Google Nexus One in India - A day dream?

Google Nexus one was launched by Google in January 5, 2010.Google Nexus one is the latest Mobile phone available in the market.

What is Nexus 1?

Google Nexus one is the latest Mobile phone available in the market, (unfortunately not in India so far) and as a matter fact, the company who established this cell phone was none other than the Internet Giant King, "GOOGLE". Google stepped into the cell phone market in 2008, with the help of Android Inc. (Actually, Google purchase Android Inc.) and their first service was Android Mobile Operating system, running on Linux Kernel. They went one step further now as they released their first cell phone called Google Nexus one, which is believed to be a tough competition of Gadget giant Apple I Phone. This phone was officially release on 5th January 2010.

What is special about Nexus 1?

Nexus one is a smart phone, i.e. a phone with the features of a PC, and this was developed by Google in association with High Tech Computer Corporation, also called as HTC Corporation. Google Nexus one uses Android open source mobile operating system and with the help of Nexus one you can make use of all the advanced application in your day to day life and some of the application includes,

1) You will be guided by Nexus 1 for direction and believe it or not, you will be guided with the help of voice commands and this makes this computer device a very friendly one to the users.

2) With the help of Nexus 1 you can transcribe a voice in to text and this will be a great use for us in practical applications.

3) Google Nexus 1 also used full VOIP service and so you don't need any voice/SMS plans, rather your voice calls will go through Google Voice on Data SIM cards and this will provide unlimited free voice calling, which will be a great advantage for us, and we can save lot of money also.

4) We are aware of Google Maps and just imagine how the GPS service will be in Nexus 1 with all the advance features available, collaborated with the Google map.

5) Everybody knew that Google is very much employer friendly and they also asked their employers to test this Nexus 1 and based on their feedbacks most of the problems are corrected and so when released this has become the perfect mobile release ever. So almost every advanced features are available in Nexus one.

Google Vs Apple – Race for the top spot

This world is full of competition, but sometimes these competitions are very healthy, which results in people, all over the world, getting benefitted. Such a competition between Google and Apple will benefit all the users, as they can get products with updated technologies. While Google dominates the entire internet world, Apple tops the list when it comes to latest Gadgets. But the king of internet, Google, has decided to go face to face with Apple, with the release of their first phone, in competition with i Phone, called as Google Nexus one. One thing is ensured in this competition, i.e. people can enjoy the best quality phones with all the latest updates available. Here we will see the comparison of Google Nexus one and Apple i phone.

Storage Capacity

i Phone: 16 GB
Nexus 1: 4 GB (It is expected the storage capacity will expand up to 36 GB)
Winner: Nexus 1 (As 36 GB storage is expected very soon)

Battery Life

i Phone: 5 hours ( Talk time)
Nexus 1: 7 hours (Talk Time)
Winner: Nexus 1 (but on standby mode, it is 300 hours to 250 hours in favor of i Phone)


i Phone: 3 Mega Pixels
Nexus 1: 5 Mega pixels
Winner: Nexus 1 (But it is not sure about the editing feature in Nexus one, whereas I phone has editing features)


i Phone: Not available
Nexus 1: 4 Available
Winner: Nexus 1


i Phone: $199
Nexus 1: $179
Winner: Nexus 1
So in most of the features, Nexus 1 has an edge over I Phone, except when it comes to number of apps( 93,200 to 20,000 in favor of i phone) and other features. So Google is all set to become the King of gadget also.

"Nexus in India" – A day dream?

Even though India is the hub for technology, Indians have to wait some more time for Google Nexus one to hit the Indian market. But we must also consider the fact India is so far not very good when it comes to the use of smart phones. So this might be a hindrance for the introduction of Nexus one's release in India. Even the Google India's MD Shailesh Rao, stated that it is unfortunate for Nexus one not released in India as he heels that India is not yet Smartphone friendly.

He also stated that it is difficult to predict when Nexus one will be released in India. It is also believed that the development of mobile technologies is very much slow in India , when compared to that of other countries, because ewe concentrate most of the time in various schemes announced by the operators rather than the advancement in the technologies in Mobile phones. This proves that India is slow in this field and the Government must also make sure that a fast development takes place in this field. But unfortunately we are just moving to the full fledged 3G era, whereas other countries were already using it.

But this is not only a disappointment for the people of India but also for Google, because India is the best place to market their products and also to gain more.The only thing we can do is just watch the pictures in internet but hope never fails and very soon India will be the center and heart of mobile phones and Indians will enjoy using all the latest Cell phones, very first, than any another person in this world.

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