How to get AdSense approved and revenue from AdSense

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One of the important for everyone is to get Google adsense approval once they created their website to be recognized one or they could be a member in already recognized website which gives much traffic and it is already well known worldwide or particular region also it is considering as very genuine and registered one along with many other adsense revenues / Google traffic benefits etc. Once you get adsense account, you must be very careful to do's and don'ts etc.

What is adsense?

Generally answering for this question in my opinion is, Google adsense is just one of the divisions of Google who provides their revenue sharing to the one who own particular site or who associated their account with particular recognized site which gives "Clicks" and "Page Impression" for Google advertisement as our site helps Google's advertisement for "Clicks" Google ads. It means particular site helps in "relevant subject based on keyword" advertise.

Also, I answered many times in ISC/IRC for the adsense various queries from the members.

How adsense works?

Adsense works based on site keyword and subject, it is specially for "relevant subject based on keyword" advertise (For example, my site page subject and keyword is about "One of the Hospital in Mumbai and its detail" and Google advertise shown for various "Hospitals in Mumbai" automatically on my page, wherein Google search directed my page for particular Hospital in Mumbai detail and at the same time searcher got the help of both the information like my posts on Hospital in Mumbai and Google posts on various Hospitals in Mumbai which "Clicked" by searcher for Google advertise too to get its detail.

What is Keywords? And how it is helpful?

Keyword and subject is very important for traffic and adsense revenue sharing increasing, Keyword is nothing but it is the essential word or paragraph which you post online that makes easy for the internet searchers via search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN etc. and the essential word or paragraph reflects in the search engine with the order wise to access the easy info for the one searched them.

Easy keywords make easy to find by the searcher and advanced or difficult words make little difficult to find them by the searcher via search engine, why advanced or difficult words make little difficult in resulting, although it is very important words the reason behind is very rare searcher use it even though it is already posted by the author's, and author's might have concentrated on his/her story or theme but author also would have missed the important or advanced keywords in his/her text.

Another scenario is some keywords may be tough in spelling but search engine will display your mistake on advanced or tough words input in the search engine then you can cross check and re-click it to get the result which may or may not be your expected result. This advanced or difficult keywords known by searcher but the relevant advanced or difficult keywords author would have changed it to simple translating meaning keywords to his/her text.

Why keywords for search engine is important?

As software doesn't understand the human mind but it understand the mind expression's key in word's in search engine which result the output in their internet search – most of the cases, searcher's get what they want but in some cases searcher's won't get the result what they expected for via search engine. So, their keywords have to modify little bit to get what they want via search engine.

Keywords has different types as stated above with some example, however, in addition to that, some keywords will be normal in meaning and easy for most of the searchers to find the relevant result via search engine as most of the searcher preferred to key in normal keywords than advanced one and some keywords in advanced one may be tough in spelling but search engine will show your mistake on tough words keyed in the search engine then you can cross check the resulted one and re-click on it to get the desired result.

As keywords have different types, net users also have different types, for simple and clear example is, "Author VS Searcher". Some authors' uses advanced or difficult keyword and few authors' uses simple keywords in their post or text or script or blog or site etc.. Another one is user or reader or searcher, most of the searcher key in what in their mind for search and most of them are just using simple words that creates history as "special keywords", and very few searchers key in for advanced keywords and search engine will provide result but it is not sure that it will be relevant for searcher as author not exposed it.

Example keywords normally using by the net searcher:

Keywords search depends on country to country, State to State, People to People, Individual to private choice and it could be globally one same search with coincident etc. etc.

Example as below with short and sweet;
  • "Jobs in XYZ Company", better search keyword will be "Jobs in XYZ Company in Mumbai" or any proper location for proper result which gives perfect info and result.
  • "Latest jobs in XYZ Company", better one is "Latest jobs in XYZ Company in Pune" or any proper location to find proper result for better result
  • "Airlines jobs", better one will be right keyword for e.g. "British Airways jobs in India" or "Airlines jobs in India"
  • "Cruise Job", better one will be right keyword for right search as an example "Jobs in Star Cruise" etc.
  • Hotel jobs in XXX, better will be "Hotel Empire jobs in Mumbai" which brief more detail with short keyword
  • Part time job in XXX, better will be like "Part time job in Hotel Grand Chennai"
  • How to get XYZ hotel, better will be like "How to get Sun village Hotel in Goa"
  • XYZ College result, better will be "Loyola college Chennai result for B.Com"
  • Nokia XXXX, better will be "Nokia N83 price in Mumbai"
  • Sony Ericson XXX, better will be "Sony Ericson service centre in Delhi"
  • Plasma TV rate, better will be "Plasma TV rate for 21" Model in Calcutta"
  • Hotel XXX tariff, better will be "Hotel Taj exotica Goa Tariff"
  • Reservation confirmation, better will be "Reservation confirmation for 6517 train"
  • PNR status, better will be "PNR status for 6507 train"
  • Football match schedule, better will be "World cup Football 2010 schedule"

Last, but not least...How to get adsense revenue by keyword / subject posting?

There will be many parameters to get ample adsense revenue for your posting even if you have good keywords on your posts, and there are few important things we have to keep in our mind to get what we need via Google adsense.
  1. Adhering the Google adsense and site terms and condition specially copyrights etc.
  2. Daily / regular posting on any traffic site or making your site traffic by posting quality keywords/subjects etc.
  3. Writing skills are very important and shouldn't make any spelling or grammar mistake even in Title or Subject posts.
  4. Posting subject should be useful for long term to online searcher
  5. Hot topic will give you traffic temporarily but it will not work out for long term
  6. Be patient even if you don't get much cents or dollar in a day/week/month or year, it will work and give you automatically based on keyword
  7. Follow the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pattern to get more traffic which could help in "Clicks" and "Page Impressions"
  8. Make sure that you don't click any Google advertisement or you let your friend to click Google ads etc.

All the best for your posting online.

Article by Hafeezur Rahman
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