Mangoes for Diabetics?

There is some good news for diabetics who have been deprived of eating mangoes till now. Read more to find out about a new variety of mango grown in India with very low sugar content.

Are you one of those who cannot resist luscious mangoes? Do you have to refrain from binging on the king of fruits because of Diabetes? Well then there is some good news for you. Mangoes have long been considered taboo for diabetics because of its high sugar and carbohydrate content besides being high in calories.

Here is a brief update regarding the on going research on mangoes. Preliminary studies conducted recently have found certain compounds namely quercitin (normally found in onions), mangiferin and norathyriol all of which can either activate or inhibit certain groups of receptors known as PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator -activated receptors) . PPARs have been known to influence the sensitivity of the body towards insulin and hence Diabetes. These compounds are found in plenty in the skin of mangoes which also form a component of mango juice.

If a link and the mechanism between these compounds and PPARs is worked out clearly then it will have real positive nutritional effect on Diabetes and even high cholesterol.

PPARs have also been associated with colon and breast cancer and research is going on to find out whether compounds in mangoes can actually kill the cancerous cells.

The research is being conducted at the University of Queensland. It still is a long way to go and the results at this stage are more hypothetical than concrete. There is still a big question mark on the findings. In the lack of any strong evidence it would not be wise to overlook the fruit's other nutritive factors which can be detrimental for Diabetics but there is still a ray of hope in future for sure.

Does this mean that diabetics will have to wait for a few more years before they can eat mangoes without any fear? No, because back home in India, horticulturists of Malihabad (in U.P.) have grown a variety of mango that is actually low in sugar.

Farmers in Uttar Pradesh have been successful in growing an exotic variety of mangoes brought from Florida. This mango has 75% less sugar content than regular mangoes. These low sugar mangoes have been grown from the imported branches of Tommy Atkins variety from Florida. Experiments had begun at the State Horticulture Research Center at Malihabad in 2007 and scientists are elated at the success achieved. A mere 25% sugar content as compared to the regular mangoes makes these mangoes like a boon for diabetics.

Research is going on at the state horticulture department to produce these mangoes on a large scale to attract the ever increasing number of diabetics in India. Mass production of such mangoes will also cater to the world's needs and ensure good foreign exchange for India.

So there is no need to wait now; just go and grab these mangoes without fearing about your sugar levels!

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