How to promote a website/blog?

This article is for telling you about the promotion of blog and website over internet and some SEO techniques.


You can earn in millions through your website/blog, depends upon your work and promotion of your website. To promote your blog/website, you need proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. It is important because if your blog/website doesn't reach the visitor then there will be no click/impression on your AdSense ads. Hence no earning! So, you need to promote your blob/website and target the interested visitor. Below are some techniques to promote a website.

How to promote a website/blog?

1. Submit to Search Engine : Submit your blog/website to the major and regional search engine, so that it can be search and visited easily. Use meta-tag to make the website crawled by the search engine. Use proper keyword about your website and title with description of your website. Use search engine submitter. There are many websites, which provides free search engine submission.
For Example :

2. Submit RSS feed : As your submit your website URL, in the same way you have to submit the RSS feed of your website (if available). This improves the earning through AdSense for Feeds, a feature provided by Google AdSense. There are many website and software, which provides free RSS feed submission. This facility submits the RSS feeds to the news feed and online readers like Google Reader, etc.
For Example : http://

3. Submit URL to Directory : Many search engines are depends upon the online directory to search the relevant content/website, which is being searched. So, Submit your blog/website URL to a specific directory to a specific category. Like, Google uses directory to search the relevant website, so submit your blog to a specific category. If you have an educational website/blog then submits under educational/academic category, etc.
For Example :

4. Email Signature : Set your Email Signature with the name of your website name and URL with your name. As you send the email to anyone, then that person will see you email signature with click-able URL and if interested, will click on that URL. But don't email in bulk to promote your website, as it is privacy policy of every email provider site. The email is limited to 1000. Better to use it in email signature.
For Example :

5. Join Forum : Join any website promotional forum to promote your website and you can also discuss about your website and get review from the other members. There are many experienced bloggers and website vendors, they will sure help you to promote your website/blog. Even they will help you to design the blog/website according to the advertisement.
For Example :

6. Join Social Networking Site : Join the social networking site as much as your can and provide the link of your website to it with proper title and description. Use the promotional feature provided by those social networking site. Attach your feed to to promote website, using publicize service.
For Example :

7. Use Reciprocal Links : This is also known as back-links or exchange links. There are many websites with provide the back-link and exchange link feature. But you can also exchange the link with your friend and put a click-able link on your website/blog with the agreement with you friend that he will also put the link of your website on his website.
For Example :

8. Online Advertising : There are many sites which are providing free online advertising. In this your have to give the full detail about your website and your contact information. If have an approved Google AdSense account, then you will get letter of Google AdWords, which provides Rs.1500/- for free advertising of its Google AdSense publishers. You can advertise on Google's vast network using that Redeem Code provided by Google AdWords
For Example :

9. Set as homepage : If you depend on internet (cyber) cafe for your work, then set the homepage of the browser with the URL of your website. If another person came and opens the web browser than he will see your website and if interested then he will keep the name/URL of your website. Don't hesitate to do this. I discovered this idea and its working for me, because many people like my blog.

10. Tell a friend : Talk about your website and blog among your friends and try to convince them to use it. Don't bother what they think about your website. If possible then tell some more person about your website and its feature, which you have provided in your site. Always talk positively about your website.

11. Email Subscription : Many online readers and websites provided the email subscription facility. By this facility any visitors gets the alert message to his email-id (if subscribed), when your update/post content on your blog/website.
For Example :

12. SMS Alert : Google provided this SMS message alert facility by which any member who subscribes your website/blog through his mobile number gets and SMS when your update the blog/website.
For Example :

SEO techniques:

SEO : Search Engine Optimization is a technique to boost the website ranking by using some proper technique and keywords, etc. Here are some:

1. Meta-Tag : Create or generate a meta-tag using meta-tag generator or you can create my yourself using tag in HTML and put it into the HEAD section of the HTML document. It should contain important keyword about your website, description and title of your website and information about yourself.

2. Keywords : Keywords are the important feature of any website to be crawled by the search engine. Put the most search-able keyword into your meta-tag. You can also use the keyword generator, but those are not good enough. Therefore, use your SEO knowledge and do it manually.

3. Website Title : Make the website title easy to remember by the visitors of your website and make it suitable to be searched by the search engine. You website title should be perfect and better to use the common English words and phrases, because they are easily remembered.

4. Description : Describe your website as much as possible and be very correct about it. Before writing description analyze your website. Use proper keyword in your description, so that it can be crawled.

5. HTML tags : Use less HTML tags as possible, because the HTML tags disturbs the search engine to crawl a search keyword. Use h1, h2, h3 tags for heading and sub-headings and B tag for blog, etc.

6. Minimize it : Minimize the use of CSS, Flash, etc. it slows down the website to load on the web-browser on client side. If needed then you can use it but don't use it in the content area.


I have used all these services in my blog, and it is really working for me. It's a big task to promote a blog/website on the Internet. Internet is vast and day by day increasing with new websites and blogs. There is a tough competition to promote a blog/website. Use your SEO knowledge and other innovative ideas to promote your blog/ website.

Thanks & Regards!

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