Tips and Tricks to earn better AdSense revenue

This article tells you about the Google AdSense approval and how to increase you AdSense earning.

About Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a feature provided by Google to publish advertisement, online. It provides various advertisements like image ads, text ads and link ads. The ads depend on the content on the relevant webpage, where the ad is displayed. By using Google AdSense you can earn from thousands to lakhs of Rupees per month by displaying the Google Ads on your blog/website or any AdSense Revenue Sharing website. Google AdSense provides pay per click facility to its publishers and once you get the threshold you'll be get paid by Google Inc. Google's 97% of revenue comes from advertisement. Therefore, Google provide this AdSense facility to increase the network for publishing its ads through and

Why Google AdSense?

Now a days, many websites and blogs are developing and if you own a blog and want to commercialize your unique content on the internet, then it is better to sign up to Google AdSense and display the ads on your blog/website, to earn from your content. This is an advantage to your earning and you will get some extra money for your expenditure.

How does Google AdSense works?

It a pay per click program provided by Google to all its publishers. If someone (visitor of your blog/website) clicks on the Google Ads then your will get revenue in Dollars. The revenue depends on the ads, as some ads have low and some have high revenue (eCPM). The total revenue is calculated by the following formula.
Total Revenue = (Page ImpressionXeCPM)/1000

Page Impression : It is the number of displayed ads on your website, when visited by someone.
eCPM : Effective cost per thousand impressions also known as effective cost per mille

Easy ways to get AdSense approved!

For Google AdSense Approval you need to work hard for at least six months, before applying for the Google AdSense account. There are some points:
1.Your content should be six months old over the internet.
2.Your content should be unique, should not be copied from any other sources.
3.Give your full name and address on applying for Google AdSense.
4.Your email-id should match your name at least, which you use for applying.
5.Post a content which show that the blog is owned by you. Like
"This post confirms my ownership of the site and that this site adheres to Google AdSense program policies and Terms and Conditions."
6.Use the link of above posted content in the URL field in Google AdSense application.

Well, there are some alternative ways to get Google AdSense account.
For Example:
You can join an AdSense Revenue Sharing website link IndiaStudyChannel. Before applying for Google AdSense through IndiaStudyChannel, you have to achieve below things:
1.Gold Membership by scoring 1000 points.
2.Your 10 articles should be approved in Resource Section.
3.Should receive at least one prize or award in ISC.
4.Must be active for 6 plus months.
5.Upload your original photo.
6.Provide full address with your personal information.

Then use the AdSense API Profile which is provided by IndiaStudyChannel as URL in Google AdSense application. You will get approved within a week.

How to improve revenue from Google AdSense?

Firstly, you have to promote your blog/website to the targeted visitors, for this your need some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique. I have written an article about to promote the blog/website. I have included 12 ways to promote the blog and some SEO techniques, which will help you to promote your blog. How to Promote a Website/blog?

Secondly, use all the features provided by Google AdSense.
1.AdSense for Content : This is the most earned feature in Google AdSense. It provides various ads for the content written on the webpage. Use 350X280, 300X250, 160X600, 728X90 size ads, these are big ads and mostly clicked ads. Many AdSense publishers gets 99% revenue from total AdSense revenue, from AdSense for Content.

2.AdSense for Search : Well, searching is required in the website, so better to use this feature. Create a search in Google AdSense and get the code and paste it to your blog/website. If visitor searches, he will gets the content with relevant ads and if clicks, you will get the revenue. Make the search to be open in another new tab, so that you cannot loose your visitor.

3.AdSense for Feeds : Enrich your feed with the Google Ads to get more revenue from Google AdSense. Burn your feed and put AdSense ads on it top or bottom of the feed. The feed automatically adjust the size of ads. You can also use to burn the feed for your blog/website.

4.AdSense for Domain : Register some domain and put in the Google AdSense for better revenue. Well the revenue is slow but can boost your earning at some extent. There are many domain name registrar, which provide free domain names. Like

5.AdSense for Mobile Content : Why to leave this, this is another feature to display ads on your content on mobile phones. Now a days mobile phones enrich with web-browsers and many visitors are using mobile phone's web-browser to surf internet. There are many sites which provides mobile website/blogging. Like

6.AsterPix Keyword Search : This is other than Google AdSense by which your can boost your earning. Actually, Asterpix depends on the keyword technology and it finds the relevant keywords of your content and makes the content more search-able and Google to display ads of highest eCPM (highest paying ads) to get more revenue per click per impression.

7.Google affiliate Network : Google also provides affiliate network like Amazon and eBay. To boost your Google AdSense earning, you can sign up for Google Affiliate and after approval display the ads and associate your Google AdSense account with Google Affiliate account. All the earning from Google Affiliate will comes to your Google AdSense account.

Thirdly, use proper and highest paying keyword while writing your content, it helps the content and your blog/website to be crawled easily the search engine and highest paying keyword gives you more revenue per impression per click. So, do some analysis and research about keyword according to the search engine.

How to prevent fraud clicks from AdSense?

Well, this is hard to say, but your have to be very careful when opening your own blog/website on the web-browser. Some tips are as follows
1.Never open your blog/website on your own computer.
2.If you want to check the ads are working properly, better to press Preview button on under Posting->New Post tab
3.Be careful while opening your blog.
4.You can click the link ads but never click text or image ads. Better not to click any ads.
5.You can search on your own blog, but be careful about ads and your blog's content.
6.Finally, when you open your blog, better not to touch your mouse and use Alt+F4 to close the web-browser.

How to optimize resources to earn more AdSense revenue?

There are some following points:
1.Make your content easily search-able to search engine by using search-able keywords.
2.Make your article good to read by the visitor and use images if needed.
3.Use proper English Grammar and sentence fragmentation in your content.
4.Use some highest paying keywords while writing your article.
5.Your article must be qualitative, so that it makes the visitor to read and get new information.
6.Put Google ads on the posting area, where your content is posted.
7.Put a 160X600 ad on the right sidebar of your blog/website.
8.Put link ads with the links you provided in your blog/website.
9.Put 728X90 or 468X60 size ads on the top of your blog.

Last three points are important, because those areas are most visiting areas by the visitor. But you can optimize your resource and ads according to the layout of your blog/website.

Top 10 AdSense tips about Google AdSense

1.Use correct keyword : I always emphasize on the keyword, because by this the content is crawled and you get a visitor for your content.

2.Post everyday : Post the content everyday to stuck with your daily visitors, because they need more information everyday.

3.Focus on theme : Be concentrate and focused on your work and the content posted should be according to the title and URL of your blog/website.

4.Use ads format : Use 160X600, 300X250 and 350X280 size ad format in your content and use 468X15 or 728X15 size ads under navigation bar.

5.Use colors : Blend your ads with the colors of your website. The ads should match as the content of your website/blog.

6.Position of Ads : Place the ads where the visitors, mostly looks at the area, it depends on the layout of your blog/website.

7.Number of Ads : Use can use three text/image ads and three link ads with 2 search bar. Use full features of Google AdSense.

8.Take Preview : Always take the preview of recently created Google Ad, it helps your to optimize the ad according to the content.

9.Use URL channels : Use URL and custom channels to track the revenue of clicked ads on the content.

10.Ads Visibility : Google Ads should be appear and visible to the visitor at an instant when visitor opens your blog/website.

How to prevent Google AdSense account from getting banned?

1.Never click on your own ads.
2.Never ask anyone to click on your won ads.
3.Don't change your existing Ad.
4.Don't use image ads besides an image in your content.
5.Don't put ads with other ads like Yahoo Publisher Network.
6.Never puts ads on sexual or prohibited content.
7.Never copy-paste the content from any source.
8.Don't write Click here above the Google ads.
9.Don't change the code of your running ads.

1.Always check your Google AdSense account twice a day.
2.Optimize ads according to content on blog.
3.Use proper color and placement of ads on the blog.
4.Check the ads are properly working or not by seeing preview.
5.Track the revenue by using URL and custom channel.
6.Use all ads and features provided by Google AdSense.

Happy Earning!
Thanks & Regards!



Author: Sushila S Iyengar14 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Well written article.

Absolutely, I have no idea about how this Google Adsense works and payments are made to the members for what, and whether at all payments are being received by the members.

What are the do's ad don'ts?

After going through your article something has gone into my head.
I have just got the approval from Google Adsense just 10 days before and got it associated with ISC. I don't think anything else I can do about it.

Author: Abdul Razzaq16 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Dear Freind Vijaykumar

You have provided very good information regarding Google adsense.

I have query for you dear Vijaykumar i have a google adsense account & till date i have earned Almost $ 225.00.But since 15 th April 2010 my adsense revenue decreased very fast.Before 15 th April 2010 my Adsense revenue average was $ 1.00 daily.But now it is $ 0.00.My page impressions was around 300-350 daily but now it is only 15-20 daily.

In last 40 days i have earned just $ 1.00 from google adsense.

So please tell me what have went wrong in my case.


Abdul Razzaq
Keeep Your City GREEN

Author: Richa Jha07 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hi Vijay,
Thanks for giving detail information about the AdSense program.Your article give each detail with steps.
You have cover every area which is related AsSense.
People will get aware in a good manner through your detail. and will be able to earn more and more.

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