Ignou MBA Exam Preparation suggestion

I am writing this resource on behalf of my own experience as IGNOU student pursuing MBA 1st year. I've done a lot of work out to get through this small problem and hence willing to share with all students of IGNOU unless they should develop such a minor problem into major.

I've been searching, asking and trying to find out the correct methodology for preparing exams of IGNOU MBA. During the time in between, I personally met my seniors and other previous semester’s students who succeed in their exams within very first attempt. Few of them scored very good marks too. What finally I grasped from them and got real words towards preparation for exams, are written below in points.

1. All of we get a set of 4 assignments to complete and submit before exams per semester. The preparation actually starts from here. Take your assignments seriously. For June Term End Exams 2010, students have already submitted their assignments. But don't worry, there is still 1 month left for preparation.

2. Whichever course codes you've chosen for this semester exams, try to select course codes in irregular no’s or series like I've chosen MS 01, 04, 09 and 11. At first while taking up admission in MBA, I just go through the contents of the courses and then which I thought would be easier for me to study at 1st semester, I simply opted those. But now I think, my decision was right. Because

When you check tentative date sheet of term end exams, you will find that first 11 course codes examinations are about to be held in sequence like MS 01 will be held at 1st June and Ms 02 will be held at 2nd June etc.

Choosing courses in that way will allow you to get more time in between the exams to prepare.

Preparation and memorizing skills vary person to person. So friends, don't worry if for this semester you've opted courses in regular series.

3. You should collect at least previous three years assignments and examination papers. Preparing last three years assignments + question papers set will be enough to achieve 70% marks in theory. That's what our senior say and the same result you will find when you see and check the pattern of earlier seasons.

4. At least go through once the study material that you've got by IGNOU. These study material contain all necessary topics covered in the simplest language that anyone can read it. Divide the no. of units or chapters to be read among the days left fewer 1 week earlier to exam date
5. If you didn't get through the books supplied by IGNOU, then the best way to get through the syllabus is books published by GPH. You can buy these GPH (Gully Baba Publishing House) books easily from any distributor at a discount rate of 40-50% as these days GPH is providing a flat discount rate of 45% on its MBA IGNOU books. I got myself for Rs. 75/- each (MRP 160/-)

6. Everyone needs to attempt 4 courses to pass a semester and only 1 month is left now. 1 month = 4 weeks = time to prepare for 4 courses.

So dear all, GPH books or your study material supplied by IGNOU can be finished and prepared well if you decide to prepare 1 course within 1 week. The provided study material by IGNOU has small chapters so no need to fear friends. You can easily read and learn your topics very well.

If you prepare through GPH, then friends, you can prepare all the 4 courses within a week.
AS it contains to the point question answer series and previous years solved papers.

7. Prepare notes as well as reading your study stuffs. By doing so, you feel that you already have learnt your topics. Moreover, your description mode will be quite enhanced until exams which are generally a major problem among candidates. As they don't write before exams, definitely they face problems while giving explanations in their theory exams.

So, it’s better to write at least small points which could be easily memorize and those you can develop while explaining.

8. Prepare your time table according to your daily routine. If you are a working person, then 2-3 hours can be managed for your preparation and this is enough to prepare for exams until you have the right way to study your stuff. Be clear what you are going to study and memorize today. This will save your time and keep you in concentration while memorizing the topics.

9. Do not order books by V.P.P at this moment as it would take 3-4 days in local area and 7-10 days outside. It’s better to go and buy the study material by yourself as by doing so, you will be able to see and read the contents of the material that you are going to purchase. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with the study material you are going to buy.

10. Attempt at least one unsolved paper of each course at least 3-4 days earlier to your final exam date. As the time gap in between will let you find the more effective way of writing your answers.

11. You should prepare those subjects at first which have numerical problem. So that during last week of preparation, you will be revising numerical problems and the same will be more understood to you.

12. Last but not the least; be honest to yourself while preparing for exams. May be for few 1-2 days, you will get some inconvenience while reading and understanding the topics (if you haven't gone through earlier) but regular exercise will suppress this issue.

One must understand that IGNOU provides such a handsome opportunity to earn a degree in MBA. The faculties of IGNOU have contributed the best work towards its publications. Most of us take assignments as major problems. Actually, if a candidate go through and do his/her assignment after going through all topics, then it will be realized that he/she has prepared sufficient for exams. Assignments work out are necessary for exams. The motive to provide assignments is to make students establish themselves to write enough in theory exams. So friends, no matter whatever you've done this semester, you can still prepare for your exams in the most effective manner and for next semesters, take your assignments seriously for your own development and betterment.

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Guest Author: Suresh29 Nov 2011

Hello Pinki,

Very useful piece of information. I was wondering on how to go about the choosing the MBA courses in IGNOU. Thanks for the information.

Guest Author: Sridhar12 May 2013

Very useful analysis for preparing for the exam.


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