Hindu religion and its significance

People forget the importance of their own culture and think that it is created out of superstition. Is it true?

Many people believe that spiritualism and religious activities hamper the economic progress of an individual. Many people still think that it detaches the person from the normal life and makes a person make sagely. Hence they hesitate to attend any spiritual discourse nearby and get into the world of spirituality. People even address spiritual persons as eccentric. But most of them have not realized the importance of holy texts and Vedas and their significance in daily life.

The Tenth chapter of Bhagvad Gita is misinterpreted by the Hindus.

Most of them have interpreted the meaning as "Only work! And do not even desire for the fruits of action". But the meaning of the chapter is not as above-mentioned. The chapter teaches you only to try and try till you succeed. Every time you put your efforts you cannot derive the results. So do not give up and stop working hard. In our daily life always we do not get the success of hard work.

The Sanskit language improves the vocabulary of the chanters. The words of the Sanskrit language are so powerful that they improve the blood circulation process of the system. Children who chant Sanskrit Shlokas from their childhood portray a lot of confidence in their speech and accent. Sanskrit is the mother of all the languages.

Many Hindu rituals were introduced due to a deep scientific root. When you prostrate on the feet of somebody, you derive the positive energy from the people. The positive and intrinsic energy that is present in human beings is accumulated in the right toes. Meditation and pranayam apart from improving the digestive and respiratory system also enhances peace of mind. Tranquility of mind is very essential to solve any type of knotty problem.

The Gayatri Mantra is so significant that is considered to be the mother of all the mantras. It enriches the soul and wisdom of the human beings. Many people have attained economic success by this Mantra.

According to our Hindu Culture every diety is worshipped in a different way. For eg. Lord Ganesh is offered with red shoe flower and shiva is offered with white flowers. Many people misinterpret that the Gods demand flowers from people. This belief is not true but the people of the earlier days just introduced it because it inculcates discipline among the people.

Today many people believe that Hindu religion is a bundle of superstition but they do not realize the deep significance of all the practices and rituals followed.

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