Important Days and Dates - Independent India

Post Independence - Important dates in the Independent History, Important events and days of Indian History after Independence

14th and 15th August, 1947 - India divided into two. Thousands of people die in communal riots after the division. Pakistan formed. 15th Audust is the Independence day for India.

1948 Nathu Ram Godsey assassinated Mahatma Gandhi(January 30th), Kashmir attacked by Kabailis supported by Pakistan, India intervened, cease fire adopted in Kashmir. Integration of Princely states

1949 Government of India adopted new constitution on 26th Nov.

26th December 1950 Constitution came into existence. India became Republic

1951 India hosted First Asian Games. Five year Plans started with first five year plan

1952 First Parliament Elections, Congress wins elections

1953 Tenzing Norgay & Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mount Everest

1956 launch of second Five-Year Plan

1957 Second Loksabha Elections; Introductionof decimal coinage
Goa liberated

1962 China War (20th Decemebr)Third Lok Sabha Elections

1963 Nagaland is India's 16th State

1964 Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru's Death

1965 India Pakistan War

1966 Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri died of Heart attack after Tashkent Pact, Mrs. Indira Gandhi elected Prime Minister of India.

1967 Fourth Lok Sabha Elections;

1969 V.V.Giri is new President, Nationalization of the major banks by Presidential ordinance.

1970 Meghalaya became autonomous state.

1971 Friendship Treaty signed with USSR, India Pakistan War, Bangladesh freed.Himachal Pradesh came into existence

1972 India Pakistan signs Shimla agreement; C.Rajagopalachari dies

1973 Mysore is renamed to Karnataka

1974 India's First Nuclear Test ; Fakhuruddin Ali Ahmed sworn is as fifth President of India, Sikkim becomes an associate State of India

1975 'Aryabhata' launched by India; Sikkim is the 22nd State of the Indian Union; State of Emergency declared by Mrs Indira Gandhi.

1976 Diplomatic relations are established between India and China after 1962

1977 Congress lost Sixth General Elections; Janata Party gets majority in Parliament; Neelam Sanjiva Reddy sworn in as sixth President of India

1979 Choudhary Charan Singh became PM after Morarji Desai's resignation, Ch.Charan Singh resigns after a short stint as PM on August 20th. Sixth Lok Sabha is dissolved

1980 Congress won the seventh General Elections and Mrs Indira Gandhi becomes PM; Mysterious death of Sanjay Gandhi in a plane crash, India Launched SLV-3 into space carrying Rohini Satellite

1982 India launches INSAT.1A, Giani Zail Singh elected as President on July 15th; Cyclone in Gujarat kills more than 500( Nov.5); Acharya Vinobha dies; 9th Asian Games in New Delhi on November 19.

1984 Punjab: Operation Blue Star troops entered Golden temple to capture the terrorists; First Indian Rakesh Sharma in space; Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated; Rajiv Gandhi is next PM

1985 Rajiv Gandhi and H S Longowal signs accord; H.S. Longowal assasinated: Punjab Elections; Assam accord signed;

1987 R.Venkataraman is next President and Shankar Dayal Sharma elected Vice-President of India; IPKF deplyed in Srilanka, Bofors controversy

1989 Agni Missile successfully launched on May 22nd, Successfully test fired Trishul Missile on June 5th, Prithvi Missile on Sept 27th, Congress Government lost elections, Rajiv Gandhi resigns in Nov; Launch of Jawahar Rozgar Yojna Nov 29th, National Front came into power, V.P. Singh sworn in as 7th Prime Minister of India

1990 Complete Indian Peace Keeping Force(IPKF) return home in March, A-320 Airbus of Indian Airlines Crashed on Feb. 14th; Split in Janata Dal; Rath Yatra by L K Advani, Advani stopped to reach Ayodhya, is arrested, V P Singh announced implementation of Mandal Report. Violence in Ayodhya due to Ram Janam Bhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute. Anti Mandal Campaign across India.

1991 Gulf War after Iraq captured Qubait, Jan. 17th, Rajiv Gandhi assassinated in Sriperambadur on May 21st; 10th Lok Sabha, P. V. Narasimha Rao elected next Prime Minister of India. Narsimha Goverment with Manamohan Singh as Finance Minister began the process of Economic reforms and Globalization.

1992 Full diplomatic ties established with Israel (Jan. 29); Satyajit Ray passed away on April 23rd, Shankar Dayal Sharma elected as President; INS Shakti launched on Feb. 7th. Babri Mosque Demolished by Hindu hardliners.

1993 Bombay serial blasts; Insat-2B became fully operational;

1994 Protest over GATT treaty; Outbreak of Plague; Sushmita Sen became Miss Universe; Aishwarya Rai became Miss World.

1995 Mayawati came into power and became the first Dalit Chief Minister; President's Rule in Uttar Pradesh after fall of Mayawati; India launched INSAT 2C

1996 Hawala scam; India launches PSLV D3 on March 21 with IRSP-3 ushering new era in India space programme; Congress defeated in 11th Lok Sabha Elections held on April, BJP emerges as the single largest party.

1997 50 years of Indian Independence

1998 Mother Teressa passed away; A B Vajpayee became Prime Minister; Second Nuclear tests in Pokhran

1999 Vajpai's Bus Journey to Pakistan to improve ties, IC-814 on way from Kathmandu hijacked, three terrorists exchanged at Kandahar, Afghanistan,in Dec 1999. Kargil War Operation Vijay Successful

2000 India's population reaches 1 billion, Bill Clinton then US Prez visits India, Chhatisgarh, Uttaranchal and Jharkhand states came into existence.

2001 Thousands of people died in Gujarat Earthquake, Indo Pak Agra Summit; 'Tehelka.Com' revealations of kickbacks by officials; 6th census, population over a billion. Indian Parliament attacked by 7 gunmen, all 7 killed, several policemen martyred

2002 A P J Abdul Kalam is new President of India, Godhra Incident, Communal violence in Gujarat, Thousands killed,

2003 SFO(Strategic Forces Command) and NCA(Nuclear Command Authority) formed, INSAT-3A is launched into space from Kourou of French Guyana; India's advanced communication satellite INSAT-3E is launched by an European rocket from the spaceport of Kourou of French Guyana in December

2004 NDA lost the general elections Congress came into power with UPA, Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister of India, UPA forms Goverment.

2005 Worst natural calamity, Mumbai Rains, more than 1000 people dies

2006 NREGA Introduced by UPA Government, Employment scheme to uplift poor and to provide minimum 100 days of work.

2007 India GDP climbed to 9.4%, The first women Prime Minister Pratibha Patil takes oath, Maoist kills 50 Policemen in Chhattisgarh. India won T20 world cup.

2008 Left parties withdra support to Congress over Nuclear Deal, Manamohan Singh went ahead with the nuclear deal undeterrant with opposition by Left. Government won Vote of confidence. Chandrayan is launched as India's Moon Mission; MUMBAI ATTACKS - Over 200 people killed in Mumbai attacks by 10 militants, India blames Pakistan, Lone surviving terrorist Kasab admits he is Pakistani, India put hold talks with PAK

2009 India signs a deal with Russia for Uranium supply, UPA won the general elections, Manmohan elected PM for the second term

2010 IPL contoversy,

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