Google AdSense – A different angle

Indiastudychannel gives opportunity to earn online by sharing 90% of adsense revenue from any article for a period of 1 year. If you do not have an adsense account yet, I suggest you get an account right now. This article gives a different angle on google adsense account.

First Mistake

When I created my blog a year ago, I did it only to make money. I immediately applied for an adsense account and was rejected. I read later that a website needs to be active for at least 6 months before you can apply. I stopped blogging since then for six months. After six months I again applied for an account and my account was approved.

The mistake here is not that I applied for an adsense account. In haste you make such mistakes. My mistake was that I stopped blogging. Had I used those six months in posting new articles, my adsense earning would have been much higher. So, even if you do not have an adsense account yet, you will have it someday. Do not stop posting articles just because you do not have an account. Have patience. But keep posting articles.

Indiastudychannel gives lot of awards for quality posts. So use this great opportunity and post as many quality articles you can till your account is approved. Your earnings have already begun once you do this.

After Approval

We have a tendency to do what we are told not to do. I started blogging following my friend who had an approved adsense account. He kept boasting that his adsense earnings. He told me that he clicked on his own ads once everyday from different PCs. In 8 days, his account was disabled. Google has a very advanced technology which tracks each and every click and sends reports to the Adsense team. Even a single click by mistake as well can disable your account. And once disabled, it is very difficult to get it approved again. So, do not click on your ads or tell your friends to do this.

Do not check your adsense earnings frequently

Initially I checked my adsense earnings almost after every 2 hours. I know people who constantly watch their adsense account while doing other work on the internet. This will just waste your time. Also even if your earnings are normal, you keep feeling that I have not earned anything. Instead use that time to write something valuable. Your earnings will take care of themselves. I suggest check them every night before going to bed.

Do not become an addict to adsense

It is natural human tendency to get addicted to the source from where you are earning money. I know people who spend 7-8 hours daily on the internet. Remember that you have a life outside the internet. You have friends, family and an entire life to enjoy. At the end of the day if you are not living your life to the fullest what is the purpose of earning so much?

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Author: Jayanta Datta Choudhury07 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

This will be the most ideal and reliable site for all interested for online money making.

Your guide will be most effective guide to maximise our profit through google adsense.

Google adsense has huge volume of traffic for its world wide reputations.

Though the rulls and regulations for adsense is very strict, still it is reliable to every body.

Once the applicatin is approved we will get impetous to work in full concentration to achieve our target revenue regularly.

Thanks for your guide lines in this resource for our success in reaching long awaited approval of google adsense earning site.

Author: Kumaraditya Sarkar08 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hello Mr. Shelke!

I do not have an AdSense account still; but I have a question. How will Google track that the user is clicking on his own ads if s/he clicks on them from different PCs, that is different IP Addresses every time? In fact any other user could have clicked on those ads from those PCs!

Nevertheless, do not think that I am eager to click on my ads when I would have an AdSense account in future. This is just a quesry.

Author: Nikhil Shelke08 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

If I would have known the secret I would have myself clicked on my adds.

They have a tracking system based on location of IP addresses and the linking from which the click has taken place. Within almost 8 days, my friend's account got disabled. He also tried clicking from different PCs as different IP address would be used for every click. How Google came to know will remain a mystery. But location might be one of the tracking mechanisms.

Author: Mohamed Salim12 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Google can track and analyze your pattern of clicking.Every culprit would leave a foot print back there.That is the way they find your clicks.Their software is so advanced.

Do not click your own ads and make a chance to loose your account.Keep your mouth shut and don't even shout in your dream also. The reason is that much paying revenue system is not existing in the net.

Do not go and check your account every day.You can find the through your ISC Adsense section or just multiply your My profile earning in to 10.

If you are logging in to adsense just simply go to various sections too.You can learn a lot how to earn more from different ways.
Understand this one of the job you can take an off or leave without anyone's prior approval.

Mohamed Salim
My Blog

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