How to Stay Forever Young

The following article brings into light the various ways through which one can stay young and happy.

1) Stop Worrying
Let the doctor worry about your health because that is what he is paid for and that is what he intended to do when he opted to study medicine. You need not worry about the increasing size of your waist and other non-essential numbers like age and height. What you can worry about is the number of years you have lived life to the fullest with integrity, honesty and hard work.

2) Good Company
Always keep company of the good even if they are ugly. Bad company is bad for you and your life. Keep and preserve the friendship of friends who are cheerful and can make you light at heart, in spite of so much pessimism in the world. The friends who are perennially fretting are bound to make you feel as low as ever.

3) Never Stop learning
Never cease to learn something that you have never learnt before. To learn something new does not indicate that you should always be running around training institutes and schools but that one should develop an open mind. Try to inculcate the habit of learning new habits. Try your hand at gardening not only with flowers but with a kitchen garden of your own. Learning about new technologies in computers can keep your mind active.

4) Have a Heart for Simple Things
Appreciate the simple, mundane things in life. An early morning walk with the birds chirping in the park can rejuvenate you if you try to feel the divinity in it. The chatter of the rains on the balcony on a hot summer evening can be more than a birthday gift. Moments spent together with one's whole family can be a blessing which many in this world seem to have forgotten. A scenery of a beautiful landscape can that can enchant you. A call from a long forgotten friend can me immensely heart-warming.

5) Laugh Aloud
Laughter is the Best Medicine. It has been scientifically proved over and over again. And, I would like to reiterate that laughter certainly makes one look merrier and jovial which in turn does not allow wrinkles to show on the face. Laugh out loud and clear and let everyone around hear and feel jealous to see you happy through the thick and thins, and ups and downs.

6) The Tears too will flow
It is perfectly okay to cry and be sad sometimes. Misfortunes do occur and nobody is insulated from the cycle of life and death. You have to learn to move on after an unfortunate episode. Miseries do not last forever, neither do we. Learn to live while you are still alive because time is not going to wait for bad luck, misfortunes or providence.

7) Create Many Things to Love
Keep yourself stuffed to the level of congestion with the things that you love. The things that you love could be anything and everything in the world. They could be living as well as non-living or even abstract things. You may love the collection of music that you have created since those school days, another may love his stamp collection, while still another may give his life for pets. Some even find a great deal of happiness in writing diaries.

8) Preserve Health
Health is Wealth. Money cannot buy you health. Keeping the proverbs in mind, one should realise while he is still hale and hearty that his body is not going to last forever. You should not indulge in activities that harm the body and the mind. Learn to be happy with the realisation and the fact that you are healthy. Make sure to run while you still have the strength in your legs. Learn to appreciate the sublime power of the five senses. Exercise a little now and then to help yourself remain fit and fine.

9) Live With Honour
Do not indulge in activities that you might feel sorry for later in life. Nobody has ever been able to live happily with guilt. Stay away from people and elements that push you into the dark alleys of life. Temptations to do wrong and immoral should be shunned and discouraged with all your might. Keep yourself occupied with the things that you love to stay away from evil's grip. Stay firm like the majestic mountains. Try to live a decent and a noble life because when you look back in life after you grow old, you will be able to enjoy your life a second time.

10) Be Thankful
Thank God for all the blessings bestowed upon you. Never forget to bless the Lord's name even in the twelfth hour and sing his praise. You should be grateful to the Almighty for all the beautiful things in life, including YOU.

Finally, always remember that life is not made up of years that you have lived but moments that make you feel the perfect bliss. As you grow and mature all the material things become less and less important with the horizon getting wider and wider. When you leave the earth, people will not talk about your popularity but the way you have touched their lives somehow or the other.

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Author: Zahid Sikder13 Aug 2010 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Good artcile on "How to Stay Forever Young". The truth is no creations will be able to live young forever. But try to eat green foods to make your health well for a longer period of time in your life.

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