Must knows on investing currency in the Market

This resource provides information on what are the things to be known on investing currency in the market.

It is very important to know the problems, disadvantages and advantages, when you are proceeding towards to find something new. In fact, you have to make the points very familiar that you prevent slipping away from what you are entering into. The same goes with dropping and removing money from the Forex market. It is essential for those who play here to know the pits and bumps before investing. This knowledge will in fact save you from the verge of crisis and impending disaster. The article is written with the aim of making you understand these problems that currency trading, which we feel is very much essential to know about it.

The market or the Share market called as Forex is the place where the most predicted and unpredicted events can take place. Before being sure about entering in to the Forex, you need to very basically understand that this market is not completely predictable at all time s and not unpredictable at all times. Sometimes, what we expect to be would be there and sometimes, the worst reverse could happen. These are generally not lime a weather or climatic change but like tsunamis probably, that is out of any prediction. Its high risky, though you have to understand that investing gets more complicated if you are not lucky enough to drop the double of what you put in. This simply means, when in the Forex, you need to be pretty careful.

Another haunting issue is that the Forex is easily accessible and this could make you hooked towards it. Since no one can truly predict the happenings and everything is based on belief, the market lies upon the hands of quality and promise. If no luck permits you and you keep on investing a lump sum amount, beware, you may lose what you have. Planning plays a very important key role here and it is not only about planning but also predicting.

The forex market is very sensitive and this cause the entire market to flutter in seconds if something sensible happens, which is completely out of our control and senses. Say for example, the sensitiveness of the forex also depends upon the govt. policies and actions. A change in the govt. Policy can affect the entire market and vice versa. Even a rumor that the market fluttered will put you in misery. A small word can boost as buoyancy in the market which can become an integral problem to all those investors thereon.

At the end, to put all the points together, when in the forex market, it is a must to have a clear view on what to do, how to do. A planning is very essential with a prediction. Once you are clear, you can start investing in a safer and clean environment.

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Author: Pravat Kumar Das02 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Dear author, you are confusing readers between share market and Forex market.
You have mentioned that share market is known as Forex market, but it is wrong.
Share market is a place where traders buy and sell equity of listed company where ever in Forex market it is exchange of currencies.

To get success in share market or Forex market you need to learn first.
Then you can try demo trading to check your knowledge level.
Both are having opportunity to earn good amount of money but high level of learning skills, patience and money management is required to earn money from those markets.

Author: Swagatika Pattanaik03 Aug 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

First of all Understand what is Forex? This is all about Foreign currency exchange.
If you are interested to trade in Forex market then you should be aware about its benefits and disadvantages.
You can open a trading account at any NSE registered broker like sharekhan, icicidirect, motilal oswal, aliceblue securities etc. Where you can trade in limited currency pair.
You can trade either in future or option. Suppose you expect that USA economy is going to perform better than India then you can long USDINR and book profit when it go up.
But by opening a trading account you can trade in 100 number of other currency pairs Like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF,GBPCAD,AUDUSD etc.
Here you can trade but RBI has restricted on the investment amount. As this Forex market is open for 24 hour so you have more opportunity to make better money. But you should have knowledge about lots of economical and political information about world.
Benefits of Forex market than equity market.
This is a very big market ( Daily turn over for Forex market is around 5 trillion USD).
As it is open for 24 hour, so trader can trade when ever they have free time.
Due to high leverage available you can grab the opportunity ( but you should have high technical knowledge to recognize the market trend).

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