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In this article I will talk about MCA projects. I will also discuss where and how to do the academic projects.

What is MCA?

MCA stands for Masters in Computer Applications. This is a post graduate course offered by many Indian universities and helps students develop their career as a software engineer. Even though other courses like B.E., B.Tech etc allow you to choose the career as software engineer, MCA course is the one that is designed to produce software engineers.

MCA Projects

The MCA courses offered by most Indian universities require to complete a live project as part of their curriculum. In most colleges, the project is done during the last semester of the course. Upon successful completion of the project, students must produce a project completion report, duly signed by the supervisor in the company where the project was completed.

B.E projects and B.Tech projects

B.E./B.Tech courses are not specifically designed to produce software developers. However, due to the huge demand for software engineers, many engineering graduates prefer to choose their career in software development. Most branches in B.E/B.Tech also require completion of a software project before the end of the course.

Where to do the academic projects?

It is strongly recommended you complete your software project in a software development company. In a software development company, you will get exposure to the complete software development life cycle, learn the process, quality control, testing etc. Most IT companies periodically conduct internal training for their employees and you can be part of that at no cost. And most importantly, you may get hired at the end of the project. Companies prefer to hire developers they know and have proven their skills rather than interviewing 100s of people and paying huge expense on hiring process.

In most IT companies, they will place the project trainees in to large teams so that they can contribute little bit to large projects while learning new things. This is a great opportunity for project trainees to learn a lot from others while the pressure on them to complete the project is low.

What if I cannot get in to a software development company?

If you are unable to find a project training opportunity in an IT company, all is not lost. There are 100s of non-IT companies in the country which has an IT division. Your next choice is to apply in these companies and get in to their IT division to develop a project for them. Sometimes, you may need to help them improve their existing software or develop a new solution.

Even though MCA projects are expected to be complete life cycle development of a software, in reality, you may not get this ideal opportunity. Sometimes, you may just have to be part of a large team and will be able to develop only a small portion of the project. As far as your academic requirement is concerned, this will not be a problem. The MCA project does not really require to complete the whole project, instead, you just need to be part of the project team and submit a full project report.

How to apply for MCA projects?

The number of MCA students seeking project opportunities are very high. Due to this, most companies select trainees only through reference. If you have friends or relatives working in IT companies, that is the right way to go.

You must start your research on project training atleast 1 year before your project start date.

MCA Projects in training institutes

Even though getting trained on a live project in an IT company is the ideal opportunity, there are various other options too. In some cases, in an IT company, the project trainees may become just part of a big team and may not get any attention at all. They may just get lost in the crowd.
Alternative approach is to join a training institute which offers MCA project programs combined with training in the respective field. You will have to pay the fees for this kind of projects. However, there are several benefits for joining a training institute for your academic projects.

Benefits of doing MCA projects in a training institute

1. Project based Training institutes are specialized in projects and training. So, you will be able to participate in the full life cycle of software development.

2. Get trained before you do the work. While most companies expect the trainees to start working on first day, in a training institute, you will be trained on the subject.

3. Choose your programming language: In a training institute, you can choose your programming language and the technologies. However, if you go to a company, you can only choose the technologies they use in the company.

4. Choose the project title: Most training institutes will allow you to choose your project title. They will assist you on choosing the subject.

5. Placement assistance: Some training institutes offer placement assistance after completion of the project.

How to choose the best training institutes for your MCA projects

There are 100s of training institutes in the country which offer MCA/BE/BTech projects at fees between Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lakh. You may even find institutes which offer projects at very low rates as well. However, do not trust an institute which offers MCA projects at very low rate. No one can afford to train you for few months at low fees like Rs 10,000.
Warning: Most institutes that offer project training at low fees just provide you 1 or 2 hours of training per week which is almost useless. They will give you some pre developed package, composed of some project report prepared by someone else. 100s of students will use the same exact project report and your college/university may not accept it. Even if your college accept such project reports, you will not really achieve the purpose of doing a software project.

How to choose a training institute for your MCA project?

You must ask the following questions before you choose a training institute to do a paid project:

1. How many hours of theory sessions are offered per week? You should be able to attend at least 10 hours of theory sessions per week.

2. How many hours of computer use are permitted? You should be able to use the computer lab facilities for at least 40 hours per week.

3. Do I get individual computer or do I have to share computer with someone? Do not go for an institute if you do not get individual computer for you.

4. Do they use licensed software for training? Using non-licensed software is illegal and you may get in to legal issues later.

5. How much is the fees? Some institutes charge Rs 50,000 to 1 lakh for project training. If you can afford higher fees, you can go for it, but make sure they meet all the quality criteria I mentioned above. Typically, you must be able to find some good institutes which charge less than Rs 50,000 for 3 months project training.

6. Is the trainer qualified? What is the education of the trainer? Does he have previous experience in enterprise level software development?

Best institute in Bengaluru to do your MCA project

Tony John, the webmaster of this article is specializing in .NET training and projects. Tony John is a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET and is a well recognized .NET expert. He has over 14 years of software development experience in various countries including India, USA, Japan and Korea.
Tony John possess a Masters degree in Computer Applications (MCA), a teaching degree (B.Ed) and a degree in science (B.Sc). His MCA and B.Ed degrees make him an ideal trainer in software programming field.

Tony is launching a .NET training institute Bengaluru, which is expected to be the center of excellence in the field. Some highlights of this training program include reasonable fees, intensive training, full day individual computer use, direct training by Tony John etc. If you are looking for an opportunity to do an academic software project, this may be an ideal opportunity for you.

To learn more about MCA projects in Bengaluru, visit,

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