Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows over DOS and The main features of Windows

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows over DOS -The main features of Windows

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows over DOS

•Windows itself is a big DOS program,but the programs that we run from within windows ,like powerpoint,Outlook Expess etc.are definitely not DOS programs.These applications can only run within windows.This is because of the internal structure of windows.Windows include all kinds of built-in functions and data.

•Windows provides functions with the ability to draw text in different styles and sizes ,that is not provided in DOS.

•Windows provides a broad range of graphical functions for drawing lines(with different styles) and geometric shapes with different colors.This is not possible under DOS.

•Windows programs (like excel)makes use of the built in functions and they do not need to supply the program logic to do their tasks.MS-EXCEL uses those built in functions by requesting them from windows.

•Windows applications take up less disk space,and less space in memory,when windows is running already.

•Windows programs (applications) all seem to have the same "look and feel",so they are using the same buit -in logic to draw text , display menus,draw lines etc.

•When the user sets up his /her system to run windows,every windows program can take benefit of the configuration(of windows).If a printer is working for one window application ,it will be working for every other windows application.Therefore every application will take advantage of windows built-in printing functions ,instead of creating them from start.

•These features eliminates the complex installations of many DOS programs ,that must have their own printer installations,memory configuration programs,font data etc.

•One of the most fundamental advantage of windows is that,it allows many programs to operate at the same time.

•Beside the program logic(do this first,then do that second etc.),DOS programs deal directly with computer's hardware to access the monitor's screen,read the keyboard etc.The main advantage the DOS operating system provides is for disk file access.

•DOS has limited no of functions to deal with the screen and communication devices.Most DOS programs do not use those features(functions ).Therefore ,it is mostly faster to deal directly with the computer's hardware.On the other hand,windows applications interact with the windows environment,not directly with the hardware.If an applivation decides to read the keyboard,it calls a function within windows,internally,windows decodes the function call and translates it into hardware commands.

•The disk file commands are done via DOS.As we know,window is a DOS program ,DOS is always running before window is started,all of the DOS file support functions are available to windows,just like they are available to any other DOS program.Windows designers have taken advantage of DOS to do disk file access.Files created by windows programs are really DOS files i.e. you can create a file using windows "notepad" application and save that file in a floppy disk.and try to run that file using the DOS word processor.The DOS word processor will have no trouble reading that file,even though it was created by a windows program.

•By using the DOS file functions ,there is disadvantage of limiting the file names to 8 characters and three character extension,like "DOSFILE.TXT".

The main features of windows are mentioned below


1)Windows applications are designed are to allow several running programs to coexist in memory at the same time.

2)Windows can switch between different applications by sending message data to the program when the program requires to do something.

3)Each window program waits to receive a message ,acts on message that it receives and returns its control back to windows as early as possible

4)Windows provides us with a graphical user interface or 'GUI'.It is called graphical because windows makes use of graphics to organize the work space and present the user with intuitive ways to accomplish different tasks.

5)While working with windows,we can take advantage of different icons ,menus and dialog boxes to execute different commands ,unlike in DOS ,every thing is done by giving text commands at the DOS prompt

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