Tortoise in Vastu

As per my previous article I have give information about the Aquarium but there are so many other pets are equally good according to Vastu & Fengshui.

If you are not aware of my previous article of Aquarium your can click the link :

Now I am confident of my above article and I must say that you all are also aware of my article and you should use this things. I have the added information about the tortoise and in my home I have added financial supplement i.e. Tortoise. I must say that tortoise are very good sign in Fengshui but as per government rules there is no rights to sale and buy the tortoise. If you have the source where you can take and buy the tortoise then you can use in your home as per Vastu. If you are not able to take real tortoise, then you have the choice of metal tortoise.

You can keep in Pooja Sthan or in north side in house this is regarding metal tortoise but if you have real tortoise you can place at anywhere and there is no harm. If you want to buy metal tortoise you can shop online. I am giving you the link for shopping online tortoise :

But I can tell you very confidently that because of using tortoise you can secure you family from financial crisis and this is a real thing as per my experience. If you want to try you try and tell me your experience.

Not only you can use the real tortoise but you also have to take care about his food. Don't take the tension because tortoise is not expensive pet you can give him anything but I suggest you to give only corriender leaves to him.

Also you make the small glass home like aquarium to him and add some water because tortoise require the water and also some empty place for living. For empty space you can use one big stone in the glass pot because if he require some empty space he can stay on the stone.

So enjoy the Feng Shui tips and aware of financial problem. I am not telling you that you don't work and get money but if you are hard worker and have faith on vastu then you can get good results.




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Guest Author: vishal06 Jan 2013

Hi sir, as you said the metal tortoise should be kept in north, can you please explain in detail.... as in my shop I have placed the tortoise on my counter facing east as my shop is facing east and my cash counter is also facing east. On one side of the cash counter I have kept a metal tortoise in metal ptale with water snd only the legs of the tortoise sre diped in the water. And on another side of the counter I have kept a glass bowl of water with flowers in it. Please guide me where and how to keep these things as per vastu to help in good buisness..

Guest Author: Ashok kanda15 Jan 2017

Can I place tortoise aquarium in my bed room on the north east space?

Guest Author: Tia15 Sep 2019

I brought a metal tortoise from the market, can I place it in the mandir at home and which direction should it be facing? Also, should I keep the tortoise in water or without water because it is a metal tortoise?
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