How internet has made impact on us?

You always find out how the internet works and how it will change our lives in future. But sometimes we forget how far this technology has taken us already. In this resource you can look at nine ways how the internet has made an impact on us in the past few years and we can't go back.


infoYou must be irritated of finding any thing you want about recipes, lyrics or anything about computer system. Before internet had been introduced to us, you find all this answers by referring books, newspaper or from library. But now with the help of internet Google search engine can deliver us all kind of information to our PC within a matter of seconds.
To get information from Google you need to know at least how it works, how to get best questions of your quires and what to do with the results. So, spend a little time on the 'help centre' at to improve your search skills and vast information that is your web will soon be at your fingertip.


newsFrom global online, you can read daily newspapers. Google had made easy for you to get instant news. You must be surprise how……………okay!! Google will email you the link of new news on any topic that has popped up anywhere in the world. You can check up at
Previously for information we had to wait for media to show the information on T.V., radio or just wait for next day's newspaper. But now you have direct access to news and information via the web.


expertYou must be thinking how you can be an expert? In case if you need help from doctor, lawyer or even banker, you had to go to them personally to get the information and services. If you use certain websites sitting in home then you can visit your doctor on internet well informed question about condition and a good idea of the treatment option. "A little knowledge can be dangerous ".
You know very well!!! No more we had to accept whatever they said.


emailWe use to communicate with others through phones, telegrams, letters etc many years ago. But now it's the era of '@'. So we can get instant mails via email to our inbox and is simply incredible communication channel.


bankOnline banking has developed in so many years. It has established its power. When banks started providing online services we were initially impressed that we could check our account balance online. Now, you can order a new cheque book online and get in courier the other day. You can also transfer funds from your account to fixed deposit, pay bills and print statements telling you about Credits and deposits from home or office. If you are already banking online, you should be…..


publisherOkay!! With a blink of eye internet is not going to turn you into an expert publisher overnight, but the ability for everyone to publish their thoughts online is a tremendous change. Before the wealthy people can only afford to post their thoughts through books, newspaper or magazines but now everyone can do so for free through website by joining blogging. has made easy to post your blogs for free and people can read your blog.


marketNow internet has connected itself to world market place like ebay,Naptol etc. Google has hundreds of auctions site were people come together to trade from all parts of world. is huge online outlet where you can buy anything from books to flowers and can compare the prices easily. You can certainly save your pocket.


musicApple's iTune have you ever heard of it. Yes it has the record of selling 70 million songs in its 1st year. Before you to go to a music store listen to the songs you need and grab a CD or a tape. But now you can buy through internet easily and download to your ipod.


networkTry a search on your best friends name in Google and internet (under 30 age) you will be surprised when you search your own name the electronic tracks you too. From websites to chart rooms, most internet user leaves a trail easy to pick up.

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Author: Radha Muralidhar23 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Pamela,

A very good resource with good examples with pictures. This age is an age of technology and internet is ruling the world and some youngsters are hooked to it as never before.It has no doubt made life easier . However, it is making people lazy and uncommunicative.

I feel , people should not depend too much on the net and use it intelligently.

Radha Muralidhar

Author: Pam M23 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thank you all for appreciating my article. I know it feels to without internet or with it. I spend time on net for growing knowledge level.

Author: Raghav15 Aug 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Pamela,

It is really an excellent article on Internet with nice photos and simple explanations. Now a days it has become an essential to use Internet for each and every work that we do. Let it be railway ticket booking, or sending money to a friend, or booking a hotel room, or want to know about some place of tourist interest, or want to make friends who are very far away from you, or want to talk to your close relatives without any telephone bills etc. and many more. All this is possible only because of Internet. I can say that Internet is ruling the world in recent times. It has made our life easier. Each and every work can be done in split seconds. Now we can even pay our telephone bills thru internet, earlier days we had to stay in long queues and wait for hours together to pay the phone bills. Now we can pay the bills within few minutes that too sitting in our home.


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