Present perfect tense

The difference between the Present Perfect Tense and the Past tense

I have noticed people getting confused while using the Present Perfect Tense and the Past Tense. I would like to explain the difference in a very simple way.

The present perfect tense: It is used to denote an action which started in the past and it is over but the result is still lingering with the present.

For example: I have lived in Bangalore since 2000/or for ten years.Please note : You should use only' since or for' while you use the present perfect tense and never use any present or future time. (it denotes time indefinite)

I have completed the project. (You can use: I have already completed the project, or I have not completed the project yet. I have not completed the project so far)
Here, the project would have started in the past and it is still connected with the present.

Important: When you use have /has followed by any action verb , it should always be in the third form i.e, written, spoken , seen, done, played , completed.
Never say : I have wrote or I have saw. Say I have written, I have seen.

Further, I have noticed some speakers saying' I seen the movie' 'I written the letter' Never use: written, spoken without have, has, had.

Now let us discuss : Have been/has been

Look at this sentence: 'I have been to Delhi once' ' I have visited the Taj Mahal many times' Here, the time is not mentioned which means you have done the action once in your life time. Never say: I have visited the Taj Mahal last year'

Now let us check out the past tense:

It is a very simple tense but still people have some problems with it.

When you use the past tense, use only the second part of the verb i.e, went, saw, visited etc. you can also mention the past time. For example : I visited the Taj Mahal last yea.r. I met my friend this morning. India got independence in 1947.

Please note : Use the second part of the verb only for one past action. Never use: had gone , had seen . Please don't say 'I had gone to the Mall yesterday'
because you are referring to only one past action. Say'I went to the Mall yesterday'

I hope I have cleared your doubts.

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