What is Google AdSense Revenue Program

This article gives complete information on the Google AdSense Revenue Program and its advantages and disadvantages.

The World Wide Web has become a cash cow. Every Tom, Dick and Harry, not to mention Jane, Jill and Susan, are trying to make a fast buck via e-space. 'Trying' is the key word here. They search for online work which they can do from the comfort of their homes, but 99% of the time end up disappointed. Why? Simply because the number of online cash cows are more or less equivalent to the number of scamsters who milk the hapless seekers for all their worth. In short, get work done & don't pay!

Wait a minute, though. Don't exit from this page... I am not ranting about something everybody knows, but would like to tell you about a genuine cash cow. The name of the cow – or rather the earning program – is the Google AdSense Revenue Program.

What is the Google AdSense Program?

See those Google Ads above my article, below my article, at the sides... all those Google Ads are getting me earnings. Well, to be honest, maybe not all! When a reader clicks on any of those ads, a few cents drop into my piggy bank (that is, my Google AdSense account). As and when I reach a minimum of $100, I receive a payment from Google Inc. The $$ are converted to my country's currency at the prevailing rate. I can choose the mode of payment and even keep it on hold if I wish (suppose I am shifting house).

Advantages of Google AdSense Program
1. The Google AdSense program is free - and that is its biggest advantage.

2. It allows an individual to earn an income from the Google Ads displayed at blogs & websites. These ads could be just in plain text form, ads with both text and images, and even video ads.

3. Another big advantage of the Google AdSense program is that it is a work-at-home income generating program. No office desks & no office hours!

4. Students, housewives and retirees too can earn and not just professionals.

Disadvantages of Google AdSense Revenue Program
1. Those who do not have good English skills may find it difficult to understand the program policies of the Google AdSense Program, which keywords to use, etc.

2. It takes a good deal of time to really understand how to benefit from the Google AdSense Revenue Program.

3. Unless you have some basic SEO skills and know which keywords to use, it is difficult to make a profit from the Google AdSense program.

4. Ultimately, the Google AdSense program is an Internet-connected program and you can never predict the unpredictable happenings of online income-generating programs!

5. You can get obsessed about chasing $$ to such an extent that you forfeit your meal & sleep times. The result: a monitor-staring robotic zombie with poor health, no exercise and an enclosed world without sunlight and people-contacts.

Despite the disadvantages of the Google AdSense Program, you should definitely give it a try! Just keep in mind that you need to discipline yourself by controlling the hours at your computer.

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