Water Crisis - Effects and Causes

This article talks about the causes and effects of water crisis.

What is Water Crisis?

Water Crisis is a term which defines the relation between the world resources of water and the human demand for it. It mainly tries to point out the undesired condition of scarcity of water and dirtiness of water aka water pollution.

Causes of Water Crisis

Inadequate access - Inadequate access to safe drinking water for about 884 million people has lead to huge unavailability of water in many parts of the world, especially in many parts of India. Also, about 2.5 billion people have access to and use clean water for sanitation and to dispose waste, but, they do not bother for using it injudiciously.

Groundwater Drafting - Groundwater drafting, means excessive use of groundwater. This has lead to the decline of water in the water table and now, at many places, the water has gone down to such a level that it cannot be extracted for use on the earth's surface.

Pollution - This is a major threat. Water pollution leads a large volume of usable water to be termed as unusable and unfit for domestic use. A lot of impurities are poured in river water and it is getting dirtier and more unfit for use, decreasing the spectrum of sources that can be used for domestic use.

Effects of Water Crisis

Following are the effects -

Warfare - Unavailability of water has often lead many districts and states, especially those of India to warfare, which arises from the conflict of who must share how much water from a common source.

Diseases - Unfit water has lead us to face many types of waterborne diseases because, due to water crisis, no one bothers to treat and clean this water, allowing many insects, especially mosquitoes to breed in it.

Less Rain - Because of water scarcity, in many places, especially the continental ones, the amount of rain can be witnessed to go on decreasing every year.

Unfertile land - Because of unavailability of water, at many places, the land has become unfertile and inadequate for agriculture use.

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Author: K Mohan28 Sep 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Paucity of water is the pertinent problem in every city and this has become a routine for the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It is generally said that the homes or houses located near the water sources such as lakes will have sufficient ground water table. But in our case such things are not happening. The sinking of borewell to deepest level is denying those who are having bore facility at the lesser level. That means those who can afford to dig deep bore well are getting enough water and others are denied of water. Hope the government will bring some restrictions on deep bore well digging.

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