Beauty Tips for women

This article describes about the various beauty tips for women. Learn to know about what all small things can be done to help improve overall beauty.

1. The exercise, which prepares the mouth. The massage that restores volume and leaves the lips smoother. Careful preparation for lipstick satin.

2. In front of the mirror, press each corner of his mouth so his lips form an O, then try to expand its mimic a smile. The circular muscle is difficult. Hold 10-15 seconds, release your lips completely and repeat 3-4 times. This exercise is easy to do, will satisfy the most impatient because the contour of the mouth and lips provide a good result.

3. Spread a little cream or lip balm and massage the contours of the lips in small circles. Then press the upper lip between thumb and forefinger and massage there without much traction. You should feel a slight warming of the lip. Do the same thing in the lower lip. This massage will restore the volume of your lips soft and irrigation and hydration.

4. Moisturize your lips, rubbing with a cotton cloth soaked in water. Then massage. Then remove small dead skin. Then apply a nourishing lip balm. Remove excess with a tissue before moving on to the stage of composition. Your lips will look soft, smooth and silky.

Tips: For convenience, use a makeup pencil big and thick for the mouth. It allows highlighting the contours. Follow the general line of the lips (you can see at this stage to eliminate all the small imperfections), then focus on the center of the lips. Mix with your fingers and then apply a touch of sparkle to make your mouth seductively. If you are looking for more sophistication, you can replace the pencil and gloss in a lipstick red, ideal for leaving.

A liquid foundation that is based on skin tone is essential. The base color should match your skin tone. Very pale, the skin acquires a tone gray, pink too, is artificial. The color reference is located in the upper neck below the jaw and there is always the light of day. For a natural effect, choose a shade accented with brilliant tips. Prefer a latex sponge to apply it. Put a dab of foundation on the sponge and fold the edges against each other to absorb the makeup evenly. Gently press the sponge on the skin, giving little pat, but without rubbing. Always apply the forehead to the chin. To avoid the effect of "mask", make sure you apply the base level of the wings of the nose, hairline, ears and neck. A loose powder to set the base. The powder is used to secure the base. Choose transparent to avoid the effect plastered. The powder in the winter sun? Artificial effect guaranteed! If you really want to improve your appearance, you should choose a foundation slightly darker than your skin tone.
Note: There are few women who need to apply the foundation all over your face. Usually on the cheeks, forehead and chin are sufficient.

Applying makeup is easy, but good makeup? It is very important. The application of blue tones on people of color gives the skin look gray and hardens expressions. We should recommend the use of orange shades that illuminate the face. A brown powder shadow to highlight the line of the eyebrows. The application of mascara to give more intensity to the eye. In fact the mascara is a powder, a basic sulphate of antimony, pepper and cloves. The mascara was known for their medicinal and protects the eyes against infections of all kinds and also by its storage characteristics.

Want to hide dark circles or imperfections; the art of camouflage requires some skill. Almost all products are applied through touch. Place the palm of your hand a little and then apply with the fingertips or with a fine brush. To obtain good results, apply in small touches throughout Not the swelling of the lower eyelid. Sometimes it is suggested to apply concealed before the base, but in my experience, the reverse gives a better result.
For a radiant face, use a correction fluid. Apply the concealed in small touches directly on the dark area and then mix with your fingers.

Exfoliation should be done regularly, at least once per week: Exfoliation is a simple, indispensable to eliminate dead cells from the surface of the skin leaving the skin smooth, soft, firm and increasingly sensitive to the treatments applied after.

The ideal is that you apply a mask to enhance the effects. Make exfoliation of your body, with soft gestures, without rubbing the skin, which could weaken the fabric. Please do not forget your neck.

Once a week, also offer benefits to your skin with a mask. Dehydrated skin, radiant, pure or appeased, all

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