Easy Ways to get Google AdSense Approval in India

This article gives complete information on the best way to get Google AdSense Approval in India.

To cut to the chase, the easiest way to get Google AdSense Approval in India is to register as a member with India Study Channel (ISC) which is an educational website. India Study Channel can provide an avenue to get earnings through the Google AdSense program. At ISC, this program is a revenue-sharing program. That is, the ISC adm. keeps 10% of the revenue generated by the Google Ads which appear at your pages, while you as a member get 90%. Some of the other websites which offer Google AdSense revenue sharing keep 60% and offer members only 40%. Hence I would recommend ISC.

At India Study Channel, the Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program is valid for 1 year only for most members, whilst those who have been long-term with ISC can get an extension. Please see this: Revenue Sharing Period For Active Members.

How to Apply for Google AdSense Program at India Study Channel

1. Register as a member (no registration fees) by clicking here: India Study Channel

2. Enter the validation code which is sent to you by ISC via email

3. At your profile page, click on 'View AdSense Profile'. There you will see the requirements needed to get Google AdSense approval from ISC.

This is what you need to do:
(a) Fill in your profile completely with name, address, country, gender, age group, date of birth, etc. Your address will be visible only to the Webmasters.

(b) Upload your real photograph. Please do not upload a photograph of your friend, a film star, a cartoon character or a religious symbol/idol.

(c) Contribute 10 good quality self-written articles in the Resources section. Check out some tips here: Good Article Writing Tips

(d) Be an active contributor to ISC for 6 months. You can contribute to multiple sections. Certain sections are restricted, such as the English section.

(e) Even if you take a break from time to time for exams, your job, etc. you can make steady contributions and reach the Gold level of membership.

(f) With good quality contributions, you can win an award.

Eligibility for Google AdSense Program at India Study Channel

1. You need to be 18 years and above before you can apply for the Google AdSense Program at India Study Channel
2. You must adhere to all ISC rules, especially the rules of not copy-pasting information and not spamming.
3. You need to fulfil 5 of the 6 criteria mentioned above in how to apply [point 3 – (a) to (f)] to get approval for the Google AdSense Program at India Study Channel.

Important Note: India Study Channel does not guarantee approval for the Google AdSense program. The approval is given solely by Google Inc. and ISC is not responsible for your eligibility or any other aspect of the program, other than being an avenue to get into the program. Moreover, India Study Channel does not guarantee your earnings – how much or how little you earn is all dependent on traffic coming to your pages …and a little bit of luck!

Click here to know more: How to Optimize Resources to earn more AdSense Revenue at ISC

Article by Vandana
Vandana is based in India with over 15 years experience as a freelance writer. Writing, no doubt, is her primary passion! Having learned the art of blogging from ISC, Vandana is enjoying the thrills of blogging, taking pleasure in sharing information & getting good pageviews at her various blogs.

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Author: Zahid Sikder17 Aug 2010 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

It is true nowadays this is a little bit difficult to get approved adsense account in India in comparison with any other country around the world. Of course, this article would be a great platform to get approved an adsense account in India. So, follow what the author said to get an adesese account approved quickly in India, and never afraid to ask on ISC forum regarding this issue, as ISC is a better place to talk frankly all of your needs.

Author: Pravin Kumar Tiwari13 Aug 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Hi Vandana,
Thanks for your post, i have one question, that is it necessary to wait for 6 months, like if i will provide good content,blogs over here,then is it possible to get the AdSense approval much before. it's just a question ...
Thanks Again..

Author: Vandana15 Aug 2012 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

No, it is not necessary to wait for 6 months. What is important is to submit lots of articles with good original content over a continuing period (without long gaps between posting) of 3-4 months. Try to get a few awards too.

By the way, you cannot post anything at ISC which is already at your blog & vice-versa. There should be no duplication of content.

Author: Vandana15 Aug 2012 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

I will ask ISC members via our forum to give you some guidance. I myself learned blogging through ISC and, over the years, have got good tips & advice from the members.

Please check out advice & suggestions here: Guidance needed for guest author

Author: Pravin Kumar Tiwari15 Aug 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Hi Vandana,

Thanks for reply, yes sure i will take care, about the points which you have mentioned above.

Thanks & Regards

Author: Sonia Shah12 Sep 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Dear Friends,

Now a Days Google also wants organic traffic to our site , if there is organic traffic with original content we may get approval , now a days Google adsense approval is super strict.

Author: Vandana19 Sep 2012 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

It is not really necessary to wait for 6 months to get Google AdSense approval. ISC has put this as one of the criteria for giving members a better opportunity to get approval because, by the end of 6 months, a member will have put in plenty of good content. Quality of content is the key to getting AdSense approval whether it is at ISC or at your own blog/website.

Even those with their own blog/website should ensure that there is lot of content over a period of many months & there is continuity in the content (meaning post regularly without long gaps). If you put just 10-12 blog posts you are unlikely to get approval.

Author: GK29 Oct 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Hi Vandana madam,
I've joined here this week and really happy to be a member of this family.I want to join Google AdSense program. Please send me more details about it.

Author: Vandana30 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Georgekutty A, as mentioned in the article, put in lots of good quality content. Then only you will get approval from Google. Simply being active in the forum is not enough. You need to submit good articles and answer Ask Expert questions too to showcase good contributions. After about 5-6 months, by which time you should have reached the Gold level of membership and put in good content, then you can request members or an editor to review your contributions & know if it is the right time to apply. All the best!

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