How to Invest in Gold wisely?

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Gold, the precious yellow metal has been a treasure to the high class people and also served in the form of jewels and golden ornaments. The desire for gold is not only for gold but also for investment and trading opportunities in the form of gold cons thereby creating wealth and there is no risk of theft. But a buig question arises to all investors Should I invest in gold because like share market investment, gold is patience consuming investment technique. Lot of gold investment experts are there offline, online to give the gold investment advice but the success level is not assured and also the risk is with respect to the investors.

Investing in Gold ETfs

Long term investors can see gold as a commodity and a good investment opportunity. Common people make regular purchase. Investing in Gold can be made through gold etfs which are the exchange traded mutual fund schemes and gold etfs invest in physical gold. Gold of these fund houses are of purity to 995 parts per 1000 which is about 99.5%. This purity information can be obtained from London Bullion Market Association, LMBA.

Gold etf schemes will give return with respect to the returns from physical gold. Lot of mutual fund houses offer these schemes and each have certain portfolio characteristics. NAV, Net Asset Value may be declared on a daily basis and or on a monthly basis schedule. Gold etfs are one of the best gold investment funds in the bulltion market.

There are different types of gold etfs as below:

. ETF Double Gold like Powershares DB Gold Double Long ETN, Proshares Ultra Gold

. Gold ETFs that own Future Contracts like E-Tracs CMCI Gold Total Return ETN, Powershares DB Gold Fund

. Gold ETFs that Own Gold Mining Stocks like Market Vectors Gold Mining ETF

. Gold ETFs that Own Physical Gold like iShares Comex Gold Trust, SPDR Gold ETF

. Gold Short ETFs like PowerShares DB Gold Double Short ETN, PowerShares DB Gold Short ETN

Buy Gold ETF

How to buy gold etf? is the main question when a person is ready to consider gold as an investment option. Gold investment in India is yet to catch its benchmark even thogh it is a fast developing infrastructure country in the world and a fast recovery market among the share markets in the world. Gold etf is one of the ways to invest in gold as these take less or no paper work and order can be placed online.

Gold Etfs in India

. Religare Gold ETF

. Reliance Gold ETF having NSE Ticker RELGOLD

. Kotak Gold ETF with KOTAKGOLD NSE Ticker

. UTI Gold ETF with GOLDSHARE as ticker for NSE, National Stock Exchange

How To Invest in Gold FAQs

Followind is the summary of the how to invest in gold questions that were asked to the experts most of the time and also searched in the internet for investing in gold online.

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how to invest in gold bars

Physical gold is always attractive. As a matter of fact gold serves a kind of asset that will depreciate or appreciate in value. Analyzing the current trend in the investment market, investing in gold bars is quite a positive strategy because gold bars are available in KDM, HallMark standards in terms of purity and copper mixing ratio. Hence these gold bars can be converted into cash or ornaments in future based on the needs and this can be considered as a best way to invest in gold.

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Author: Nilesh15 Apr 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Gold is considered as a precious metal in India and all over the world. Before buying a Gold you must know about the purity of Gold. Buying Gold means hedging your investments

You can buy Gold bars of 100gms which is offered by Aditya Birla Money Gold Harvest Scheme.

Author: Joseph A01 May 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Even today gold price has gone up. Gold continues to be a good choice of long term investment as more countries like India, china are dumping gold bars. instead of dollars banks are now started buying pure gold because of which dollar value starts decreasing and gold price is hooting up. But this has a bad impact on the dowry system in India.

Author: Sukhdev Singh21 Oct 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

With the gold prices increasing continuously over the last five years, the gold seems to be very good and safe investment. The author should have given a brief account of other means of investment in the article.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das07 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Indian people have very sentimental towards Gold.
as it is being used for jewelry as social status and they donate to satisfy/please God as per Hinduism .

So it is definitely there will be always demand in Gold.

But if we come to discuss about investment, Indian people are using for daily use purpose( they do not care whether the price is high or low, they buy if it is requirement).

So some people wants to get benefited and as a financial planner we suggest top stay invested in Gold.

1- Avoid buying too much Gold jewelry as it is unsafe to carry and hold at home also the value decreases day by day if it is not hall mark.

2- Invest in Gold coins and bars and keep the certificate with you until you sell it out.

3- Stay invested in Gold ETF, Electronic Gold from MCX. for long period with a systematic investment way.
Which helps you to get the maximum benefit of averaging and you get a huge reward.

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