select those which are easy to understand.

    I would also suggest that you utilize our Improve English category in the forum. You can write a small paragraph, let's say on your favourite hobby, and submit it in that category. Request members to correct the English grammar/spellings with an explanation of why specifically some part is wrong. You can even do this regularly if you so wish, submitting small paragraphs & requesting fellow-ISCians to help out in improving your English.

    Author: John Theose08 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    Thanks a ton for response. I regularly type from MS word and there are no grammar and spelling error. I was confused about quality of an article. I am checking some of your guides to improve my writing style.

    Author: Gopi13 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    Dear Vandana,

    Thanks for your tips. I think you have given everything that can be followed while writing an article.

    The things you have given were clear and even layman can understand your language.

    Thanks again for helping everyone through this article.

    Best Regards,
    Gopi S

    Guest Author: Bateh06 May 2014

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    This is a nice piece of information /tips to get knowledge from it. But I have my own words to say about writing.

    Writing is an art and it should show your emotions on it. Instead of writing straight, one must try to talk to the readers. The readers should feel as if the writer is just in front of him/her talking. Try to leave the strong impression so that even after reading your article or blog, the reader must remember you. Above all write something which should touch the heart of a reader for a long, long time to come.

    Author: medha09 Jun 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

    Thank you mam. Its our pleasure that we came to know about such good tips on writing articles from you. Its very inspiring and a helpful stuff. Please go on communicating with us and let us know some more good things to learn. Really you did a very good job. Keep on helping us.

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    I would like to thanks to you for this great article. The is very important to learn how to write articles in a proper manner before starting to write on ISC article section, this will help to improve the writing skill as well as it will reduce the chances of rejection of the article posted on ISC.

    It's really great post for the new members of ISC they must have to learn all the above things to achieve the good position, points and earn good money by writing good articles.

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    I really like your article, it is very much helpful for me.

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    Nice topic, specially for newcomers in this group. It has helped me a lot in guiding me while writing articles.
    So, thanks a lot for such contribution.

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    Very informative article for new as well as old members. The article should have the title with few words. You also stated about using the correct punctuation and also about how to use the keywords. It will help me to improve my writing skills. Thanks for such information. Keep writing.

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    Very nice and descriptive article. I hadn't written any article till now. But, after reading this resource on article I learned a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing this resource. Keep posting such good articles on helpful topics.

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    Thank you so much for your valuable information Vandana. It has cleared my doubts.

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    You know that I am a newcomer in ISC family and really want to contribute some valuable articles in future. I won't to say that I am a good writer but under the guidance of mentors and experienced seniors like you for the first time I am happy to pen down something on internet. Even if I commit a mistake here, I feel like someone is observing me or my words behind the curtains, not to point out my silly mistakes but to explore myself or give birth to a good writer in me in the same way our parents does to rectify our mistakes and brings out the best in us.
    This article is not merely an article but for an intern like me. It's a complete guide to write in a systematic way.

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    Thanks for providing this information. This will help more for us and also for new members. I read all the details that you provide in above article. After reading these details, I think that it is so simple to publish an Article in ISC.
    Guide us time to time and again thanks for this good article.

    Author: Seema Mittal18 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    Hello Mam,

    When I submit My article, some time it is rejected due to poor quality of English. What is the meaning of 'Poor English'. Is it not correct grammatically.

    Author: Vandana21 Feb 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

    Yes Seema. Poor English means far too many grammar mistakes. There may be other errors too, such as wrong capitalization, incorrect placement of punctuation, etc. It is advisable that those whose English is not too good to make use of a some free online grammar tool. Note that a grammar checker site may correct only the grammar and not necessarily point out the correct sentence case.

    Author: Ravinder Singh Jasrotia23 Feb 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

    Wow! What a great job. Really this is very helpful article. This article is really helpful for new-comers in ISC. As far as my point of view, this article is an eye-opener for me. It surely guide me on the right path while working in ISC. I would like to give heartiest thanks to the author of this article.

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    This post you put about good article writing is very helpful, as apart from posting in ISC this is really the basic tips of article writing. This is helpfull for a new ISC user like me, and this will be useful for old members too. Those who are googling about good article writing can find your post very helpful. You have given proper directions for those who are weak in a particular skill.

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    Best article for those who have recently started wrtting and also for those who are already writers. One should follow this article to create quality content as it is the important part of any article.

    Guest Author: Aishi Chakraborty04 May 2015

    This article in a very precise and lucid manner focuses on the major aspects of writing skill.Even people with good command over a particular language face problems and rejection while writing an article.The reason is some common small mistakes,if rectified can make a huge positive difference.I appreciate that these mistakes are not only pointed out but also proper solutions are provided.And nodoubt these suggestions are going to help a lot.Though the entire piece provides a lot of information but I specially appreciate point 2.It is very important to specify the content inorder to prevent a messy writing

    Author: Kailash Kumar23 May 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

    I have read this article today and found it truly precise and succinct. Writing is an art of inter weaving of words like that of a Baya weaver bird. I recommend to all contributors particularly the newly joined one to read it and follow it.

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    You have given valuable information, it is very useful for each and everyone who wants to improve their writing and communicating skills. Specially, for people like me who have joined recently and don't know anything regarding writing proper article in ISC. Some articles like this have reduced our strain and made us easy to understand what to do and what not to do.

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    I really appreciate the tips that you have given to write an article and this will also help the new members of ISC . Thanks.

    Guest Author: shivam28 Sep 2015

    Thanks ma'am for writing such a descriptive article. The information given by you especially related to grammar concerns and writing format fundamentals will be really helpful for young people like me who are aspiring to become an author. The introductory part of the article was really nice. Thanks again!

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    I have got 5 out of my 5 articles approved . I am really happy about that. I read this article everytime before writing any of my articles. It always gives me an idea about how to write a good article.

    I believe those who are willing to write articles on new subjects, should not start writing straightaway. Take some time, study about that subject properly and then write with good details.

    Author: shashank bhooshan nigam12 Feb 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

    Hi Vandana

    Thanks for your valuable inputs.
    Vandana , you have posted a nice article for the new comers to write a good quality article by taking care of grammar , punctuation . sentence formation etc.
    Your way of writing is understable to everyone .

    Author: Jitesh14 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

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    Author: Vinay Jain16 Mar 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

    Thanks for such a nice article which details tips to write a good article. The article has been very well presented and covers all aspects of writing a good article. Thanks for all.

    Author: Krishna Teja Yeluripati17 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

    The author's work definitely needs appreciation. Now, one more member is added to the list of members appreciating this author. I wish I read this article when I became a member of India Study Channel. I submitted 6 articles till now and three of them are moved to 'Pending' state by editors as I didn't follow some of the tips mentioned above by the author. Now that I know these tips, I will try to submit articles which can be directly moved to 'Approved' state after submission.

    Author: Rachna sarswat26 Aug 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

    Thanks for such nice tips on how to write articles. I am a new member of ISC and want to become a content writer. This article is very useful for me and I really appreciate the author. I will follow these useful tips whenever I write a article.

    Guest Author: Mohammed ilyas Miya22 Jan 2017

    Article Writing is all about the content. The content of an article should be the primary focus for every writer and thus proper focus should be given on the quality of the article. The structure of your content, the intention of your article, a call to action, proper and attractive headline, enticing first few lines, using different highlights like bullet points and bold sentences, etc are all important determinants for an article to be considered of good quality.

    The above mentioned tips are carefully structured and will of great help to upcoming and emerging writers.

    Author: Umesh23 Jan 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

    This is a very very comprehensive and precise way of telling how to write a good article. In fact if an article is brought out in well structured language and it is rich in its intended contents then it becomes a good article and functions as a bench mark for other writers. From this perspective I think this article has all those qualities.
    Thanks and I hope it will immensely help all the beginners in the writing arena.

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    Nice article. Very well explained the intricacies of writing. All the persons who are joining ISC should go through it as it is giving good guidelines to new writers.

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    Thank you ma'am, for such a good article. It is so helpful for me to write articles for online site.

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    How to write good articles is always a million dollar question arises in every mind of the member of this great site whether he is experienced old member or even fresh new member. The author did gave elaborate tips and ideas as to how to create a good arresting article to bring instant readers to the same. Normally people like to discuss burning issues which are bothering them much. Articles on such issues would be more welcome. For example during demonetization period there were whole lots of activities going on, and alert members who go through the ordeals have created some best articles for the benefits of net users. Likewise the after effects of demonetization and now remonetization aspects can be brought in to the benefit of net users. Therefore what I mean to say that every regular members must be alert enough and create such articles which are general in nature and yet most connecting to the net users, so that it would benefit for the mankind.

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    These tips can be adopted by all who are interested in article writing. Every one must have be able to provide a clear-cut massage for the points about the topic which is being discussed about. To write a good article is an impressive art by any individual who has special command over the particular topic.

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    This article deserves to be bookmarked and visited every now and then to keep core writing tips intact in our minds.

    You have excellently explained exactly what is to be considered while writing anything. Thank you so much.

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    "Article writing is an art". Everyone has their own style but what interests the readers makes the style successful. This article is not just considered to be tips but guidelines to write an article because it highlights what could interest the reader and what mistakes will make the reader to lose interest. Thank you Vandana for being a guide.

    Author: Neeru Bhatt11 Jul 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    A very good article for beginners in the writing field. There are many things which are explained in clear ways and useful tips are also there.
    I have gathered some good tips from this and I hope that I will be trying them in my attempt to article writing.

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    It is a very useful article on how to write articles. I needed this guidance and I was planning to ask the members. But when I checked, I already found it here. Thank you Vandana Ma'am for this. Very briefly explained by you.
    Now, I can start my way.

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    The first step of becoming good at writing an article or any piece is consistency. If you write constantly for a week and leave it there for a month or two, you cannot become a good writer & not even a bad one. You need to challenge your potential with every piece of yours and write one or two every week. It will take lot of your time, but it is worth giving. I always wanted to write but did not write anything. We always say quantity does not matter, and need quality. But for newbies like me, quantity does matter. Never stop writing as your ideas are worth sharing - keep that in your mind. After writing something, leave that in there and concentrate on your next piece, let it age a little bit. We know there will be room for more embellishments in your article. Do not waste more time on one article.

    Thank you Vandana for this informative yet concise article .

    Author: Mithra04 Dec 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

    Hi Vandana,
    I would like to compare writing with drinking water daily. It is because drinking water daily helps us to flush out the body wastes as well as it gives glowing skin similarly when we write continuously it help us to improve our language and reduce our grammatical errors . Writing is considered as the best way to express our feelings to others as how authors and poets express their feelings.

    You have given wonderful tips for writing article that too step by step . I personally read articles which have a good title so as you have mentioned ma"am deciding the title is the most important step that one has to take first. Then adding images , may be some people may not understand the writings but by seeing or viewing the images they are able to get the correct meaning of the writings.

    Author: Dr. V. Shashikanth27 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    This is one of the most popular areas where netizens/bloggers search on the internet and you have given them a wonderful idea. Every day there are many users who look for guidance on writing good articles online. No matter how old it is, the basic idea of article writing is outlined here and I can refer any person to this article if they ask me about this query.

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    This is a good article on how to begin writing for a beginner like me. The links given in the article are very pertinent and are an immediate response to the questions that form in the mind just after reading a certain point. Very apt and helpful. Thanks!

    Guest Author: rajat Troli10 Aug 2018

    Hi Vandana,
    That was really very informative and nicely articulated. I am really very inspired by this but I need to give my Comdek 2018 exam. Can you please guide me so that I can give my best and implement in my exam

    Author: Varghese19 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

    Very good article for the new members. Thanks for sharing detailed script about quality writing, using of HTML, images in our post or article etc. Though the article is updated in 2013, it can be referred to at any stage for a writer or who aspire to pen good articles.
    Two points may be added to the above:
    -using appropriate words and phrases as it can change the whole meaning of what we want to convey.
    -Avoid using jargons as many may not understand though it is accepted for a novel or professional writing.

    Author: Sharada05 May 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    Where can we download the free grammerly tool, it is not mentioned here. I have seen a paid grammerly tool only. Suggest.

    Author: Vandana06 May 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8


    You have to download the Grammarly tool from the Google Chrome store through the Chrome browser: You don't need to sign up for the Premium version (the paid one) at all. Once you download the free version, automatically you will see the red lines appearing in a text to indicate spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, and even spacing issues. You can also copy-paste the text (whether a short forum topic or a long article) in your Grammarly account. This you can do through 'New' when you go to 'My Grammarly Account' after you sign in to the account with your password.

    However, an important point to note is that the Grammarly tool does not "think", that is, it does not analyze the contextual aspect. It may give you word options or point out errors that are incorrect. So what you need to do is to see whether the word or correction is appropriate for the context of the sentence. For example, you may put 'I the work'. Now Grammarly may not necessarily show this as an error, but actually what you wanted to write was 'If the work'.

    Also, when working here at ISC, please set the tool to UK English. To do this, follow these steps-
    1. Sign in to your Grammarly account.
    2. Under the 'My Account' page, got to 'Customize'.
    3. Under 'Language Preference' select 'British English' from the drop-down options that appear under 'I write in'.

    Author: Swati Sharma26 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

    A very good article has been written by the author. The advice you have given for writing will be very helpful for all. A good writer takes note of many things and then give time and write answers in detail in an entertaining and informative manner. Whatever the story or article you are writing, if the topics are decided in advance, then we will never move away from our main topic. Remember that if the language style of your writing is not good then nothing is good. Using the right words gives rise to a breathtaking language style that keeps the reader tied to your topic.

    Author: Eeshan Fadnavis17 Feb 2021 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

    Amazing tips for article writing! I will keep these tips in mind when I start with my next article. Thank you for these tips.

    *Note:- 5th point in this article requires some text formatting as the number 5 is typed before/out of the h2 heading tag.

    Author: Vandana17 Feb 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 0


    Thanks for pointing out the error. It has been fixed now.

    Guest Author: Digital marketing in07 Aug 2021

    Fantastic article on how to write a good article. I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you.

    Author: Anu K M02 Feb 2022 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

    Vandana's article will be very useful for beginners in the article writing field. You have provided detailed guidelines on the importance of catchy words and keywords in titles so that the search engine pages can easily highlight the content on the search pages. Thank you.

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    Thank you, Vandana for this article. I've been off from writing for a very long time now, this will help me to get back in the game.

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    Nice submission , I will use the referred points while composing my business articles related to the rubber Industry.

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