Married Life vs Bachelor Life

Each man and woman of this world has two stages in their life before marriage and after marriage. We shall discuss about the troubles and pleasures they are facing in these two stages here.

Married life

In married life we get more relationships. Love and care of Husband/Wife, In-laws and children are greatest feeling we cannot get in bachelor life. Being a parent is a great blessing and caring our parents and In-laws by giving them rest is greatest blessing. Can find pleasure and boon in serving our family with whole heart. Also we have full freedom and license to spend days with our beloveds in married life only. In bachelor life we are dependent on parents but here we are independent to make decisions and fulfill our wishes. The responsibility comes after marriage makes us realize what is life? and what we are living for?

But in married life we are in lots of pressure to lead the family. The status of the one who hasn't get the right life partner is pitiable. His/her life will be a struggle with the daily fights for silly matters, ego problems, suspect ions, unexpected words from our loved one etc.,

Married women

They have to care In-laws, children and relations in the married life. They have to be bounded to house maintaining pressure in the daily life from sending the children school till making all the family members to sleep by caring them and their health, worries they have in the outside world etc., They have responsibility of guiding and bringing up children in a right way. They have to guide in their Home works. They need to cook for their family. After all they should first know how to treat and mingle with the people(relatives) in In-laws house. They should be trained and to be adjustable with all the members of their husband's family. If leading life individually then managing house is more difficult than joint family. Because they won't have the family members who were the ladies of their husband's family. They should change their mind set to live without the assistance of their parents who were with them till the marriage.

Married men

He will be little free from financial pressures as he has his life partner to discuss about the financial matters before spending it. Being Financial head he should be responsible for earning, loan, Insurances, shares, etc etc. Not only financial pressure they are also out of pressure to satisfy and give pleasure to family members as it would be a responsibility of Family head. Bachelor life is free from all these. All the big decisions have to be taken by them without depending anyone than the life partner. The responsibilities will sometime tight them in a fixed job for lot of years by barring the bad events happening at the office or work places. He has to be the role model for his children. So he has to get away from the world that he was living before his marriage with his friends before marriage.

Bachelor life

In Bachelor life we can enjoy by being out of pressures. We are not bound to responsibilities mentioned in married life. Here we can be very relaxed from managing and making life. All advices guidelines and supports are given by parents. We have to just follow them to get it out done. we will be given full care. All responsibilities are taken over by our parents. Earning at bachelor life is just like a pass time. Here we can just earn and give to parents. All managing works are done by parents and spending with our own money will be nice.

If we think about the worries we have in the bachelor life, the most part of the answer will be occupied by the words love and friendship that will dis appear from our life in the practical future days before the surviving needs. In the bachelor life we have no need to think about taking and changing the decisions like joining or leaving a job. Because we can be in home for few days till getting the better job with the support of our parents. But after marriage we can't do so, because if we didn't earn a month, then the next month food of the members of the family under us will get question mark.

We can go anywhere without worrying about anything. For an example, in the bachelor life we can go any tourist place with our friends or alone and go where ever we want and enjoy. But after marriage where ever we go, we have to go with family else we will be questioned. Going with the family we have to be thinking about them ever at the tourist place we have gone. Even Though we are enjoying, we have to be thinking about them that when they will feel hungry, what will make them sick, to which places and all we can get them, what are the secured tourist places, what are the healthy foods to have etc.,


Guest Author: Tiger Woods18 Oct 2013

I am 29 years of age as of date and enjoying my life as a bachelor and intend to continue to live like this till I die. Yes some of your statements regarding marriage are quite enticing for bachelors to get started on considering marriage as a future life choice but when these are scrutinized in detail the restrictions and risks that marriage carries are simply too much for a man to handle. Personally I rather live like a Tiger Solitary and Powerful and free for life than like a Lion who has to live in a pack and carry the burden of his pack for life.

Author: Venkiteswaran05 Jul 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

On reading this article I remember a comparison my college lecturer,who was just married, told us when we asked about how he felt as married man.

His remark was that marriage was a destination all bachelors are in a hurry to reach at, and the already married want to return but not able to do so, being trapped for life. He also added that it just proved the old saying "the grass is always green on the others side".

Personally I feel one should experience the unmarried stages for its due time and then move on to experience the bliss( and bane) of marriage. It is like the labour pain-it gives pain and pleasure. To forget the pain and to relish the pleasure is in our hands.

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