How to Increase your Adsense Revenue Earnings

This article describes some tips and tricks to increase your Adsense revenue earnings.

Tips and Tricks to Increase your Adsense Revenue Earnings

I have posted many testimonial threads in India Study Channel (ISC) about my Adsense earnings and My Google Adsense Success story. Many friends and ISC members requested several times to share the tips and tricks used in my articles to increase my Adsense Revenue earnings. I am using this opportunity of "keyword based article competition" for describing my experience and the Search Engine Optimization tips used in my articles.

In my knowledge most popular and reliable Ad Revenue Sharing programs are Google Adsense Revenue Sharing and Kontera Ad Revenue Sharing. I am using this two popular and reliable Ad Revenue Sharing programs to Earn Online revenues from home. But Kontera provides very less money compared to Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program.

What is Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program

Adsense is a Advertising program run by Google which enables all sizes of website publishers to display relevant Google Ads and Earn from it through "Page impressions" of publisher's website and "Ad clicks".

How does Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program Work

Google displays relevant ads of "Google Adwords" advertisers in Google Adsense Publisher's websites by receiving money for their Ads from "Google Adwords" users. Google scans the page impressions and ad clicks through their very efficient Google Adsense application programs and will pay money for Ad Clicks and page impressions. In my knowledge Google will share 50% of the revenue to the publisher, what they received from Adwords advertiser and Google gets remaining 50% of the revenue.

How to Apply for Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program

- Anyone owns a website or blog with sufficient quality articles with 6+ months age can apply for Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program. Google strictly verifies the application for Adsense by checking the publisher's website contents and its quality. I advice all my friends that only apply having sufficient quality contents in your web site / web page or blogs.

- Please do read Google AdSense Program Policies and Google Adsense Terms and Conditions carefully before joining any Online money making programs. Otherwise it may make big troubles to us. When I heard about Google Adsense Sharing program, I started studying about Google Adsense Revenue Sharing by reading many articles and blogs in Internet. I have read the Google Adsense Policies and Terms & Conditions carefully before joining in Google Adsense Revenue sharing Program.

- Google Approved my first application within a week. I have mentioned my proper contact details, current location, Educational qualifications, etc. in my profile page before applying. In my experience I am advising my friends, please use your full name in Google and in your profile page with exact contact details including phone number with area code, Postal Code and city name and write something about you in your profile. It is better to mention something about your exact location and what are you doing there. Google may verifies your current location through your IP Address.

Please read the article AdSense application best practices posted by the webmaster of ISC Mr. Tony (ISC is one of the most popular educational portal in India offering 90% of Google Adsense Revenue to its members) for getting more details about how to apply for Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program.

How to Increase your Adsense Revenue Earnings

After getting Google Adsense approval, need to earn the minimum payout threshold of US$100 for getting first payment. For earning good Adsense Revenue earnings need to post quality self written articles and gets high traffics to that posts. You have to optimize your website or blogs for getting high traffics and earn good Google Adsense Revenue through them.

Even though I am not a computer expert or Master in English Language, But I earned more than 1600 US$ Google Adsense revenue within my one and half year working in ISC. I think I earned this much amount by posting relevant articles with proper Keywords and tags. I am following and trying to implement Search Engine Optimization Tips posted by ISC Webmaster Mr. Tony. This article helped me a lot for writing articles with proper keywords and correct format. Which increases traffics to my web pages and My Google Adsense REvenue Earnings. Some tips implemented in my articles to improve my Google Adsense revenue are mentioned below.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Adsense Revenue Earnings

- Post relevant and trend based articles with proper details. (For example Admissions details, Results, Job Opportunities, new technologies launched, new devices, etc). Read news papers and magazines regularly for getting new trends and new Technologies with proper and detailed information.

- Use proper page titles and Page headers. It may bring high traffics to your web page.

- Write page Titles and contents of your article with correct spelling. Make your article beautiful and readable one by proper English words, use first letter as capital, proper words and line spacings, don't use all letters or words as capital, etc. It may increase you ranking and Search engine sorts your page and brings in top order.

- Try to avoid HTML Tags, use basic HTML tags only if it required.

- Includes high priced keywords and Tags in your Page titles and contents. It may increase your per-Clicks and Adsense Revenues.

- Highlight high priced key words and important keywords using basic HTML Tags.

- Try to use high priced keywords and most popular keywords in your web page URL. Search engine can easily find out your site by using proper URLs and it increases your Adsense Revenue Earnings.

- Try to includes high value keywords meaningfully and repeats many times with proper meanings may increase your Adsense Revenue Earnings.

How to Prevent Google Adsense Account from getting Banned

I found many friend's Google Adsense Account disabled or Banned by Google because of invalid clicks or improper usage of contents. We have to maintain our web pages or blogs carefully by reading Google Adsense Policies and Terms & Conditions. Please read the article in ISC "Save your Google Adsense Account" posted by one of the senior members and follow the tips mentioned in it.

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Author: Amar Nath Das15 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Nadheera,

Many many thanks to you for your valuable experience posting. Definitely this article is helpful to new joiner like me. promoting to Gold level or any level is not difficulty, but it is so difficult to maintain the standard of language and regular postings. Really this site is very good and it helps to increase our knowledge level and keep active in our leasure times which gives revenue as well as knowledge. So this is like earn while fun. Please keep post the articles like this. Again thanks from all new joiners.

Amar Nath Das

Author: Abdul Razzaq24 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hello Nadhira.

You have posted a very good resource about google adsense revenue.You have provided so many good tips to increase the revenue.I was looking for these tips from last some days because my adsense revenue is fallen since last two months very sharpely i was unable to know why this is happened to my google adsense account.My earning in Feb-Mar-April was $1.00 daily my page impression was 200-250 daily in these three months but since 20-April 2010 my earning was dropped very sharpely it is just $ 1.00 in Last 50 Days.

Please suggest me some more tips to increase my revenue through google adsense.

Abdul Razzaq
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Author: Radha Muralidhar02 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


I am a new member and do not know the ways and means of using the channel in a perfect manner. Your article is very informative and is very helpful for a lame woman like me.


Author: Mohammed Julfekar Haider20 Aug 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Nadheera Mam,

Thank you for sharing such an informative article with us. You have presented it in such a way that even a new comer can also understand. I have recently got approval and your article will surely help me in encouraging my confidence level. And as you have already mentioned that you have earned 1600 dollars within one and a half year. This clearly shows that how much hard work you have done to achieve that level of income from Google Adsense. Congratulations once again for your success and please share your future stories also with us.

With Regards,

Author: Santosh Kumar Singh28 Sep 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Nice article I learn something new about adsense revenue. Keep posting more article on adsense.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das01 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Google AdSense earning program is one of the best home based online job, and only because of this feature now a days many unemployed, students, housewives, even working persons are taking it as either full time income source or part time job. If you want to get really success then first keep in mind whether you are a good writer in English or not?
Google AdSense runs on the basic of content (quality or quantity matter at secondary stage). Your first job is to get attention of traffic from all over the world as international users help you to earn more if they visit regularly to your web site. If you have time and willing to post content then learn the tricks like posting unique content, posting current affairs, running festivals and events, and add images and videos to make it more informative and attractive so that your visitor will be held his visit for some time and browse more details and visit other post from the same website. Those bring good page rank as well as good earnings for your web site from Google AdSense. Never try to cheat Google with fake click as they are very smart to catch you and if they ban you, you can't ask the reason. Focus on content and always try to catch the attention of traffic, what is their demand, what they want, what unique things you can post, where is your expertise to present to this world through Internet. According to this your earning will be increased rapidly.

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