Earth's distance from the sun

The Sun's diameter is 1.4 million kilometer. It is approximately 109 times wider than the earth.

Earth's distance from the sun

We know that Earth is very planet and the host of this planet is sun and sun is a very big star in our solar system. The sun is made up of the mixture of hydrogen and helium. Our understanding of the universe depends on to conditions, cover ability to measure the distance to faraway stars, and our ability to measure the chemical composition of stars. The discovery that allowed scientist to determine the composition of stars is described in the 1859 entry on spectral graphs. The distance to the sun always been regarded as the most important and fundamental of all connected measurements. Cassini's 1672 measurement, however, was the first to accurately estimate that distance. Cassini's discovery also provided the first shocking hint of the holy immense size of the universe and of how small and insignificant part is. Before guessing he, most scientists believed that star but only a few millions miles away. After Cassini, scientist realize that even the closest star were billions of miles away.

There were so many scientists born to understand the universe but there were no instruments to understand the universe easily and study more accurately. But there was one scientist born in 1625, Giovanni Cassini was raised and educated in Italy. As a young man he was fascinated by astrology, not astronomy, and gained widespread fame of his astrological knowledge. Hundreds sought his astrological advice even though he wrote papers in which he proved that there was no truth to astrological productions. In 1668, after conducting a series of astronomical studies in Italy that were widely praised, Cassini was offered a position as a director of the Paris Observatory. He soon decided to become a French citizen and change his name to Jean Cassini. With an improved, highly powered telescope that he carefully shipped from Italy, Cassini continued strength of astronomical discoveries that made him one of famous scientist. These discoveries included the original periods of Mars and Saturn, and the major gaps in the rings of Saturn still called Cassini gap. Cassini was also the first to the suspect that light traveled at a finite speed. Cassini refused to publish his evidence, and later even spent many years trying to disprove his own theory. He was a deeply religious man and believed that light was of God. Like therefore had to be perfect and incorrect. And not limited by a finite speed of travel. Still, all of his astronomical work supported his discovery that light traveled at a fixed and finite speed.

Cassini's experiment and conclusion

Cassini was the great scientist which was totally interested in Space world to explore and find the distance between the planets and the stars. Because of his deep faith in the Catholic church, Cassini was believed in and Earth centered universe. By 1672, however, he had become at least partially convinced by the early writing of Plus and by Copernicus careful arguments to consider the possibility that the sun lay at the center. This motion made Cassini decide to try to calculate the distance from the Earth to the sun. However, it was difficult and dangerous to make direct measurements of the sun, one could go blind. Luckily, Kepler equations allowed Cassini to calculate the distance from the art to the sun if he could measure the distance from the to any planet. Mars was rose to a and well-known to Cassini. So he decided to use his improved disco to measure the distance to Mars. Of course he could not actually measure the distance. But he measured the angle to a spot on Mars at the same time from two different points on Earth. Then he could use these angles and the geometry of travels to calculate the distance to Mars. To make the calculations work, he would need to make that baseline stands between its two points on our both large and precisely known. He sent French astronomer Jean Richer to French Guiana off the north coast of South America. Cassini stayed in Paris. On the same August night in 1672, at exactly the same moment, both men measured the angle Thomas and placed it exactly against the background of the stent stars. When Richard returned to Paris with his readings, Cassini was unable to calculate the distance to Mars. He then used Kepler's equations to discover that the distance to the sun had to be 87 million miles. Modern science has found that Cassini can commission was only 7% of the true distance. Cassini went on to calculate the distances to other planets and found the site and lay staggering 1.6 billion miles away. Cassini discoveries of distance means that the universe was millions of times bigger than anyone had dreamed. This was the greatest experiment with help the telescope by Cassini's and other scientist to explore the universe.


Finally they concluded that the Sun's diameter is 1.4 million kilometer. It is approximately 109 times wider than the earth.


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