How to Treat Students?

Here is an article about treating the students of this newer generation.

Once upon a time, children used to stand in front of their parents and teachers but today this culture has completely changed. Children today are different and are uneasy to control. In schools, if children are punished, unlike the previous generations they don't understand why they are being punished and are not ready to accept their mistakes but in turn they create hateness inside themselves. Let us see about the various ways in which today's students are treated by their teachers and about the ways in which they are to be treated in this article.

Students physically punished:

This is the most common way of punishing the students and this is done in almost all the schools of our country except a few. Teachers beating students with a stick or a scale, pinching the students, slamming and hitting them in face or in the back bone can cause serious physical problems to the children. Without knowing their physical state, doing these kinds of activities is seriously prohibited. Even though such activities are banned by many state governments, it is still practiced in many schools. Teachers do this without thinking about the problems that are going to happen. For example, a student of 14 years old in Delhi was physically punished by her teacher which caused severe bone damage to the student. So, the teacher was dismissed from the school and this news spread quickly to all the parts of the country. This kind of activities cannot rectify or change the children's behavior or character but in turn can only destroy their characters. This can even make the students as robbers, terrorists, etc.

Students being reprimanded:

Another common way of punishing the students is reprimanding or scolding them in front of their class. For example, if a mistake is done by a student, the teachers will treat the student as if he has done a big crime. This results in serious problems like suicide attempt, murder, etc. It is not the right way of treating the students. This develops an inferiority complex inside the students mind and may lead them to a depressed state. This will not develop a positive attitude in the minds of the students.

Handling students smoothly:

Students have to be treated in a softer way. They should not be punished physically or mentally but the teachers must teach morals to them. Encouraging the weak students and helping them are the signs of a good teacher. A good teacher is one who doesn't get angry with her/his students but should love them. No partiality should be shown by the teachers among the students. Punishment given by a teacher is different from the punishment given by the parents. But, we should always remember that "too many pills, kill a man". We should have the control over our children in the right way.

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