The Cricket mania

The game of cricket down the ages has traversed and mentored its long chattered path claiming accolades and triumphs sated with injuries and Brocious this involving into a big braves game. Undoubtedly the game would survive all odds and involve with time thus spanning an era of competitive sport included inherently the true spirit of the game there in the best results to win.

The Cricket mania

An old adage says it all: "cricket is a gentleman's game". The game of cricket in today's world has reached its quintessence through the concerted efforts of players, spectators, ICC and not to mention the respective boards of control for cricket of the cricket playing nations. These days there exists a lot of hullabaloo over the hosting of a cricket match specially in the case of the one-day international cricket. Spectators remain glued to the television sets to watch their favorite stars hit a six, play a square cut, remove the bails within the second or to the extent of questioning the validity of the decision given by the umpire. It is a cricket, cricket and cricket the world over.

The game of cricket in its present version has transcended down the ages when test matches used to be played between the handful of nations of the bygone era. The one-day internationals are the game of pride in this age of competitive cricket. From children to septuagenarians all take keen interest in the modern version of cricket. The unstinted support for the game from all corners of the society has catapulted the players into stars. Even the bookies play their bet on the cricket stars. They leave no stone unturned to a mass wealth and property from the once to strict it game of the noble cricket has now turned into commercial game with lots of money is pumped in for the sake of the game and not for its spirit.

Right from the Panwallah of the roadside joint to the top notch manages of MNCs everybody is phonetic about the game. It has become a cricket frenzy society where in the game, the players, the bookies all have become a part and parcel of cricket. One would be considered part if one doesn't talk to cricket these days and the hype into the game has turned it into cricket mania. The game of cricket is gaining popularity day by day as cricket is becoming a professional competitive game involving lots of strategy, planning and that is both in domestic and international forms of the game. Currently more nations are joining the a elite club of cricketing nations which was once the domain of few cricket playing nations. The Australians play dominating cricket and have some world-class players in their side. The Englishman have cricket in their blood and soul at it is there national game. The origin of cricket can be traced back to England where in the game had its humble beginning. The West Indians played competitive cricket and understand the game and it's hard and fast rules. India and Pakistan play the game for the sake of defeating the opponent and cocoa by a place of pride in the subcontinent coupled with the fierce cricket of the Sri Lanka team. The Bangladesh team is a new comer in the cricket world as they have qualified to the ICC (International Cricket Council) rating. Along with the other cricket playing nations are UAE, Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands. Teams from the African continent include Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and Namibia to stop the South Africans were in exile from international cricket and back into the cricket since 1991 to 1992. The other cricket teams include New Zealand, Canada, Bermuda all of them have played international one-day matches.

The hype and praise of cricket lies more in the one-day version of the game as it is gaining in popularity more and more over the test matches. The limited overs ticket had its birth due to an abundant test match between England and Australia in 1972. Four days were washed out to due to rains and the last day was utilized to play a limited overs game 60 overs each side. In the 70s, ODI matches have 120 overs game 60 overs bowled by each side. Later in the late 70s each side had to bowl 55 overs thereby making it the 110 overs match. From 1983 onwards are total of hundred overs match 50 overs by each team had to be bowled and this is still continuing today's era of modern competitive cricket. An interesting method Duckworth Lewis method is being applied these days in rain affect it matches where in the winter of a match is at just on the basis of comparative scores. The minimum number of overs to be bowled is 25 overs for each team in the rain affected ODI cricket match. This clearly illustrates how competitive the game has become over the years with more and more technical gadgetry occupying a place in the cricket parlance, the third umpires decision, the snikometer and so on so forth. The third umpires decision has brought about a big change in the mode of umpiring. These decisions include the runouts, stumping and low-level catches. Even the boundaries just edging the boundary rope call for the attention of third umpire who views the situation from variety of angles TV replays and rules out the decisions directly on the display board and informs the field umpires. The globe of red light indicates the exit of the batsmen and the greenlight disqualifies the appeal and allows the batsmen to continue at crease. The snikometer is utilized as well which ascertain whether the ball edged the bat before landing into the wicket keepers gloves. It gives a television view of the trajectory of the ball is of immense importance in part behind dissmosals. All these have indeed made the game of cricket more professional, more competitive and not to least, more entertaining.

The hype and hobnobbing behind the game has lot to do in gaining popularity of cricket amongst the masses. The day before the should he would matches their is the heyday of activities pitch rollers on the ground, selling of tickets at the counter (at times black marketing is seen as well), lens man positioning their cameras and to mention the arrival teams at the net. All these have resulted in cricket mania is covered past paced society. We all have shifted our attention from test matches to ODI games as these provide cent percent game entertainment in a single day. In the good old days, the spectators and viewers had to wait for five long days to cherish the outcome of the battering and slothing test match but days have changed. The ODI version of the game has ended the anomalies of the cricket of the bygone era, thus paving the way to more fierce and competitive cricket. The game of cricket which once used to the the domain of rich and elite class is being laid now by one and all in the society. The inroads and gullies of cities and towns are witness of cricketing spurts on Sunday and holidays. Children, youth and the Man in blue all Don the cricketing gear and play to the hearts extent, for the sake of the game. It is cricket and cricket the buzzword these days which has interpolated the status of the game into a mega event. The game of cricket its spirit, its enhancing all decide with the game. Though the game has metamorphosed down the years it's popularity is increasing day by day and growing by leaps and bounds which stands up pandering testimony to the far reaching status of the game of cricket.

Cricket stars are Demi gods and worshiped by the fans this proves the frantic nature and status of cricket lovers. They are hailed as Superman and superheroes and day dawned the stadia their posters, well wishes all are made for the cricket stars by their devoted fans. The pulse of the nation, the cricket fever, the overweighting banners, templates, posters and reinstated the fate of the common man on their favorite cricket stars. The fans and the common man all Don the national uttire unfurled with the tricolor on the date of the ODI dwell between the two nations. This hype and glitterati goes on the top board if the match is played in home ground. Cricket cannot be subdued amongst revelling fans as it forms the soul and spirit of crore of Indians their game, their life and their attainment. Cricket many a is to be felt as the pulse of the nation each keeps the nation going. It not only raises the popularity of the game but cricket personification in letter and spirit is felt amongst the masses who have raised the status and level of the game to its invisible heights.

The game of cricket down the ages has traversed and mentored its long chattered path claiming accolades and triumphs sated with injuries and Brocious this involving into a big braves game. Undoubtedly the game would survive all odds and involve with time thus spanning an era of competitive sport included inherently the true spirit of the game there in the best results to win. Cricket mania would had words better society with a better sport capable of entertaining the masses and embodying the spirit of the game in true letter and spirit and involve the game of cricket to a highly so that generations to come emulate the spirit of the game and lead it to far reaching heights.

Indian Premier league (IPL)

This was started in 2008 when eight teams had to fight for supremacy. These teams are based in Delhi, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangloru, Chennai and Kolkata. The players from many cricket playing nations got the chance to play with Indian players as part of one team. Four players each were mandatory from under 21, which helped many youngsters to prove their talent. Rajasthan Royals one the defeating Chennai super King in the final. In 2009 was shifted to south Africa as Indian government was busy with the elections and was unable to provide security.


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