Heart Problems

In India more than 20 lakh people die because of heart problems every year. Till 2015 half of the world population suffering from heart diseases will be in India. The youth heart is at a high risk. How to fight against these heart problems. What to do and what not to do, everything u will find in this article.

Heart problems and heart patients are increasing day by day in our country. More n more people from different age groups are suffering from many kinds heart problems. Heart attacks have become quite common in young people too. People who fall into the age group of 20-40 are also getting heart attacks. But the burning issue is that, that the no. is increasing day by day.

One of the nice fact is that, India has the largest youth population, but one of the sad fact which is associated with this fact is: The risk of heart problems in Indian youth is 10% more than western youth. One of the survey which was done by PGI Chandigarh tells that every year 20% of the people who suffer from heart attack are less than 30 yrs of age. Estimates tell that till 2015 more than half of the people suffering from heart problems will be in India and in 2020 heart problems will be a major cause of death of Indian people. All over the world, 1 crore 60 lakh people die per year because of cardiovascular diseases. In India app. 3 crore people are suffering from cardiovascular diseases n app. 30 lakh die becoz of heart attacks.

You must be aware that the average age of heart attack is reduced to 30 yrs instead of 40 yrs. The basic reason behind heart attack is the change in life style. No proper eating n sleeping time, no time for ex-cerise, heavy tensions, smoking n drinking, etc. has given rise to heart problems. Moreover the changing food habits are making this problem more miserable. The type of food we eat directly affects our heart. Fast food n oily food are of high risk to heart. Right from childhood children of India start getting tensions. Tension of getting good marks, tension to compete with other children n all that. The tension continues with them even when they grow up, only the reason behind tension changes. These tensions alone act as a devil to a person's heart. To reduce these tensions, youth takes the help of cigarette and alcohol which makes the condition worse. Unscheduled lifestyle and improper eating habits make it worst and the heart is in high risk zone.

If we don not wake up today, our tomorrow will be more terrible. Therefore, it is necessary to take some right steps now. If India wants to be above all countries, then our youth should be fit. Our youth population should take care of its health otherwise the future of our country will be in hands of such people who will not be able to do anything for their country.

Now, I provide you people some basic knowledge:

Some basic things which will help you to keep your heart healthy:

1. Stay away from tensions.
2. Do not smoke. Not even occasionally.
3. Don't get addict to alcohol.
4. Stay away from fast n oily food.
5. Ex-cerise everyday.
6. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
7. Keep your blood sugar in control.

Catch the signals:

1. Pain in chest, shoulders or jaws during walking or ex-cersie
2. Heavy breathing due to simple works.
3. Feeling uneasy and sweating.

If taking rest or stopping physical activities makes you feel comfortable and you think these problems are gone, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

When to go for a check-up:

30-40 yrs : Once in 3-4 yrs.
40-50 yrs : Once in 2-3 yrs.
50-60 yrs : Once in every two yrs.
60 and above : Every year or as suggest by doctor.

Important check-ups:

1. Blood pressure 2. Lipid profile 3. Electro cardiogram(ECG)
4. Eco cardiogram 5. Stress test-trade mil test

Through this article I was just trying to make you people aware of the growing heart risk in India and about the present heart situation of Indian youth. I also tried to include some basic information which will help you to keep your heart healthy. Any suggestions or queries from your side are welcome.

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