Different ways to Soothe Your Soul

This article describes about the different ways to soothe your soul. Read to know about power of prayer, meditation, helping others, going for a walk, saying it out loud, appreciating good things and expressing yourself as good ways to soothing your soul.

If you want to add seven years to your life, then consider making more time for your 'spiritual' side. Nurturing your spiritual health and sense of purpose is associated with an increase in longevity. This does not necessarily mean attending religious service; it could involve anything that boosts your spiritual self, like doing something to help other people or supporting a cause in which you strongly believe.

Even if you're not interested in formal religious services, nurturing your spiritual side through activities such as voluntary work, spending time out in the open countryside or meditation has clear benefits. People who tend to their inner selves are less likely to drink too much, smoke or be lonely.

The power of prayer?

Praying for the sick or dying is a common practice among people of all faiths. Praying for yourself or knowing that others are praying for you can help to improve your ability to cope with and reduce your anxiety about whatever is worrying you.

Discover your soul:

You may have no formal religious faith, or you may be Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Hindu, or you are not quite sure what to believe. Whatever your standpoint, there are many ways to celebrate your spiritual side.


Meditation eases anxiety and lowers blood pressure. It's also a tool used in most religions to bring you closer to a higher spiritual power. Most people believe that you need to sit still to meditate but it can be just as effective on the move: exercise lowers stress hormones and supplies the body wit fresh oxygen. During your daily walk, take a few minutes to calm and clear your mind imply by focusing on your footsteps and the sensation of air moving in and out of your lungs.

Help others:

Helping a good cause, whether by giving money or volunteering your time, deepens your connection to humanity and promotes a feeling of greater purpose. If you have time, offer help in delivering food to the elderly, manning a charity home or teaching someone to read. Or every so often, take a good look at the clothes or shoes in your wardrobe, the blankets and linens in the cupboard and any surplus foods from your kitchen cupboards and give them to a local homeless charity. Other feel-good activities include writing letters to old friends and being kind to others, whether opening doors for someone carrying heavy bags or simply saying 'well done' to family, friends or work colleagues.

Go for a walk:

Few people can walk by a river or on the common, or even sit in a park, without feeling the beauty and power of a larger force around them. Make a point of getting outside once a day, if only to sit under a tree in your garden.

Say it out loud:

If you use meditative phrases or prayers, it seems that saying them out loud may increase their effect. When chanting, they appeared to synchronize their breathing rate with cardiovascular rhythms - which calms the central nervous system and induces a feeling of well-being. Interestingly, these effects weren't present when the words were not recited aloud.

Appreciate the good things:

Once a day, whether first thing in the morning, before dinner or at bedtime, give mental thanks for all the good things and lovely people in your life. Actively expressing appreciation for essentials such as food, your home or even your job can be a positive reminder of how lucky you are. At the same time, mentally send good wishes and positive energy to others, especially those whom you know are in need of some special prayers at that particular time.

Express yourself:

There are lots of ways to get in touch with your creative self. You could keep a diary, try your hand at painting, instrumental music or pottery, try gardening or learn cross-stitch. Being creative helps many people to nourish their spiritual side. Whichever way you choose, expressing yourself artistically is a great way to soothe and feed your soul.

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Author: Radha Muralidhar10 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Your article is very interesting.

When we pray we say in Sanskrit" Samastha Lokha Sukhino Bhvanthu" , which means 'Let the whole world be happy". There is a lot of power while you pray in a group.

Further , by helping the needy , you get some kind of satisfaction which is difficult to put into words.

There are some people who are never happy with what they have, if they read your resource , I am sure their minds would get soothed.

We should count our blessings and thank the almighty for all the good things he has blessed us with. I remember having read a wonderful article which I would like to recollect as below:

A young man used to grumble a lot and he was never satisfied what he had been receiving . While praying , he would always complain to God for not providing him with what he wanted.

One day he went to a temple which had a lot of staircase to climb.As the man started to climb, he noticed some beggars with deformities, a few were blind, some were dumb and deaf, a few were walking with crutches and the man was shocked at the plight of these helpless people.

By the time he reached the door of the temple, he realized that God had at least blessed him with a good physique and a sound mind and thanked God for his generosity. After climbing down , he was totally a changed man.

Life is a precious gift from God and we should be happy with what he has bestowed on us and never have negative thoughts and send negative waves to others.

Author: Sudarmani30 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I was trying to find a matter what i need now?I think I found it that We should be optimist that having a positive attitude in every approach in day to day life.We should appreciate and encourage every one.And we should have a forgiving mind for every one.That will make our life harmonic."Show your smile face to everyone in the world".This is what I am trying to keep every day.However, thanks for reminding this.

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