Setting up an Aquarium as per Vaastu

Bring in prosperity and positive energy to your home and office by setting up a Vaastu based aquarium. Vaastu experts recommend aquarium as an effective remedy for many problems that troubles you. But, you must know the right location for the aquarium and the types of fish you keep in. Here's what you need to know while setting up an aquarium as per Vaastushastra and to bring good luck to your home..

Setting up an aquarium is considered as a remedy for many Vaastu related problems at home and office. But, be cautious while choosing the location of Aquarium as well as the types of fish you are keeping in your aquarium.

Best location of Aquarium as per Vaastu

Vaastu consultants recommend SouthEast and NorthWest directions as best positions for aquarium, pond or any other water bodies. The best place for Aquariums in a house is living/ drawing room. Strictly avoid kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms for keeping aquarium. Also, try to avoid places where there is high noise since it may scare the fish.

Best Vaastu fish for Aquarium

As per Vaastu specification, 9 fish (out of which 8 should be gold fish and 1 - a black fish) are ideal in an aquarium for best result. It is okay to keep other ornamental fish. The movement of fish in the aquarium bring positive energy to the people around them.

The popular types of aquarium fish are:

01. Goldfish
02. Guppies
03. Neon Tetra
04. Mollies.
05. Discus Fish
06. Koi fish
07. Orando Gold Fish

Goldfish are one of the most attractive and common fish we see in aquarium. A variety of Gold Fish are available now. And many more types of fishes are available in the market who have different signs and uses according to Vaastushastra.

The people mostly using Goldfish in the tank and this fish good sign is for finance progress.

Aquarium maintenance

Now I tell you how to set up and maintain your Aquarium for financial growth and how you can get the progress using the Aquarium and gold fish :

* Firstly you use the aquarium type as per your like and your home shape. As per my thinking you should use Rectangular Aquarium because Round shapes are mostly delicate pieces and not so much space are available for fish to move.

* After that you have choose the design for the back side of aquarium because it depends how you can design you aquarium. The most popular design is natural pictures like plants or you can put blank blue paper it looks more shiny.

* Now you can choose the fish you are like but firstly to take the 8 goldfish and one black fish. According to Vaastu if you take these fish, your financial position is secure and you will get progress in finance.

* It is a must to have filters are water circulation in the tank. Try to clean the aquarium regularly.

* Be cautious not to overfeed the fish. It is always advisable to have the same person to feed them regularly to avoid over/ under feeding.

* If you see the fish in aquarium are dying, immediately replace with another fish and change the place of aquarium. It is also believed that, your problems are reducing with each fish that die.

If you have hobby in pets, aquarium is a good option. It also helps to get rid of your ailments and reduce financial problems. So, keep an aquarium as per Vaastu regulations and bring prosperity to your dwelling.

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Should I keep all fishes together as you mentioned above? Will they stay together?

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